Seeking the ‘human context’ in diplomacy

Seeking the âhuman contextâ in diplomacy

South Korea's ambassador, set to retire back to Seoul, reflects on his 36-year diplomatic career.

Japan’s ambassador takes Middle East, energy smarts to Saudi Arabia

Norihiro Okuda headed there as his country faces security threats in the region.

Australia's new envoy supports anti-terror bill

Tony Negus is talking to Canadian officials about C-51, which has similarities to recent Australian changes.

France’s ambassador sounds off on everything from climate change to Chinese poetry

Nicolas Chapuis is determined to talk about policy, but his career and love of literature are just too interesting to pass up.

Nepal, Canada speaking the same language

New ambassador wants trade and investment boost, and so does Canada.

LA consulate’s culture guru bowing out

Roz Wolfe is retiring after 33 and a half years of talking up Canada in Tinseltown.

Golberg takes ADM spot working with Canadian aid groups

She replaces Paul Samson, who left for Finance Canada.

Former ambassador to seek NDP nomination

St. Kitts and Nevis setting up a high commission in Ottawa, Cuso International hires a new CEO.

France's ambassador reflects on Canada, the 'bad pupil' in the climate change classroom

He's headed back to Paris while Greece's new top diplomat talks about the legacy of Hellenic culture.

From the flower shop to the embassy

Ecuador's new ambassador is a businessman at heart, Sudan looks to boost ties and France's envoy heads home.

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