Merger has DFATD staff set to move Gatineau, Ottawa offices

Some employees concerned about home-life effects of shuffle of corporate services to Gatineau and programming to Ottawa.

Visas on St. Lucia stay despite changed passport system

Canada cites other concerns about high immigration violation rates, asylum claims from Caribbean island state.

With US-Cuba ties warming, investors are circling

It's not the only way Washington has boosted the Toronto consulate’s workload. A banking problem at the Cuban mission in Washington has led people seeking consular help to Canada.

Opening doors: How Toronto supports needy newcomers

Nearly half of all Torontonians are immigrants. Many rely on grassroots settlement programs to help them get back on their feet after fleeing trauma. For those serving them, it’s not just a job, but a way of life and an experience they may have lived themselves.

Eritrean consulate still open months after shutdown threat

Canada open to accepting new diplomat, after 2013 expulsion.

Munk School director Janice Stein steps down, but not out

High-profile academic will stay on as a prof.

Produce sellers hit by Canada-US trade hurdle

‘The impact will trickle through the entire supply chain:’ Canadian industry rep.

US appears set to differ Arctic Council agenda from Canada

Canada is slated to hand the reins to its southern neighbour next spring.

A worthy adoption

Change is in the air

A bevy of dips are packing their bags this summer—and Chatter House too.


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