Sunnier times for Canada's disarmament diplomacy

The only thing more shocking than the Conference on Disarmament's dysfunctionality has been the willingness of leading states to tolerate it.

Running interference for our nuclear allies

The contradiction between the security interests of the vast majority of states and those of the nuclear-armed states will only continue to build.

Hotline Ping: Cyber security gets an arms control channel

Will it be a fresh start or a false start for global cyber security after the Obama-Xi summit?

Space's rules of the road

At outer space code of conduct talks in July, the Canadians tried to walk the narrow line between the BRICS and American positions.

Diplomacy wins in Iran

Deal heartening to witness in a region that has seen more than its share of bloodshed.

Canada challenges utility of nuclear weapons ban

An official statement argues that 'a treaty banning nuclear weapons, without the endorsement of the main stakeholders, risks undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.'

The humanitarian impact on the nuclear weapons treaty

The five nuclear weapon states have been less than enthusiastic about the humanitarian initiative.

The Wild West of governments in cyberspace

We need a set of global norms for responsible cyber conduct.

Cherry picking the facts with Ballistic Missile Defence

The Senate committee's report makes some key assertions without substantiation and ignores other relevant factors.

Enhance surveillance supervision

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