Burney's team

'For Ian, it’s not enough to be one of the best negotiators in the process; it’s important to be able to spot talent and be a mentor, too. He clearly excels in this regard, just as he does at the negotiating table. And he has put together a team that is fiercely loyal to him, as he is to them.'

For Canada in China, a deep reservoir of untapped potential

Even as we acknowledge openly and discuss frankly the matters on which we disagree, we nevertheless find common aspirations.

'Canada will never yield to terrorism'

The prime minister speaks to MPs after two Canadian Armed Forces members were killed and Parliament was attacked.

The duty and burden of all free peoples

We and our allies are acting now precisely to avoid a situation that was clearly headed to a wider, protracted and much more dangerous conflict.

Trade means ordinary people can support their families

Yet, no matter how freely we trade, millions of people will for some time to come need a helping hand.

A loving and proud nation welcomes its military home

Our Canadian Armed Forces fought extremely well in Kandahar.

Montreal played crucial role in European trade talks

I would like to thank the businesses and the men and women of Quebec who encouraged us to embark on these adventures that will forever change the economic landscape of our great country.

Open the 'great treasure house' doors

The prime minister announces mining sector skills training.

Now is the time to rediscover our values

There are "rising powers that do not share our values, and dangerous forces that seek to destroy them," says Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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