The government should support the independent study of Canada

Canada has been, is, and will always be built upon many perspectives.

Act now to prevent genocide in Central African Republic

Canada should commit troops to support UN peacekeeping mission.

Time for real Canadian action on Sri Lanka

A partial boycott is not enough. Harper should have worked harder to get his allies on board.

The NDP’s take on Canada’s foreign policy priorities

Opposition foreign affairs critic highlights conflict prevention, strengthening NGOs and multilateral institutions, climate change leadership, women’s empowerment; offers hints on trade and development policy.

Jack Layton's legacy

He saw the suffering of a human being anywhere in the world as an equally important political problem.

Doing our part to stop conflict minerals

Last week I introduced new legislation to put an end to the trade of conflict minerals from Africa's Great Lakes region.

Congo is calling, will Canada answer?

On Sept. 21, people around the world gathered to mark the United Nations' International Day of Peace.

Strengthening Co-operation on New Challenges

Though an ocean apart, Canada and the European Union share many civic values which manifest themselves in our common approach to internal and global politics.

Focus on Diplomacy, Not Just Trade

Recently the Conservatives have put a focus on the Americas.

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