To wipe out ISIS, we'll need more than bombing

If there truly was an international will to eliminate the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate, professional NATO armies could do so easily.

It is not Canada’s place to honour Gallagher’s sacrifice

As noble as Gallagher’s intentions may have been, some of the goals he was fighting for were not in line with Canada and our allies.

Sajjan's delicate task

He must find the right guides and advisers to alert him to the multitude of dangers that might trip up a novice MP in such a high-level portfolio.

Another decade of war should do the trick

If 12 years of training and equipping the Iraqi army resulted in them abandoning their weapons and vehicles at the first sight of ISIS, then another decade of training and equipping a new Iraqi army ought to work.

Our jets deserve a fair and transparent competition

For the new Liberal government to opt out of the F-35 for the sake of appeasing the electorate could have future international repercussions.

Yes, refugees are Canada's problem too

Canada contributed to interventions in Somalia, led the NATO charge in Libya and is currently bombing targets inside Iraq and Syria. But somehow the migrant crisis is not our problem?

Military weapons aren't fail-safe, no matter who's pulling the trigger

We can't identify credible ISIS targets or point to moderate Syrian rebels—yet we somehow know who the Russians are hitting?

Kunduz is not some remote police checkpoint

Afghan security forces remain a demoralized entity.

Meet your new best friend

Now Putin is committed to fighting ISIS, and that means fighting alongside the US-led coalition, which includes Canada.

Fly in the refugees to Goose Bay

If there is one thing we have in Canada, it is the expertise and equipment to make very liveable housing conditions in very inhospitable locales.


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