Growing the economy and protecting the environment at the same time

Right now, we have a piecemeal approach to our climate change policies, rather than a comprehensive and coherent plan.

No country has shown such disregard for its own climate change commitments

The NDP is the only party to introduce legislation that would require the government to set science-based targets for emissions reductions.

We ignore our moral duties to our children and neighbours’ peril

Canadians, on average, flush more potable water down the toilet every day than many people in the world have access to in a week.

Environmental protection: We can do better

Compounding the international repercussions of the government’s domestic environment policies is its poor performance at international environmental negotiations.

We owe future generations action now

The next stage of international climate change negotiations is quickly approaching and will take place this December in Durban, South Africa. Climate change experts and activists around the world hope that these negotiations will lay the foundation for a long-term international plan to avoid catastrophic climate change, with a comprehensive agreement being met at a later date.

Alternatives key to a new security paradigm

When people think about the impact of climate change, physical devastation is often the first thing to come to mind.

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