Time to move on International Education Strategy

Far from a luxury, industry needs students to have global experiences, to gain a cultural awareness that can’t come from a textbook.

The world looks to Canadian universities

But the university sector is an undervalued asset in Canada.

Dream big, act big on international education

More Mexicans study in far-away Germany and France than in Canada. But Mexico should be a natural recruiting ground for Canada.

From vision to action on expert panel report

Education should be identified as a priority economic sector that will be supported by Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service.

Time for focus and action in building relations

Canada needs to get serious about Brazil. There are few places in the world today where the opportunities to build prosperity through partnerships and collaboration are as abundant and robust—but like all opportunities, this is a limited-time offer.

A global economy calls for a global workforce

In the summer of 2010, Elizabeth Clements, at the time an undergraduate student in global studies at Vancouver Island University, spent three months in Brazil doing research on land reform and food security. As a result, she was invited to pursue graduate studies at the Universidade Estadual Paulista in São Paulo to further her research.

Seize the nanosecond

University leaders believe that Canadian students deserve research-enriched, globally engaged learning experiences in a culture of innovation.

Time for Canada to catch a ride on the Brazilian boat

Educational links are only the first step towards a stronger relationship.

Exporting a 'Canada Brand' education to India

Arecent call for building a "Canada brand" in India by the former clerk of the Privy Council, Kevin Lynch, is being pursued by Canada's higher education sector. Mr. Lynch argues there is vast opportunity for Canada to create a niche and the potential for benefits is high.

Building a competitive advantage for Canada

Across the country, Canadians are recovering from the deepest financial crisis in 70 years. The recession has been severe, but it has also been uneven.

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