Only fools rush in

Only fools rush in

The former Soviet region has deeply rooted historical ethnic, cultural and religious divisions.

Canada knew nuclear deal with China could be seen as ‘weak’: Docs

Briefing notes say even though safeguards changed, non-proliferation policy would still be achieved.

Ukraine: How to avoid a war

Is this crisis heading for a resolution or an explosion? It depends whether Putin thinks the annexation of Crimea is enough compensation for the humiliation he suffered when Yanukovych was overthrown.

EU, NATO should step up Ukrainian support

Offering prospective membership in these clubs could buoy democratic forces in Ukraine.

Libya faces partition

As oil exports slump, the story of the Morning Glory tanker shows the country’s regional rifts.

Sashko Billy and Harper’s mourning

The idea that the Ukrainian government could gun down former allies who have become an embarrassment is not exactly a good example.

Did Baird try to hide a gun lobbyist?

Minister’s office instructed that Steve Torino be in delegation, but his group’s name was left out.

West’s outrage over Crimean annexation smacks of hypocrisy

That and support for Kosovo’s independence just don't add up.

Venezuela’s violence hits home for embassy staff

Former coworker shot dead during unrest.

The quiet parade of Chinese military brass to Canada

New document reveals handful of top officials making the trip since 2008.

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