Let them eat cash

Instead of providing food, more and more aid agencies give people money.

No more delays: Sign the Arms Trade Treaty

The treaty won’t affect cost or availability of firearms or ammunition for legitimate gun owners, or call for national gun registries.

A last push for an effective global arms trade treaty

Now is the time for active diplomacy by Canada and others.

Canada's support crucial in final push for arms trade treaty

From the drug wars in Mexico to the tragedies unfolding in Syria and Mali, armed violence seems to be growing every day.

Will we have enough to eat tomorrow?

For the second time in three years, food prices have spiked to unprecedented heights. Droughts, floods and storms have caused crop failures across the world. Key exporting countries have decreed export bans, and commodity markets are flying.

Discovering some sunscreen in Cancun

The beaches of Cancun were perhaps not the best choice of venue for conveying a sense of urgency about climate change. But they did the trick to overcome the hangover from the cold grey shambles of Copenhagen.

The Econocrat's Rant

Economist William Easterly airs some dirty laundry on the business of foreign aid, looking at what is working and what's not, arguing that success can't be measured alone by dollars spent.

Fighting Rigged Rules in Hong Kong

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