Lametti on CETA: 'We'll get this deal to work'

China, softwood lumber also among government’s top trade priorities for 2016.

What does China want in a free trade deal?

It's unclear where China's requests end and its demands begin.

China wants equal treatment for state-owned firms: Top official

Canada maintained restrictions in TPP, CETA on acquisitions by state-owned enterprises.

More than a year later, Canada-China ‘track two’ talks yet to begin

Trade dialogue, promised after Harper visit in November 2014, has yet to materialize.

Tragic photo spurred millions in Canadian donations to refugee crisis relief

NGOs that received spike of donations after Alan Kurdi photo have struggled to raise as much money for the refugee crisis as for natural disaster relief efforts.

Canada set to enter talks to expand EFTA trade deal, say envoys

Deal covers non-EU members Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

This year's highs and lows

Refugees, TPP, C-51, climate change, John Baird, the Victims of Communism Memorial, the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

TPP could cut off new restrictions to foreign investment, say trade lawyers

But government seen to retain ability to block trade over national security concerns.

China wouldn’t push market status in trade talks, says embassy

Market status for China could affect steel, solar manufacturers.

Intellectual property biggest issue for Canada in TPP, says Doer

'Canadian fingerprints' seen to be all over copyright protection provisions—but Canada also accused of being 'unambitious' on the file.

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