What was, and wasn't, agreed to during Modi visit

How education works in Ontario and Canada

A primer for diplomats new to the Great White North.

Swaziland king's private jet held in Canada over court dispute

Ongoing row between Singaporean businessman and Swazi company means plane will stay in Canada at least until appeal hearing June 11.

As Modi visit looms, Canada restarts India trade talks

Little is being said about the specifics of the ninth round, held just weeks before a scheduled April visit by the Indian leader.

Go North

Hard to reach, but worth the trip, say diplomats.

Hidden gems

You’ve heard of Niagara Falls and Banff. But what about these sweet spots?

Four-year limit could lead some migrant workers to go underground

Thousands could be forced to leave starting April 1.

From Durban to Paris

Canada's ups and downs since it pulled out of Kyoto.

Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa envoys work Toronto mining show

Dips look to promote mining industry, investor confidence and their message.

Out of their element

Toronto mining convention hears of plummeting prices, but some are optimistic.


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