We fight against, but never for

No one wants to spoil the fun of a military campaign by asking, “just who the hell are we fighting for?”

Kenney's obliviousness is ours too

Our contribution to the coalition has had to rely almost entirely on the intelligence-gathering resources of the Americans.

Fuzzy legal grounding for Middle East military action

The government says our participation in this coalition with wildly divergent strategic objectives in Iraq allows us to bomb targets in Syria in self-defence.

When the map is redrawn

In 2008, the ethnic Albanian Kosovar majority unilaterally declared independence and the US was the first nation to redraw the map of Europe by recognizing Kosovo.

No good outcome in Iraq, so why send troops?

Before the mission is extended, let’s establish a clear objective by which we can define victory.

Question what we're fighting for in Iraq

God knows we cannot be seen to be supporting Assad, and we sure as hell can’t bomb ISIS in support of Iran. But are the Kurds any better?

Bargain hunting in Abu Dhabi

Surely there must be some concern on the part of the major European powers when they see Poroshenko out on a shopping trip to purchase weaponry.

Planning for war, but not the aftermath

While everyone focuses on militarily defeating ISIS, no one seems to be discussing what form of authority will fill the power vacuum.

Tone down the praise for Baird

The ex-foreign minister simplified all equations into either black hats or white hats.

Will, not weapons, in Ukraine

Size is not as important as motivation in military conflict.


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