The political consequences of economic ills

Opinion: European elections

The economic and financial consequences of our condition have been described and argued about endlessly. It’s time to start looking at the potential political consequences, which may well turn out to be as radical.

Canadian opportunities in the Iranian nuclear crisis

Global nuclear governance—wasn’t that kind of initiative exactly the sort of thing that Canada used to do, and indeed was quite good at?

Messy primary system delivers new ideas

Consider the libertarian Ron Paul, or the social conservative Rick Santorum, whose ideas about defence and the family may seen too fringe for some. But these types 'often provide the ideas that Main Street leaders co-opt.'

Ignatieff Shows He Can Be a First-Tier Leader

The big event of last week was the meeting between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Governor General Not Stephen Harper's Patsy

So there is at least one person in Ottawa who is able to keep her cool and who is more concerned with the interests of the country than with her own.

Are We in a Recession? Try the 'D' Word Instead

It's time overdue for political leaders and economic experts and the rest to stop saying that we're either already in a recession or are about to slide into one.

Global Economics Versus National Politics

One of the shrewdest comments about the current financial crisis was uttered a couple of weeks back by one of the reporters for the BBC's International Service.

It's Been Really Good to be a CEO in America

One of the neat ideas being kicked around Washington these past few days, most particularly among Democrats, is that CEOs who benefit from the vast bailout that's supposed to end the financial crisis should not have salaries greater than that of the president.

Harper Advised to Avoid Using the 'M' Word

Aside from that pooping puffin ad for which he's had to apologize, Stephen Harper has made only one consequential mistake in the campaign so far.

Happy the Land that Has No Need of Heroes

Any day now, a perfect political storm (North American version) will burst out in the form of simultaneous elections in the U.S.

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