Filipino ambassador departing in style

Leslie Gatan is retiring after more than 40 years serving the government of the Philippines.

A challenging term for Sri Lankan envoy

‘At the moment Canada is in one position and we are in another position.’

Finding glee in Canadian cheese

‘You have to dip yourself inside the culture of the country, you have to meet the people.’

Burundi’s new ambassador is her country’s promoter-in-chief

Spéciose Nzeyimana brings with her two daughters who love to skate. She’s not gliding—yet.

Japanese envoy saw Canada’s foreign ministry from the inside

At 32, Ryo Tokunaga has already been posted to India, Uganda.

As the spying scandal fades, Brazil and Canada ties remain

Brazilian diplomat to end his career in Ottawa.

Either visas or EU deal, a ‘false dilemma’

Bulgarian ambassador spent career shuttling between defence and foreign ministries.

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