Trudeau's foreign policy promises checklist

Pin this up on the wall next to your desk and follow along.

Yes to trade, no to clean energy deal, says Arkansas governor

Former border, drug czar talks trade, Trudeau and THC.

Japan-Canada trade talks on hold until TPP 'finalized'

A bilateral deal would likely address Japan's interest in natural gas from Canada's west coast.

Cuba welcomes another prime minister Trudeau

Meet the neighbours, part two: Canada and its new TPP partners

In this edition: US, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru, Singapore.

Pipelines, reassuring business on lengthy to-do list for Canada’s next finance minister

Bring back mandatory long-form census, move on climate change, says Chamber CEO.

TPP won't improve labour standards without political will: Labour lawyers

When it comes to workers' rights, 'there’s what’s written down, and there’s what’s practical' says one analyst.

Meet the neighbours: Canada and its new TPP partners

Canada has complicated relationships with some of the other 11 countries in the TPP.

Tories would bring in more North Korean refugees, after crackdown on 'fraudulent' claimants

Pledge comes after steep drop to made and accepted NK asylum claims.

Vote 'pandering' or good management? Filipino-Canadians split over caregiver program

'Whoever helps us, that’s how we vote,' says one president of a Filipino-Canadian association.

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