How are we not bombing in support of Assad and Iran?

How are we not bombing in support of Assad and Iran?

Political leaders don’t seem to understand the conflict.

Fear and loathing in the Middle East

Foreign fighters for the Islamic State bear some resemblance to the Spanish Civil War fighters of the 1930s.

A time of remembrance, and forgetting

What elements previously associated with Canadian global engagement might have been lost or forgotten?

Canada moves to expand prohibited firearms exports

Consultations on Israel, UAE part of growing trend to boost export opportunities for Canadian gunmakers.

Israel, UAE the latest candidates for Canadian weapons exports

Foreign Affairs launches consultations to add Mideast allies to growing list of firearms export markets.

There’s no new Cold War

Russia is not the Soviet Union. It occasionally grabs a bit of territory that isn’t covered by a NATO guarantee, but it dares not go any further.

Without admitting failure, we’re doomed to repeat it

Airstrikes alone didn’t work in Libya. Yet, the same strategy is unfurling in Iraq.

Risky to compare IS leader to Hitler, Stalin

The West should be open to working with ideological competitors such as Iran.

Our generation-defining struggle is not against the Islamic State

While fighting terrorists is necessary, it won’t do much to solve problems of employment and opportunity.

Airstrikes in Iraq won’t be enough

With no US ground troops, no bribe money for tribal leaders and the Iraqi army virtually dissolved, why does anyone believe an air campaign alone will achieve success?

Fusion power: Goodbye fossil fuels?

US defence industry giant Lockheed Martin is talking about building a compact nuclear reactor with no radioactive waste, no risk of meltdown and no carbon dioxide emissions. Too good to be true, or scientific miracle?

'Canada will never yield to terrorism'

The prime minister speaks to MPs after two Canadian Armed Forces members were killed and Parliament was attacked.

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