Water, migration issues flying under the radar

Nothing is more essential to human life than fresh water, but the way it is used hasn't garnered nearly enough attention from world leaders, says Thomas Axworthy.

'Home is where the heart is': Kunstelj

Tomaz Kunstelj chuckles as he discusses his schedule for the rest of June. The Slovenian ambassador may be leaving at the end of the month, but his duties are far from finished.

Georgian envoy is a one-man mission

Alexander Latsabidze could be Ottawa's hardest working diplomat over the next few months. As the chargé d'affaires heading Georgia's new embassy in Canada, he has the unenviable task of building his post from the ground up.

Raised on the language of diplomacy, and six others

Croatian envoy has record of quick starts

Croatian Ambassador Veselko Grubisic sifts through a towering stack of business cards as he prepares for his interview with Embassy, offering a glimpse into his recent networking efforts in Ottawa. He says he has worked every day since he arrived in April, using his weekends to visit the large Croatian communities in Toronto and Montreal.

Moving up Fast

The appointment of Ed Fast as minister for international trade was one of the big surprises of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's new Cabinet.

Doors expected to open for Arctic Council observers

Last week's Arctic Council meeting marked a turning point in the way Canada and other nations are approaching Arctic diplomacy. The council gained legitimacy by passing its first legally-binding treaty on search and rescue in the Arctic, and decided to establish a permanent secretariat in Tromso, Norway.

Swiss Ambassador Baumann calls it a career

Swiss Ambassador Werner Baumann is leaving his post at the end of the month, a victim of mandatory retirement.

Development groups hope majority brings change

Embattled international development groups are hopeful that having attained their coveted majority, the Harper government will be more relaxed and prepared to enter a new era of dialogue and co-operation with the sector.

Guyanese envoy hits the ground running

Harry Narine Nawbatt beams with excitement as he lays out his ambitious goals as Guyana's new high commissioner to Canada.

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