Collateral damage or mass murder?

The US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 people aboard in 1988. Yet that incident was treated very differently than the MH17 tragedy.

Iraq's fate has a familiar ring in Afghanistan

Whoever seizes control of the Afghan presidency will not matter a whit anyway once the Americans withdraw their troops.

Sometimes wiser to remain a referee

Political logic dictates that attacking your own people is bad, until it becomes necessary.

The enemy of my enemy

Now that ISIS has plunged Iraq into civil war, the US has no choice but to co-operate with Iran.

Vipers in the labyrinth

While the world watched extremists capture Mosul, little attention was paid to the Kurdish militia’s seizing of oil-rich Kirkuk.

Iraq’s state of emergency

Without any more American casualties, the recent carnage and chaos has been largely ignored by Western media.

Cooler heads prevail over Harper on Ukraine

UK, France, Germany understand the power of dialogue. Unfortunately for Canada’s reputation abroad, Harper prefers trash talk.

Hey, remember Libya?

Canada could not wait to lead the NATO charge in 2011. Now as the North African country spirals out of control, it’s being ignored.

Things aren’t as black and white as Baird sees them

Baird’s admission certainly makes many of his recent blunders far easier to understand.

This time, it was honour instead of victory

Ongoing events and the passage of time have made a mockery of Harper’s use of the word victory to celebrate what was achieved in Libya.


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