Trade and human rights: not an either-or proposition

Trade and human rights: not an either-or proposition

Through aid and trade, Canada stands to help Honduras tackle its many challenges.

Disasters and dividends: An Asia-Pacific strategy for Canada

Canada must define a new strategy to help with regional security.

Re-focusing Canadian aid: Much ado about nothing

Debating whether Burma or Burkina Faso should be on the list detracts from the real issues: Aid fragmentation and effectiveness.

Brave new world: Election monitoring in the digital age

Reflections on Canada’s 2014 Ukraine experience.

Decarbonization, growth both possible in Canada: UN report

Emissions in Canada would need to drop nearly 90 per cent from 2010 levels by 2050.

Humanitarian aid system needs aid itself

New report details recurring problems such as response gaps in areas hardest to reach.

Aid priorities shift unsurprising, say observers

Minister drops Pakistan, Sudan, Bolivia; adds trade interests like Mongolia, Myanmar.

Expanded aid priority-country list overlaps trade interests

Conservatives drop Pakistan, Sudan, Bolivia from aid priorities; add eight others including Mongolia, Myanmar.

How Canada can help Afghanistan through its difficult next decade

Security, economic concerns await the country’s new leader, says Canadian analyst in Kabul.

Ending violence against women and girls—in times of conflict and peace

When John Baird sits at a summit on the subject this week, he should push for concrete action to tackle the root causes of sexual violence in conflict.

How Canada can help kids in Central African Republic

The UN agency for children says violence has sunk to new depths of depravity.

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