The pitfalls of training foreign fighters

Without understanding their personal objectives, it’s often counterproductive in the long run.

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Ludicrous to think bombing in Iraq, Syria keeps Europe safe

Doesn’t impact actions of fanatics launching attacks in Brussels, Paris.

Libya as china shop: we broke it, we should buy it—we owe that to the Libyan people

Kerry declared ISIS genocidal, but Canada still needs to cautiously chart its own policy.

Libya failed—let's not fail it again

We have a moral obligation to the people of Libya. I suggest we start with a definition of victory.

Ukraine receiving little attention

Just a few short months ago Ukraine was the lead story on a daily basis.

What fills a power vacuum

After the West toppled Afghanistan and Libya, they left little in place. Extremism has followed.

Kurds too smart to be cannon fodder

Kurdish plans do not include the predominantly Sunni Arab territory currently claimed as the ISIS caliphate.

Liberals, Conservatives equally delusional on ISIS

The Liberals insist Canada’s goal is to restore a unified Iraq, but our military trainers and weaponry are being sent in to aid separatist militias.

Beware the perfect storm in Syria

It makes no sense for us to be joining in the melee simply for the sake of joining in.

Back to Libya

There really is no clear-cut solution in Iraq and Syria, but Canada can make a difference in another failed state.

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