CSIS hit by previously-unreported 'breach' in March

CSIS hit by previously-unreported 'breach' in March

As a House of Commons committee examined Bill C-51, documents show CSIS was investigating an 'unauthorized disclosure' of classified information.

We can do better, Canada

Our leadership on maternal and newborn child health is laudable, but we have slipped on addressing climate change and poverty at home and abroad.

When the Russians leave

What is the Russian endgame and their exit strategy?

Kunduz is not some remote police checkpoint

Afghan security forces remain a demoralized entity.

Putin and the terrorists

Putin does not make the same meaningless distinctions between Islamic State and the other Islamist groups that the United States insists on.

Meet your new best friend

Now Putin is committed to fighting ISIS, and that means fighting alongside the US-led coalition, which includes Canada.

Munk Debate: Foreign policy gets its moment

Leaders attack each other on ISIS, refugees, Bill C-51, climate change.

The definitive list of Munk Debate zingers

The good, the bad and the ugly one-liners from the party leaders.

What wasn't talked about at the Munk Debate

China. The Saudi arms deal. UN development goals. Fighter jets. Veterans. The niqab.

Munk Debate: Your foreign policy primer

Conservatives, NDP and Liberals on the issues—and lots of links to Embassy stories—so you can prepare for the Sept. 28 debate.

Foreign Affairs considered expelling Syrian diplomats weeks before government took action

Press release announcing expulsion had been drawn up six weeks before Canada acted alongside allies.

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