Mining, oil and gas ‘not on same page’ on transparency bill

Mining, oil and gas ânot on same pageâ on transparency bill

Sectors split over project-level reporting of payouts.

Men with guns

When I saw the muzzle of a soldier’s rifle pointed in the direction of a little boy playing on the street in the capital of Honduras, a shiver ran up my spine despite the 27-degree heat.

Hunger is more than just kids with swollen bellies

Hidden hunger may not be as striking—but it can be just as deadly.

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

It is a sad truth that many smallholder farmers in poor countries today struggle to feed themselves while also supplying local markets.

What elections in Bolivia and Brazil tell us

While their left-leaning governments have lifted many out of poverty, don’t hail the arrival of a new and better economic growth model just yet.

Adapt or die: The new NGO funding reality

The North-South Institute closed after 38 years because it couldn’t scrape together enough non-federal cash. For many others, that struggle continues.

Targeting neglected tropical diseases key to Canada’s development priorities

These diseases touch the same target population that Canada aims to reach through its maternal and child health agenda.

Our problems are global and require global governance

We can take actions at home that improve lives, but ultimately we will have to find new ways to ensure globalization works for all.

Celebrating UN Day of the Girl with a chicken leg

Growing up in India, I distinctly remember that men were served food first. I learnt early on: chicken was cooked on special events; chicken wasn’t cheap; women were.

Ebola's exponential climb

Developed countries see the limited help they are sending to West Africa as charity rather than a vital self-interest. But they may be wrong.

Canada can do more to fight Ebola

This is the largest Ebola outbreak in 40 years. Canada's overall contribution so far of $35 million needs to be increased.

Merger creating human resources headaches at Foreign Affairs

One proposal suggests merging five job categories into one, which could affect salaries, union make-up.

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