Stop helping them spread terror

Stop helping them spread terror

What upsets me is not that masked clowns threaten, but that our media would broadcast it, and pundits would then add their gravitas.

Parliament should debate defence policy, not deployments

If every deployment required the consent of Parliament the government’s daily conduct of foreign and defence policy would be frankly unworkable.

We should not arm the extreme right in Ukraine

The fascist connections to Poroshenko’s government are something that Western media have chosen to gloss over since the first clashes of the revolution.

One or two Ukraines?

It is important to recall that Russia has a history of absorbing huge human, military and financial costs where its perceived vital interests are concerned.

Coalition of the choosy

The new moderate Syrian rebel army will be trained in Saudi Arabia, the principal supporter and paymaster of Syrian jihadi groups until ISIS scared it into hedging its bets.

The world has two new 'Islamic States'

And you thought the only problem was in Iraq and Syria. Libya and Nigeria have troubles of their own.

Welcome to Kurdistan

Canadian troops are now tasked with training a militia whose purpose is to create their own state—one that could destabilize a NATO ally.

Ten committees to watch this fall

Protection of women in Canada’s immigration system, security in Asia-Pacific, international financial system integrity top committee agendas.

This sitting's burning foreign affairs issues

From Iraq to China, it's set to be a busy fall.

Group labelled terrorists by Canada could benefit from fight against ISIS

Turkey’s chargé hopes military aid to region avoids ending up in the "wrong hands."

Baird can't bring together deeply divided Iraq

Baird insisted the government is committed to revitalizing a new, inclusive authority in Baghdad. This, of course, was something the US spent over a decade attempting.

Cold war or common security—our choice

As NATO can only deploy forces once it has the political consensus of its members, its new spearhead isn’t likely to be any more rapid than the current force. Another option exists.

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