Public Safety minister knew of intelligence oversight ‘gaps’ months ago

Government insists it ‘recognizes the importance of independent review.’

Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the politician’s sounding board

Diaspora groups must have regular contact with all political parties to be listened to during a crisis, says analyst.

Canada links climate change and security at UN

Could be trying to find common ground with allies, avoid sticky emissions issue, says one expert.

Experts split on why Canada hasn't banned Syrian oil

The European Union is set to announce a boycott of Syrian oil exports, following in the footsteps of the United States. But despite tightening sanctions and working to pressure Syria at the UN, Canada is saying little on whether it has plans to follow suit and ban oil as well.

Diplomats pay tribute to Jack on the Hill

Ottawa's diplomatic corps lines up to say goodbye to 'a person of great convictions'

When building a wall, 'every brick has its value'

Furio De Angelis is one of those people who can say his work is his passion. As the UN High Commission for Refugees' new representative in Canada, Mr. De Angelis is fulfilling his long-held desire to help make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Debate over Syria recall prompts calls for leadership

While withdrawing Canada's ambassador would send signal, former envoys say co-ordination necessary.

South Sudan engagement tempered by economics

Before splitting into two countries earlier this month, the troubled nation of Sudan was a significant focus of Canadian foreign policy.

Audits show disconnect between China goals, action

Audits of several Canadian missions in China indicate diplomats were having a hard time turning the Conservative government's stated objectives in the Middle Kingdom into actual progress on the ground.

Sudanese envoy gets three-for-one posting

New Sudanese Charge d'Affaires Musa Abdel Rahim is a busy man these days, tasked with the work of three diplomats.

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