The origins of war

The origins of war

What the 13,000-year-old graves of Jebel Sahaba are telling us is that civilization was not the problem—and perhaps also that we are not doomed to perpetual war.

Stand by Iraq for the sake of your own people

Iraq's ambassador to Canada calls upon the international community to help stop terrorism in his country.

‘Good luck, have the Scotch ready’: Defence Department struggled to meet planning expectations into 2013

DND spending authority for new projects was capped at $1 million until last month: Analyst.

Collateral damage or mass murder?

The US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 people aboard in 1988. Yet that incident was treated very differently than the MH17 tragedy.

American spies in Germany: The end of trust

US intelligence agencies are completely out of control, writes Gwynne Dyer.

Iraq's fate has a familiar ring in Afghanistan

Whoever seizes control of the Afghan presidency will not matter a whit anyway once the Americans withdraw their troops.

Gaza: Perpetuating the bloodbath

How many dead Palestinians will satisfy both Netanyahu’s need to look tough and Hamas’s need to rebuild popular support?

Cherry picking the facts with Ballistic Missile Defence

The Senate committee's report makes some key assertions without substantiation and ignores other relevant factors.

Gaza: Democracy versus terror

As we held our fire for six long hours, rockets from Gaza continued to rain down.

RCMP gave thumbs up to stalled plan for FBI agents in Canada

Controversial program still in limbo almost four years after ministers first agreed.

Sometimes wiser to remain a referee

Political logic dictates that attacking your own people is bad, until it becomes necessary.

One hundred years on, the Great War still has lessons for Canada

If we are to more successfully broach the 21st century’s complex suite of threats and challenges, there is very much to be done.

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