Turkey joins the war—sort of

Turkey joins the war—sort of

There was rejoicing in Washington, but there may be less to this change than meets the eye.

Right Sector police clash raises questions

No one got to ask Yatsenyuk about the developments in western Ukraine.

Tough jobs ahead for new Canada, US military chiefs

A look at how the two roles compare.

After the Iran nuclear deal

If you don’t like it, and you really believe that Iran is hell-bent on getting nuclear weapons, then your only remaining option is massive air strikes on Iran. Not even the Republican Party stalwarts are up for that, and Israel without American support simply couldn’t do it on its own. What’s left? Nothing but the deal.

Nigeria wants Canadian arms to fight Boko Haram

Human rights concerns have limited government aid.

Nigeria: Feds allow military exports, despite ‘abysmal’ rights record

Human rights concerns limited the government’s own military aid.

Time to review anti-ISIS strategy

It's becoming quite clear that ISIS is anything but contained.

Canadian Armed Forces air dirty laundry

Members taken to cleaners with high laundry prices in Albania.

Frightening the public: A basic tactic

The Conservatives continue to present themselves as the best protection from evildoers. Unfortunately that means more jingoism.

‘Existential threat’? Not so much

More Islamic State massacres are awful, but don't threaten the West's existence.

NATO’s Kosovo campaign a lesson for Ukraine

Short-term military solutions do not solve long-term economic problems.

Asia: Beyond trade, Canada must boost security

It should show a stronger, more consistent commitment to Asia.

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