Yemen: Unintended consequences

Yemen: Unintended consequences

If the coalition bombs the Houthis out of Aden, but does not commit ground troops of its own, the real winners will be al-Qaeda.

Debating the merits of missile defence

The cost may be worth it, if delaying the decision only increases the cost of joining. But we should go into it with our eyes open.

When the map is redrawn

In 2008, the ethnic Albanian Kosovar majority unilaterally declared independence and the US was the first nation to redraw the map of Europe by recognizing Kosovo.

Afghanistan not a model to follow

There is no indication that Canada is anywhere near reaching the original objective of consolidating the government’s authority and legitimacy.

Marshallese can rightfully claim a victory

Right, might, and the prospects for complete nuclear disarmament.

No good outcome in Iraq, so why send troops?

Before the mission is extended, let’s establish a clear objective by which we can define victory.

Are terrorists winning with Bill C-51?

Any movement away from democratic ideals, including the weakening of transparency and accountability, is a potential victory for terrorists.

Putin’s resurrection

Botox? Coup? Birth of a love child? The rumour mill went into overdrive during his 11-day disappearance from public.

The worst case contingency with Islamic State

Islamic State is collecting pledges of allegiance, but it hasn't conquered territory in months. How far can it go?

Question what we're fighting for in Iraq

God knows we cannot be seen to be supporting Assad, and we sure as hell can’t bomb ISIS in support of Iran. But are the Kurds any better?

Lessons from Canada’s Pacific re-engagement

If the RCN’s recent distress has taught us anything, it is the need to ensure fleet replacement on a timely matter to ensure no capability gap emerges.

Netanyahu's captives

Netanyahu understands the American political system as well as he understands his own.

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