Beware the perfect storm in Syria

It makes no sense for us to be joining in the melee simply for the sake of joining in.

Back to Libya

There really is no clear-cut solution in Iraq and Syria, but Canada can make a difference in another failed state.

Canada gains nothing from bombing Iraq or training Kurds

Canada has no say in the ultimate outcome and no responsibility for the current chaos.

Bombing more and forever more

Some want to keep bombing Iraq and Syria based on our past success in Afghanistan. What success?

The culture under assault might be the one being invaded

People paying only scant attention to world events might see global jihad. But it's the West that has intervened, invaded and occupied multiple Muslim lands since 2001.

Admitting our failures in 2016

If Canada wants to pour in aid and expertise to bolster the Kurds, then we need to be honest and open about the creation of an independent state.

Canada should proclaim Libya a failed state

Libya is de facto a terrorist haven that is contributing to Europe’s refugee crisis.

A cause worth fighting for

We cannot teach or instil a pride of purpose where none exists.

Who's getting away with murder?

Let’s not set a double standard of responsibility when it comes to collateral damage.

To wipe out ISIS, we'll need more than bombing

If there truly was an international will to eliminate the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate, professional NATO armies could do so easily.


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January 20, 2016