‘Existential threat’? Not so much

âExistential threatâ? Not so much

More Islamic State massacres are awful, but don't threaten the West's existence.

NATO’s Kosovo campaign a lesson for Ukraine

Short-term military solutions do not solve long-term economic problems.

Asia: Beyond trade, Canada must boost security

It should show a stronger, more consistent commitment to Asia.

Can’t turn a blind eye to neo-Nazis

It is imperative that we follow the US lead on this.

US blocks training of neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Defence minister's office: Ukraine assured Canada trainees won't include militia with neo-Nazi reputation.

Canada should prep for life after Iran sanctions

A final nuclear deal will present Canada with the chance to be a player in an era of renewed relations between the West and Iran.

Waterloo: the fall of a superpower

Military power doesn’t deliver the goods any more. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Amused by the Warrior King

It seems odd to divert military resources so Canadian politicians can get their photo taken looking at the enemy.

Not just bad Russians versus good Ukrainians

As much as Harper wants to dumb this whole equation down, the reality is not so simple.

Standing up to Russian aggression

What ‘aggression’? Putin is not setting out down the path of world conquest. He is not even planning to take over Ukraine.

Canadian values are Ukrainian values

Canada stands among Ukraine’s greatest friends. Why Canada? It says as much about the challenges that Ukraine faces internationally as it does about the leadership of the Canadian government.

My mom, the war hero

At 88, Irena Szpak may not look like she was a resistance fighter. But take a closer look at her eyes and you see her wise, unflinching sense of duty and profound acceptance of reality.

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