No cone of silence on harassment

No cone of silence on harassment

In training program, employees at Canada's electronic spy agency asked how they can take advantage of diversity.

Conflicts don't stop gas pacts

The Poroshenko regime has had to go hat in hand to beg the Russians for a huge discount on gas.

The unfinished business of Kurdistan

How would an independent Kurdistan square with Ottawa’s aversion to new states based on linguistic and cultural attributes?

Space's rules of the road

At outer space code of conduct talks in July, the Canadians tried to walk the narrow line between the BRICS and American positions.

Celebrating each day without nuclear tests

Nuclear co-operation is one of the key areas of partnership between Kazakhstan and Canada.

Defence procurement an elephant in the war room

Defence community wants procurement promises, but military platforms largely unreleased.

Memorial should include broader range of victims

Where is the monument to the victims of ruthless right-wing dictatorships?

Seventy years after Hiroshima, it’s high time to ban the bomb

In this struggle, Canada stands not with those that believe nuclear disarmament is long overdue, but with the few that still question a ban.

Impossible to enforce terror travel ban

Canada has no exit inspection for travellers, and even if we did, who would admit their real plans?

Terror travel ban: 'None of this is thought out'

Ex-diplomats, academics say Harper campaign promise hard to legislate, enforce.

Mullah Omar: More trouble dead than alive

If al Qaeda’s claim to leadership is seriously undermined by its lies about Mullah Omar, the unification of most or all the Islamist groups under Islamic State’s authority is a real possibility.

The reunification of Cyprus—maybe

There is much optimism about these talks, because there can be no going back.

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