Ghanaian envoy’s Canadian ties run deep

Ghanaian envoy’s Canadian ties run deep

It all started with two high school teachers in the 1970s.

Alligators in the swamp

Will Canada play its part in achieving the important goal of ending hunger?

Delays still plaguing internship program

Funds still not administered for International Youth Internship Program; recommended proposals sat on minister's desk for months before announcement.

MDGs to SDGs: Most vulnerable children at risk with new global goals

Canada’s influence critical to ensuring they are not forgotten.

Pope Francis and the federal election

His encyclical is not only spiritual, but a profoundly influential political document.

The walking dead

The fifth and most recent mass extinction was caused by a giant asteroid. The cause of the sixth extinction is a single species: us.

DFATD broke rules, left years of audits unpublished

Department to post them by month's end, it says.

Aid strategy should involve immigrant communities

They understand the culture, bureaucracies; speak the language.

Foreign Affairs broke rules by leaving years of audit reports unpublished

Department admits fault, expects to post them by end of month.

How Canada can regain its prestige as a foreign aid leader

Impact investing links public, private money for the public good.

Shoppers want to stop fuelling child labour—and a law would help

The UK and California passed laws requiring businesses to publicly report on their efforts to address human rights and child labour in their supply chains. Canada could do the same.

Angela Merkel's G7, tired and aimless leadership

Ms. Merkel as chair tried, but largely failed, to get her colleagues to focus on the cycle of key global events where real leadership is essential.

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