Fusion power: Goodbye fossil fuels?

Fusion power: Goodbye fossil fuels?

US defence industry giant Lockheed Martin is talking about building a compact nuclear reactor with no radioactive waste, no risk of meltdown and no carbon dioxide emissions. Too good to be true, or scientific miracle?

Social media upped the fear factor in Ottawa attack

Once the smoke cleared, it became evident that Zehaf-Bibeau’s actions were nowhere near as terrifying as our imaginations made them out to be.

Responding to terrorism

After last week’s killings, Canada has changed; but how it changes is up to us.

How worried should Canadians be?

Politicians claim not to be intimidated, but the entire country appears severely wounded by an old gun and a beat-up Nissan.

Ottawa attacks weren’t terrorism

They appear to have been committed by a delusional man on his own.

Public safety and civil rights: We can and must protect both

Cuts to institutions that keep Canadians safe are troubling.

Existing laws must be fully enforced

Before moving to change laws or pass new ones, the government should explain why current Criminal Code provisions haven’t been used to their fullest extent.

The Wild West of governments in cyberspace

We need a set of global norms for responsible cyber conduct.

'Canada will never yield to terrorism'

The prime minister speaks to MPs after two Canadian Armed Forces members were killed and Parliament was attacked.

Muslim-bashing rhetoric is misguided

Our bases will be in Kuwait, an Islamic state, while our airstrikes will support largely fundamentalist Islamic forces.

The challenge for air force planners

It is not sufficient to simply identify trends and be prepared to react to them. One must think outside the box.

Canada's arms transfers to Iraq a grey area under Arms Trade Treaty

Canada hasn't signed the treaty, which is slated to come into force for signatories this year.

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