Boosting UN peace operations: Proceed with caution

Why renewing Canada’s peacekeeping commitment will be more complex than it seems.

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Tens of millions in severance paid yearly to military members who leave voluntarily

More than $105 million was paid out from 2013 until 2016, not counting a year's worth of backlogged files.

What would a Syrian peace deal look like?

No decisive victory is possible for any side.

The pitfalls of training foreign fighters

Without understanding their personal objectives, it’s often counterproductive in the long run.

Our disastrous military interventions

There can be no expectation that our military interventions will do more good than the obvious disaster they are.

How to mourn friends and reassure people: A minister's disaster handbook

Public safety minister prepped with talking points on everything from hostage-takings to major terrorist attacks.

Stretching the thin blue line even thinner

Officers are expected to act as warriors, psychologists, counsellors and public servants.

The search for stability in Eastern Europe: Policy options for Canada

Canada should become far more engaged than it has in seeking a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

Military police recorded one incident for every eight CAF members in 2015

National Defence employs five people, full time, to manually compile statistics from a clunky records system.

Defence minister one of several MPs who received severance pay after election

The jury is out on MPs accepting severance pay from public employers: some refused it, some donated the money, others just cashed the cheque.

Tories rejected departmental, diplomatic advice to join UN Vietnam program

Paradis told bureaucrats to hunt for ‘technical assistance’ options instead.

Ludicrous to think bombing in Iraq, Syria keeps Europe safe

Doesn’t impact actions of fanatics launching attacks in Brussels, Paris.

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