Running interference for our nuclear allies

Running interference for our nuclear allies

The contradiction between the security interests of the vast majority of states and those of the nuclear-armed states will only continue to build.

The biggest themes at this year's Halifax International Security Forum

Here are the topics that dominated discussion—and those that didn't.

Canada 'considering everything' on climate, including re-ratifying Kyoto Protocol

Environment and climate change minister says she's an 'optimistic realist,' expects solid agreement at Paris COP21.

Selected media 'thought leaders' given preferential access at high-profile Halifax forum

The Halifax International Security Forum considered some journalists 'thought leaders,' giving them extensive access, while others worked out of a 'media room,' barred from entry to parts of the forum.

To wipe out ISIS, we'll need more than bombing

If there truly was an international will to eliminate the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate, professional NATO armies could do so easily.

Step one in a new China policy: Join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Canada should not just join the AIIB to improve Canadian procurement chances. We should join because it is in our overall strategic interest.

Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Behind-the-scenes teams taking shape, though not all chiefs named.

Ottawa-based envoys seize Halifax forum's diplomacy opportunities

More than 40 Canada-based diplomats in total joined delegations to the Halifax International Security Forum.

Veterans Affairs minister getting international advice

Kent Hehr says department will reopen nine Veterans Affairs offices within a year.

NATO military chairman doesn't expect policy shift from Canada

Defence minister says focus on training, ending bombing will hit ISIS 'in a different way.'

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