How are we not bombing in support of Assad and Iran?

Political leaders don’t seem to understand the conflict.

Without admitting failure, we’re doomed to repeat it

Airstrikes alone didn’t work in Libya. Yet, the same strategy is unfurling in Iraq.

Airstrikes in Iraq won’t be enough

With no US ground troops, no bribe money for tribal leaders and the Iraqi army virtually dissolved, why does anyone believe an air campaign alone will achieve success?

Social media upped the fear factor in Ottawa attack

Once the smoke cleared, it became evident that Zehaf-Bibeau’s actions were nowhere near as terrifying as our imaginations made them out to be.

Muslim-bashing rhetoric is misguided

Our bases will be in Kuwait, an Islamic state, while our airstrikes will support largely fundamentalist Islamic forces.

State of mass hysteria

The idea of an ISIS lunatic cutting off your head at the local mall is enough to put anyone off shopping.

Democracy? No, just more bickering Afghan warlords

US Secretary of State John Kerry calls the leadership deal a ‘triumph of statesmanship and compromise.’ That’s one hell of a spin.

Stop helping them spread terror

What upsets me is not that masked clowns threaten, but that our media would broadcast it, and pundits would then add their gravitas.

We should not arm the extreme right in Ukraine

The fascist connections to Poroshenko’s government are something that Western media have chosen to gloss over since the first clashes of the revolution.

Welcome to Kurdistan

Canadian troops are now tasked with training a militia whose purpose is to create their own state—one that could destabilize a NATO ally.


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