Canuck airlines fear EU emissions scheme

In 2007, Canada was one of a handful of countries to sign a letter to the European Union demanding it scrap a plan to force non-EU airlines flying to the continent to join a carbon emissions trading system. That letter expressed a "strong dissatisfaction" with the idea, and threatened legal action if the EU continued to move forward.

Opponents debate Wheat Board's future

It has become a hotly-debated issue during what has been one of the warmest summers in Canadian history. And even now, the merits and potential ramifications of the government's plan to end the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly buying powers are anything but clear.

Honesty is the best policy for Armenian ambassador

Armen Yeganian arrived in Ottawa three weeks ago to begin his first posting as an ambassador, but the Armenian envoy is no rookie when it comes to relations with Canada.

An end to sacrifice for refugee rep

Seeing the world takes its toll, says Abraham Abraham. Before being posted as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees representative in Ottawa in 2008, Mr. Abraham served in more than half a dozen countries in Africa and Asia, including Nepal, Rwanda and Sri Lanka over three decades.

Former disarmament diplomats divided over UN conference boycott

Committee has many problems, "but the selection of its president through alphabetical rotation is not one of them," says former ambassador.

Retired soldier faced trial by fire in Ottawa

As a former military man, Eugen Predatu is no stranger to being sent abroad. But when he leaves his first diplomatic posting at the end of the month, Mr. Predatu will cap a whirlwind introduction to the finer points of diplomacy that soldiers don't often see.

Nuclear fire sale unlikely to end federal involvement

While Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and its CANDU reactors were once a source of pride for Canadians, it's felt that more than a decade of floundering made the Crown corporation a non-factor for nuclear technology outside of Canada's borders.

Mexico's press attaché bows out

Alberto Lozano is leaving his post at the end of July, and can only hope he will be sent off with the same fanfare as when he first landed in Ottawa three years ago.

No challenge too great

When Andres Teran-Parral was just eight years old, his father, then Ecuador's ambassador to El Salvador, died of a heart attack. Mr. Teran-Parral doesn't remember much from those days, but as he grew up, his older brothers would sometimes tell him what life was like as an ambassador's son.

Tories looking to form strategy for Africa

But skepticism abounds after years of disinterest.

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