Arctic trade routes would offer new opportunities

While being supportive of the purposes and objectives of the Arctic Council, China wishes to participate more.

Wheat trade served as China icebreaker

The priority is to turn the results of Harper's recent visit to China into concrete actions.

Ready to work with Canada on climate change

Climate change is a global issue of common concern to the international community.

Strengthening China-Canada military relations

In the first decade of the 21st century, the international community forged ahead in a new phase of opening up and co-operation, but not without crises and changes.

Room to grow China-Canada co-operation

China has had a long-standing proud tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education. In the past, with their meager income, Chinese parents would not hesitate to squeeze savings out of food and clothing spending, just to send their children to decent schools.

China: Preparing for a bright future

Henry Kissinger recently published a new book, On China. At a Munk Debate in Toronto on June 17, Mr. Kissinger and three global affairs experts had a heated debate on whether "the 21st century will belong to China." What is China's status quo? Does China have a bright future? These questions attracted many.

China is ready to engage on the Arctic

The Arctic holds a very special place in this world. In recent years, significant changes have taken place in the Arctic's natural and social environment, which are felt around the globe. It is a must for countries such as China to reflect on how to respond to a changing Arctic.

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