Conservatives Give Senator Andreychuk Chance to Flex Her Foreign Policy Muscles

It's been more than a decade since Conservative Senator Raynell Andreychuk was selected to sit on a special committee to review Canada's foreign policy in 1994, but the Saskatchewan native still wields more than a little influence when it comes to international affairs.

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China, Canada Working Together in Crisis

The devastating quake that killed more than 80,000 people in western China six months ago may be over, but the survivors have to live with the psychological scars of that horrible event, and their stories still cry out to be told.

Nuclear Weapons: Everyone or No One

As someone who is quite familiar with events in India, courtesy of a distinguished career as a journalist, an MP, and author of several books, including a biography on Nehru, Mobasher Jawed (MJ) Akbar watches the impending nuclear deal between his country and the U.S with a bit of skepticism, if not cynicism.

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