Translate words into deeds in fight for gay rights

Canada has done a lot at the multilateral level to show its support for LGBT rights internationally. But it should also take concrete measures on its own.

Foreign aid: More of the same?

Canada's contributions to reducing global poverty are rarely a priority topic for debate in the House of Commons. Foreign aid is an important tool for supporting international development, but it will likely attract less attention now that controversial international co-operation minister Bev Oda has resigned.

Expect CIDA minister, debate to have low profile – but watch behind the scenes

Parliament is unlikely to spend much time debating international development this fall. That does not mean, however, that there won't be important decisions to make behind the scenes regarding Canadian aid policy.

Transparency and Canadian foreign aid

It has always been hard to get timely information on Canada's foreign aid. Now, thanks to the new "Open Government" initiative, data is easier to access on the Canadian International Development Agency's website. With this, CIDA promises "Increasing Transparency and Accountability Through Open Data." For the first time, downloadable datasets are made available to the public on annual disbursements of all forms of Canadian aid to all recipient countries. This is a great first step.

Putting Foreign Aid Back on the Agenda

Foreign aid is an important part of Canadian foreign policy, yet the topic was conspicuously absent from the election campaign that just ended.

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