Indian, Algerian envoys heading home

Indian, Algerian envoys heading home

Egyptian counsellor, Chinese deputy also set to depart.

Argentina's ambassador and a history with human rights

Five new heads of mission present credentials, US and Chinese embassies see staffing changes.

After months of tumult, Ukraine's ambassador craves the mundane

'Maybe...in a couple of generations, Ukrainian diplomats will be like everybody else, won't be rushing with our telephones attached to our heads.'

Ukraine's high-profile ambassador heading home

Hungary's ambassador-designate to present credentials on Nov. 18 and Indonesia's envoy to wrap up posting this month.

Putin names new ambassador to Canada

Slovakia has a new envoy, former Yemeni ambassador become's country's prime minister.

Sweden’s new ambassador ready for a winter wonderland

Angola's envoy heads south, Trinidad changes, and PDAC and Cuso hunting for staff.

Egypt's new envoy on Fahmy and peace in the Middle East

Changes afoot at the Macedonian and Korean embassies, and Canada gets a new high commissioner in India.

Brunei's new envoy on a personal and professional mission

Turkey's new ambassador seeks help for Syrian refugees, and World Vision Canada's CEO says goodbye.

New Taiwan rep no stranger to Ottawa

Defence association appoints president who worked on government's procurement strategy; new Canadian postings and an Ottawa envoy shuffle.

Bosnia's envoy and a fixer-upper embassy

Foreign Affairs moves around some of its top diplomats and is looking for new recruits.

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