Egypt under Sisi

Egypt under Sisi

The country's president needs some excuse for destroying Egypt’s democratic revolution, and the excuse is terrorism, the bigger the better.

Arming Ukraine is a bad idea

Canada’s highest priorities should be Ukraine's corruption and economic instability, not its war effort.

Local military efforts a higher priority to Canadians than overseas missions: Pollster

Majority of Canadians surveyed said natural disasters, search and rescue, sovereignty patrols should be top military priorities.

Planning for war, but not the aftermath

While everyone focuses on militarily defeating ISIS, no one seems to be discussing what form of authority will fill the power vacuum.

The futility of war

Leaders see the invasion of another country as an easy short term policy. Canadians don't seem to understand the political manipulation underway.

FINTRAC looks to banks to monitor clients’ social media activities

Agency presentation urges financial institutions to look for suspicious activity in customers’ ‘open source’ online activity.

Government computers subject to 'millions' of 'probing attempts' daily: Fantino

Junior defence minister calls out “foreign countries or companies” as well as “criminal organizations,” “activists with political or social agendas” and “terrorists” as possible cyber threats.

No quick fixes in Ukraine

With 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadians, and hundreds of millions announced in support, Canada is invested in the resolution of this conflict. Any solution will require a combination of security, economic, social and democratic capacities.

Tone down the praise for Baird

The ex-foreign minister simplified all equations into either black hats or white hats.

We owe Angela Merkel a sincere thank you for the Ukraine peace deal

It was her clear-headed vision of the exceptional danger of a proxy war breaking out between the world’s two nuclear-weapons states that may have saved the day.

Will, not weapons, in Ukraine

Size is not as important as motivation in military conflict.

Settle for a stalemate

Does anybody think that Angela Merkel is wrong about this?

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