Preparing for President Trump

It is better to be prepared and not need it than to react suddenly.

2016 World Humanitarian Summit: A stepping stone for Trudeau

He should show its importance by establishing cabinet committee to prepare.

Has Canada’s foreign policy under Mr. Harper been effective?

The government scores poorly on effectiveness in at least three areas.

Are terrorists winning with Bill C-51?

Any movement away from democratic ideals, including the weakening of transparency and accountability, is a potential victory for terrorists.

Look further afield for Canadian policing lessons

A new report includes both instructive content and significant shortfalls. The authors should have looked more to what the UN and other international groups are doing on security-sector reform.

EU, NATO getting closer: Good news?

They face the threat of ‘hybrid warfare,’ or what NATO calls conflicts involving ‘multilayered efforts to destabilize a functioning state and polarize its society.’

Lessons from Harper’s trip to China

Will the Harper government show the same sensitivity to Quebec’s sense of belonging as it expressed to China's human rights record?

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