Burkina Faso investment pact a bad deal

Tories undermining African democracy in their haste to defend mining companies.

So much for principled foreign policy

Government-sponsored Saudi Arabia arms deal shows the opposite.

Remembering Ottawa’s hand in Haiti’s future

Canada’s veto hypocrisy

It’s past time to do away with the Security Council veto.

Iraq war anniversary media coverage downplays importance of popular protest

While media outlets laud political leadership, it was really a strong protest movement that stopped Canada from joining Bush’s ‘coalition of the willing.’

Tories attack UN, but ignore its role in Haiti

The UN force there has an overwhelming disregard for the poor majority's well-being.

NATO enforces Western politics, economics

Harper government's NATO support echoes Pearson's warning about a communist 'conquest from within.'

Harper is building the foundation for constant war

Opinion: Defence

The Conservatives are setting up overseas bases, increasing the military's size, and making Canadian society more militaristic. Now, the head of the military wants to get to work.

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