Winning a Canadian embassy a top priority for Angolan envoy

Plus, Panama’s got a new business-oriented ambassador, and Guyana’s high commissioner goes home.

Who said Ottawa’s boring?

We may be pencil pushers by day, but Ottawans know how to have fun on off hours. From our staff to yours, here’s an all-season guide to kick it up a notch on posting in Canada’s capital.

Why other countries hate Canada’s alcohol laws

Some Canadian laws, practices violate trade law: Lawyers.

Deficits? No big deal, say international business groups

Infrastructure spending said to be needed to boost trade.

Turkish envoys call for more refugee crisis help

G20 heads will examine crisis ‘in detail’ in November, says IMF exec.

Auto talks underway as TPP clock ticks down

Negotiators must meet before October, says Mexican ambassador.

Foreign-owned companies big players in Canadian trade

Subsidiaries have more connections abroad, say economists.

Political risk, meagre rewards said to have foiled Caribbean trade talks

CARICOM out, CARIBCAN back in as Canada renews earlier deal, despite warning it would not.

NDP, Green candidates talk trade, border

A second instalment of our series on federal election candidates with international trade experience.

Low dollar not enough to spur growth, say economists

Infrastructure, cheap airports on business wish list for next government.

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