Oda faces an 'elephant' on the campaign trail

Voters in the CIDA minister's riding call it the "not issue."

Warnings over planned shift to more UN refugees

As Immigration Minister Jason Kenney finalizes legislation to reform Canada's refugee system, experts are warning that some of his solutions are not only misguided, they're contrary to Canada's international obligations.

"Gender Equality", "Child Soldiers" and "Humanitarian Law" are Axed from Foreign Policy Language

With subtle strokes of the pen, it appears the Conservative government has been systematically changing the language employed by the foreign service and, as a result, bringing subtle but sweeping changes to traditional Canadian foreign policy.

Canada Gives its Two Cents in R2P Debate

John McNee gives tepid support to R2P during UN debate

Auf Wiedersehen, Mr. Höpfner

When German Ambassador Matthias Höpfner arrived in Ottawa in July 2006, he was quickly confronted with a big question of whether there could be a reviving of the much-slowed relations between Canada and the European Union, the presidency of which Germany took on in January 2007.

Political Interference Crippling Refugee Board: Former Chair

Jason Kenney's comments are bringing personal harm to refugee claimants and may have overstepped the legal line between politics and independent refugee decisions, say several immigration experts.

Questions About Canadian Aid Getting to Gaza

Worries abound that CIDA is planning to pull its support from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

There's a New Afghan in Town

Ambassador Jawed Ludin wants Canadians to Focus on Development, Investment Post-2011.

G8 Attack Reflects Poorly on Canada: Experts

"If we were doing innovative things and we were as daring as once we were, we would know": Cohen

Cabinet Pulls the Plug on Mexican and Czech Visa-free Travel

The decision to impose visa requirements on Mexico came down to one more vote in favour than against at the Cabinet table earlier this year, sources say.

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