Harper and the missile defence bait

While the boosters can busy themselves, it’s Harper who would have to defend the system before the electorate in 2015.

Did Baird try to hide a gun lobbyist?

Minister’s office instructed that Steve Torino be in delegation, but his group’s name was left out.

Despite shifts, Harper still overspending on defence

The new digital DEW Line

The nation’s electronic eavesdropping agency cites hacktivists, criminals, terrorists, and ‘more than 100 countries’ as ‘primary cyber actors of concern.’

Canada should reject armed drones

Is Mali the next opportunity to pitch an armed drone program as a contribution to both the French campaign there and the US-led war against al Qaeda in Western Africa?

Worried about Huawei? Take a look at Lockheed Martin

You want close connections to government: Lockheed gets almost 95 per cent of its $44 billion in revenue from national defence spending.

Five reasons why Canada doesn't need a defence industry

The defence industry is feeling very self-confident these days.

How will the NDP leadership race affect Canada's military?

Many defence watchers hope the NDP will be much clearer on national defence than it has been in the past.

Canada is overspending on defence

The CBC's financial "dragon" Kevin O'Leary recently interviewed me about the Harper government's $35-billion shipbuilding announcement. It was a remarkably calm discussion between me and a fiscal hawk, as we would typically have little to agree upon.

Why the F-35 is the wrong plane for Canada

Last week the opposition Liberals stepped up the challenge to the government on the proposed $16-billion program to replace Canada's fleet of CF-18 fighter-bombers with 65 US-built F-35 stealth fighters.

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