Some good news from Israel and Palestine

Where is a person to go to find a knowledgeable but hopeful take on what the UN did for the Palestinians last week? Enter former Knesset member, 89-year-old Uri Avnery.

UN Photo: Rick Bajornas
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas celebrates after the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution Nov. 29 giving Palestine non-member observer state status at the UN.
Jim Creskey
Published: Thursday, 12/06/2012 8:04 pm EST
Last Updated: Sunday, 12/09/2012 8:27 pm EST

The bleak speeches delivered at the United Nations over the vote for some acceptance of a Palestinian state were among other things a sign of disdain for the UN. These days it seems as if ambassadors, foreign ministers, or heads of state who want to give a truly appalling or at least depressing speech go to New York to deliver it to the UN. Canada has become particularly good at this.

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