Kunduz is not some remote police checkpoint

Afghan security forces remain a demoralized entity.

Meet your new best friend

Now Putin is committed to fighting ISIS, and that means fighting alongside the US-led coalition, which includes Canada.

Fly in the refugees to Goose Bay

If there is one thing we have in Canada, it is the expertise and equipment to make very liveable housing conditions in very inhospitable locales.

Russian mind twister

We know that Vladimir Putin is evil incarnate, but now his soldiers are fighting with us against a mutual enemy. Puzzling!

Repeat after me: It's not our fault

Conflicts don't stop gas pacts

The Poroshenko regime has had to go hat in hand to beg the Russians for a huge discount on gas.

Memorial should include broader range of victims

Where is the monument to the victims of ruthless right-wing dictatorships?

Impossible to enforce terror travel ban

Canada has no exit inspection for travellers, and even if we did, who would admit their real plans?

Foolish of Canada to think itself a Middle East player

While it may be an ugly truth, it is sheer folly to ignore who are actually conducting the fighting against ISIS.

Right Sector police clash raises questions

No one got to ask Yatsenyuk about the developments in western Ukraine.


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