Munk Debate: Party leaders need to articulate a role for Canada in the world

The first topic should be each party’s vision of the broad strokes underpinning Canadian foreign policy in the 21st century.

A Canadian defence and security policy for the 21st century

UN peacekeeping cannot begin to live up to its potential unless it has the resources to do the job.

Saudi arms deal makes mockery of Canadian values

The Harper government has generally been shockingly silent over the manifold Saudi misdeeds.

Let's move from dangerous military posturing to serious negotiations

Opinion leaders appear to be demanding that NATO ramp up the very military posturing that could bring war ever closer.

Cherry picking the facts with Ballistic Missile Defence

The Senate committee's report makes some key assertions without substantiation and ignores other relevant factors.

Towards a viable Afghan peace

Canada can work with our NATO allies and with important regional mechanisms to strengthen backing for a peace process.

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