Another rewinding of the victory clock

Another rewinding of the victory clock

It turns out ISIS wasn't hiding after all.

Syria: The last chance saloon

At this point Barack Obama has only two options: save the Syrian regime, or let it go under and live with the consequences.

North Korea’s nukes

What does North Korea intend to do with its nuclear weapons? There are no safe assumptions.

Weak link found between religion, terrorism for Canada

Only two per cent of attacks labelled as violent extremism were perpetrated by religious groups.

The difference between an armed mob and a pro force

To not hold the Kurds to the same standards of professional conduct that we enforce on our own soldiers undermines the entire rationale for us deploying our trainers in the first place.

Cesar’s story

Incoming Project Ploughshares executive director talks about how he came to Canada and wound up in Waterloo, Ont.

The anti-terror law's real winners

Full credit to Canadians for getting past the knee-jerk phase of their response to terrorism. Nevertheless, their Parliament is still poised to pass the bill.

Pay tribute by avoiding war

No one questions the need to respond powerfully to safeguard the migrants.

'Freedom is way better than I thought'

It is now evident why the government fought to prevent Omar Khadr from speaking from within prison and to prevent his release: he has not been damaged.

Moldovan envoy calls on Canada to boost political, military aid

Ambassador worried about Russia’s influence in breakaway region.

CAF response team consulting other countries on sexual assault

DND creating "action plan" to address Deschamps report.

A Canadian defence and security policy for the 21st century

UN peacekeeping cannot begin to live up to its potential unless it has the resources to do the job.

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