Baird can't bring together deeply divided Iraq

Baird insisted the government is committed to revitalizing a new, inclusive authority in Baghdad. This, of course, was something the US spent over a decade attempting.

Another NATO arming campaign

With no Western country wanting to send troops to Iraq, NATO has instead decided to flood the Kurds with weapons, and Canada is leading that initiative.

The despots who could have fought al-Qaeda

In the rush to dehumanize not only Assad, Gaddafi and Saddam but also any of their loyal supporters, virtually no attention was paid to those who were rising up against them.

Media encouraging NATO hypocrisy over Ukraine

The irony of all this chest thumping over Putin’s blatant aggression is that NATO redrew the map of Europe in 1999.

Harper's double standard in Ukraine

If Putin is wrong for furnishing military aid in an escalating civil war, how can Canada be right for adding its own military hardware to the same equation?

Baird was deaf to impending Libyan collapse

Given the tribal divisions, plus the criminal and extremist elements among the rebels, it did not take a genius to foresee that chaos and bloodshed would ensue once Gaddafi was gone.

Media adds to the deception in Ukraine

With flags fluttering and trumpets blaring, we are to believe that the anti-submarine HMCS Toronto is on its way to serve up consequences in the eastern Mediterranean.

Collateral damage or mass murder?

The US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 people aboard in 1988. Yet that incident was treated very differently than the MH17 tragedy.

Iraq's fate has a familiar ring in Afghanistan

Whoever seizes control of the Afghan presidency will not matter a whit anyway once the Americans withdraw their troops.

Sometimes wiser to remain a referee

Political logic dictates that attacking your own people is bad, until it becomes necessary.


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