Another rewinding of the victory clock

It turns out ISIS wasn't hiding after all.

The difference between an armed mob and a pro force

To not hold the Kurds to the same standards of professional conduct that we enforce on our own soldiers undermines the entire rationale for us deploying our trainers in the first place.

Harper's pre-election Iraq photo-op

Caught up in the sudden adventure, no one seemed to ask Harper just why he felt it necessary to use so many military resources for the trip.

Military sexual harassment: Back to square one

This whole clamour has been brought to the public spotlight before, and not just one year ago.

Intervening on the advice of warmongers

Situations like the migrant drowning deaths in the Mediterranean happen because military interventions are not fully thought through.

Applying the motivation factor in Ukraine

Canadian soldiers are among the very best, but our record of training remains abysmal. The reason is motivation.

We fight against, but never for

No one wants to spoil the fun of a military campaign by asking, “just who the hell are we fighting for?”

Kenney's obliviousness is ours too

Our contribution to the coalition has had to rely almost entirely on the intelligence-gathering resources of the Americans.

Fuzzy legal grounding for Middle East military action

The government says our participation in this coalition with wildly divergent strategic objectives in Iraq allows us to bomb targets in Syria in self-defence.

When the map is redrawn

In 2008, the ethnic Albanian Kosovar majority unilaterally declared independence and the US was the first nation to redraw the map of Europe by recognizing Kosovo.


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