Right Sector police clash raises questions

No one got to ask Yatsenyuk about the developments in western Ukraine.

Time to review anti-ISIS strategy

It's becoming quite clear that ISIS is anything but contained.

Frightening the public: A basic tactic

The Conservatives continue to present themselves as the best protection from evildoers. Unfortunately that means more jingoism.

NATO’s Kosovo campaign a lesson for Ukraine

Short-term military solutions do not solve long-term economic problems.

Can’t turn a blind eye to neo-Nazis

It is imperative that we follow the US lead on this.

Amused by the Warrior King

It seems odd to divert military resources so Canadian politicians can get their photo taken looking at the enemy.

Not just bad Russians versus good Ukrainians

As much as Harper wants to dumb this whole equation down, the reality is not so simple.

So much for the moral high ground on Ukraine

If it is morally wrong for Russia to militarily support a Ukrainian faction in this civil war, then it must be equally wrong for Canada to be fuelling the other side.

Another rewinding of the victory clock

It turns out ISIS wasn't hiding after all.

The difference between an armed mob and a pro force

To not hold the Kurds to the same standards of professional conduct that we enforce on our own soldiers undermines the entire rationale for us deploying our trainers in the first place.


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