Modi uses time in Ottawa to push for terrorism convention

Modi uses time in Ottawa to push for terrorism convention

Twenty years in the making, a proposed UN convention is back in the news with support from the Indian PM.

Applying the motivation factor in Ukraine

Canadian soldiers are among the very best, but our record of training remains abysmal. The reason is motivation.

Budget 2015: Funding boosts for National Defence and Public Safety

The language of the federal budget plays on the Conservative government’s political goals ahead of the next election.

The killer robot difference

They don’t get tired, they don’t get paralyzed with fear, and if you lose them, so what? It’s just a machine. There’s no person in there. But that’s precisely the problem.

Russia laments 'political games' as foreign minister set to miss Arctic Council

Discussing an Arctic military operation, junior defence minister speaks of 'threats posed by the Russians.'

We fight against, but never for

No one wants to spoil the fun of a military campaign by asking, “just who the hell are we fighting for?”

Anti-cluster bomb action should start in Syria

Canada now has obligations to help lessen the suffering of Syrians injured by cluster munitions.

Iran deal good for disarmament

Serious cuts by nuclear weapon states to their arsenals will not happen as long as they can claim cheaters can't be reined in. This deal confirms non-proliferation can work in tough cases.

Diplomacy wins in Iran

Deal heartening to witness in a region that has seen more than its share of bloodshed.

Iran is back

The alleged Iranian nuclear threat provided the basis for a decade and more of political quarantine.

Kenney's obliviousness is ours too

Our contribution to the coalition has had to rely almost entirely on the intelligence-gathering resources of the Americans.

Fuzzy legal grounding for Middle East military action

The government says our participation in this coalition with wildly divergent strategic objectives in Iraq allows us to bomb targets in Syria in self-defence.

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