Mind the gap

Mind the gap

Laura Dawson is keen to improve Canada-US ties at the Wilson Center; Afghan chargé wants strategic partnership; recent Canadian diplomatic appointments.

Big history, big civilization

Mongolia's ambassador wants to share his cultural heritage.

Canada a priority country for Paraguay's president

Paraguayan ambassador all about hospitality and co-operation; Canadian named director of Canada Institute in Washington.

To freedom, revolution and Canada

Life in, and after, Gaddafi’s Libya.

Zambia’s envoy looking back for the future

Unfinished FIPA still 'hanging' on him, he says.

Breaking away from ‘aid recipient syndrome’

Tanzania doesn’t want to be 'perpetual receiver of handouts,' envoy says.

Modi visit spurred electric momentum, says new envoy

New heads of mission from India, Costa Rica hit the ground running.

Real men wear Hello Kitty

New Japanese ambassador is an expert in sake, manga and cosplay.

Barbados envoy brings summer to Ottawa

But Afghan envoy is left in the cold.

Kenya high commissioner: Tourism fights terrorism

New envoy says travel advisories warning tourists away from certain areas 'can be counter-productive.'

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