Green MPs agree to disagree on Iraq

Green MPs agree to disagree on Iraq

Elizabeth May and Bruce Hyer say voting on the military mission against Islamic State fighters wasn't easy.

State of mass hysteria

The idea of an ISIS lunatic cutting off your head at the local mall is enough to put anyone off shopping.

Strategy first, spending second for Canadian military

Deploying to Iraq actually contradicts many of the principles in Canada's current defence strategy.

Terrorism 101: Don’t over-react

Terrorist groups always want governments to go overboard. The trick is to keep them from getting what they want.

Of terrorists and a trade deal

As Canada boosts its trade ties with Honduras, the Central American country is linking the terror of drug cartels to that of ISIS.

Why Iraq 2014 is not Iraq 2003

On both security and humanitarian grounds, military intervention is justified now in a way the 2003 invasion never was.

The silent war in Ukraine

If peace has been declared, why have so many been killed since then?

Democracy? No, just more bickering Afghan warlords

US Secretary of State John Kerry calls the leadership deal a ‘triumph of statesmanship and compromise.’ That’s one hell of a spin.

The duty and burden of all free peoples

We and our allies are acting now precisely to avoid a situation that was clearly headed to a wider, protracted and much more dangerous conflict.

Stop helping them spread terror

What upsets me is not that masked clowns threaten, but that our media would broadcast it, and pundits would then add their gravitas.

Parliament should debate defence policy, not deployments

If every deployment required the consent of Parliament the government’s daily conduct of foreign and defence policy would be frankly unworkable.

We should not arm the extreme right in Ukraine

The fascist connections to Poroshenko’s government are something that Western media have chosen to gloss over since the first clashes of the revolution.

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