Palestinian rep wants Canada to appoint Middle East peace envoy

Palestinian rep wants Canada to appoint Middle East peace envoy

And new Taiwanese rep says Canada can do business with both Taiwan and China.

Arctic-focused Norwegian ambassador hangs up her diplomatic hat

Mona Brøther is retiring after more than 40 years as a diplomat.

New Zealand’s TPP point man heads home

High commissioner was busy with trade and real estate.

Northern Tour ‘great PR for Canada’ says departing Croatian

Veselko Grubišic set to leave before end of year.

Sri Lanka looking to re-engage after years of tense ties

'Things dramatically improved' after new Sri Lankan government started, says envoy.

Mexican ambassador says adiós

Francisco Suárez set to retire, but don't expect him to keep quiet.

Uruguay rep headed to UN to chair Security Council

After almost 40 years as a diplomat, ‘like the proverbial cherry on top of the cake.’

Pakistan sends political appointee because ‘we mean business’

Signalling desire to boost ties, says high commissioner.

ISIS fight marked Iraqi ambassador’s posting

Al-Hussaini set to head back to Baghdad Nov. 19.

'We need Canada': South Sudan envoy optimistic about Liberal government

Ambassador to US, newly accredited to Canada, says he has 'big hope' for peace.

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