Serbia’s friends in Parliament

Ukrainian envoy says he’s received death threats

‘It was a nice, quiet diplomatic life,’ until the phone calls began.

A challenging term for Sri Lankan envoy

‘At the moment Canada is in one position and we are in another position.’

Feds disclose almost $400,000 in travel expenses for EU trade talks

Singing a song of praise

EU, Canada differ on political deal rollout

Officials stay quiet on much-anticipated clause that would suspend EU trade deal under certain circumstances.

Budget 2012 saw over 300 CIDA positions cut: Docs

Middle East, Africa program managers, environment specialists hit; 84 positions were vacant, but over 100 left voluntarily.

The Mexicans are coming, the Mexicans are coming

Finding glee in Canadian cheese

‘You have to dip yourself inside the culture of the country, you have to meet the people.’

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Diplomatic Edition

Ambassadors-in-training give their take on the job—in some not-so-diplomatic language.


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