Plan to house refugees on military bases so far unused

Plan to house refugees on military bases so far unused

Operation Provision ready and waiting, but hotels used for temporary housing.

Military launching diversity strategy in wake of sexual misconduct findings

New policy framework, gender advisers to be put in place by summer.

Back to Libya

There really is no clear-cut solution in Iraq and Syria, but Canada can make a difference in another failed state.

Foreign Affairs, Defence, RCMP creating 'peace operations strategy'

Report finds peacekeeping training for Canadian troops was drastically reduced over the last decade.

Burundi, the peacekeeping test case

Simply putting Canadian troops in blue helmets into a conflict zone provides no guarantee of success.

Liberals operating ad hoc cabinet committee on defence procurement

Committee chaired by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

Canada gains nothing from bombing Iraq or training Kurds

Canada has no say in the ultimate outcome and no responsibility for the current chaos.

Time to review Canada's arms export policy

Canada may be seen as a reluctant arms merchant, yet changes over the decades have allowed sales to persistent human rights violators.

Legislative lookahead: What to expect in 2016

The Trudeau government is set to tackle a range of international issues during this spring's parliamentary debates, from complex trade deals to immigration and refugees, terrorism, citizenship, border security, foreign aid and more.

Small fish in a big pond: Future of navy lies in balance of defence review

Officials must decide whether the Royal Canadian Navy will retain its ability to have even 'relative prominence' overseas.

Walking the talk on human rights in 2016

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Saving the fleet

Canada is at real risk that before the CSC-class is fully ready, our navy will be compromised.

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