Canada challenges utility of nuclear weapons ban

Canada challenges utility of nuclear weapons ban

An official statement argues that 'a treaty banning nuclear weapons, without the endorsement of the main stakeholders, risks undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.'

In Iraq, a slightly different picture

While the mission may have evolved, what is the point of holding weekly technical briefings if not to keep Canadians apprised of such evolution?

With friends like these, the fight in Syria, Iraq is messy

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia and the US each have their own, different, reasons for getting involved.

Middling grades on ministerial report cards

Baird tops the pack, with Nicholson trailing.

The humanitarian impact on the nuclear weapons treaty

The five nuclear weapon states have been less than enthusiastic about the humanitarian initiative.

Startled by an ant

Why is it that, more than 13 years after the 9/11 attacks, we seem more frightened now by far smaller threats?

Saudi arms deal makes mockery of Canadian values

The Harper government has generally been shockingly silent over the manifold Saudi misdeeds.

Look further afield for Canadian policing lessons

A new report includes both instructive content and significant shortfalls. The authors should have looked more to what the UN and other international groups are doing on security-sector reform.

I do not believe in mocking people’s religions

Freedom of speech is not about reckless provocation; it is about preventing government totalitarianism through media scrutiny and exposure.

The strategy behind the Paris attacks

They are not the Crusades. Neither was 9/11. These are wicked and tragic events, but not a ‘war of civilizations.’

Ukraine, Iraq promise more violence and volatility in 2015

Neither Ukraine's massive debt nor Iraq's factional divisions will be easily resolved, but both need to be tackled.

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