Trudeau's three paths to finishing Canada's EU trade deal

Canada could “tweak” investor-arbitration clauses, but that compromise may not go far enough, says Canada Europe Round Table chief.

TPP outsiders eager to join trade deal: Canada’s top negotiator

Canada should break down walls to trade, says Beatty.

Free-flowing cash in US politics seen as major issue in Canada-US relations

US think tanks an avenue for Canadian influence, says Canadian ambassador Doer.

Fighting corruption, Ukraine set to become Canada's next trade partner

Deal could bring more Western business practices to Ukraine, but may also get firms into trouble.

Softwood, Congress seen as next challenges for Trudeau in US

Trudeau has established himself "as a leader who the Americans want to work with," says former US Embassy adviser.

Canada, Japanese importers at odds over TPP side deal

Deal on forest products leaves Japanese importers expecting more.

Chinese ambassador watching for Trudeau's next move on trade deal

Luo calls restrictions on foreign state-owned enterprises in the oil sands a form of 'discrimination.'

Canadian business groups tout refugee job opportunities

Canadian Meat Council in talks with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and provincial governments.

Senior Liberals shaped 2010 plan for energy strategy

Carr is being called a ‘key player,’ and was an author of the final report.

Colleges lobbyist says Tories didn't fully implement education strategy

Canadian colleges left with ‘nothing to offer’ international partners, says Amyot.

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