A recipe for terror seen in Nigeria

Ask Nigerians and those who study the country about the current tensions and you’ll receive a laundry list of answers.

Scotland’s sports minister pitches for a new country

‘We will, I’m sure, be welcomed with open arms in the international community.’

Canada’s diplomatic doghouse

A curated list of enemies and frenemies.

Out of the slow cooker and into the fire

Chile’s ambassador headed to Peru.

Terrorist list is policy with a dash of politics: Analysts

Federal government adds IRFAN, but rejects Sri Lanka’s listing of two Canadian groups.

Feds walking fine line on temporary foreign workers, say diaspora groups

India Canada Association president: Government creating two-tiered society in Canada.

Beijing, I’m coming home

China presses Canada to ratify investment deal

Departing ambassador’s ‘only regret’ is not seeing it approved.

Vietnam gets sweet and sour messages from Canada

Peru’s little-noticed visit is Canada’s latest Alliance step

EU-style labour integration still an issue for Canada, say analysts.

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