Making the leap, starting with our dinner plate

If we want to do things differently to secure the future we can start with our food.

Change that speaks of a worthy future

We need change, but not just the tinkering currently being proposed by those who seek to lead us.

Privatizing Canadian generosity

A promising new way to boost aid, or a fig leaf to disguise Canada’s disengagement from fighting global poverty?

Alligators in the swamp

Will Canada play its part in achieving the important goal of ending hunger?

The global grain rush

Is Canada going to benefit, or will we wonder why we gave away a national treasure?

Agriculture confronts climate disruption

Farming is both part of the problem and solution. So what should Canadians do?

Good soil: Key to the future of sustainable food

Fertile soil is far from dirt cheap.

Eating for a sustainable future

Not eating enough food results in 800 million people globally facing hunger. But eating too much and the wrong kind of foods has driven more than twice as many people to be overweight or obese.

2015: Setting a new global development agenda

Countries will spend the next nine months hashing out a successor to the Millennium Development Goals.

Farming, families and the future

What tools are needed for family farms to survive?

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