Only fools rush in

The former Soviet region has deeply rooted historical ethnic, cultural and religious divisions.

As the dust settles on Crimea, let’s hope cooler heads prevail

Sashko Billy and Harper’s mourning

The idea that the Ukrainian government could gun down former allies who have become an embarrassment is not exactly a good example.

West’s outrage over Crimean annexation smacks of hypocrisy

That and support for Kosovo’s independence just don't add up.

Claims of success in Afghanistan wildly overblown

No sane person could possibly claim that our troops left Afghanistan a safer place than in 2002.

Western brinksmanship pushing us to global conflict

If what Putin is doing in the Crimea is wrong, then NATO leaders who led the campaign against Yugoslavia should be indicted.

Ukraine situation not black and white

Glazed over in the rush to demonize the Yanukovych-Russia team is who constitutes the new authority.

Menard illustrates Afghanistan’s shades of grey

Guardian angels and rented loyalty

Even inside Kabul’s Green Zone, a veritable NATO fortress, movement between locations requires a fully-armed escort.

Afghanistan presidential candidates mostly former warlords

After 12 years of intervention, thousands of NATO soldiers killed, tens of thousands of Afghans killed, nearly a trillion dollars spent to contain terrorism, and despite our imposition of democratic reform, a terrorist could still get elected president.


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