‘It’s very difficult to be a woman in India’

âItâs very difficult to be a woman in Indiaâ

Women who married as children tell how it has disrupted their lives. But they’re optimistic that with social norms changing, life will be better for their daughters.

Will India’s triumph mark the beginning of the end of polio?

As we have seen with measles in many parts of Canada, vaccine-preventable diseases are only a plane-ride away. We must stay vigilant.

Budget 2012 saw over 300 CIDA positions cut: Docs

Middle East, Africa program managers, environment specialists hit; 84 positions were vacant, but over 100 left voluntarily.

Aid groups relieved youth internship program saved

Program had been under review for months.

Climate change: Documenting the blindingly obvious

The real message of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report is that the main impact is on the food supply.

Nigeria: Is 100 years enough?

You might say that Nigeria survives because it is dysfunctional.

Do the kids wave?

When a company is looking to mine in a foreign land, relations with locals can get tense. Sometimes noticing the little things will help smooth the way.

South Sudan: The long road of nation building

For South Sudan to develop into an independent country, we need to patiently invest in its children.

Good first step to shine light on mining, oil, gas—now jump farther

Central database, lower threshold for juniors, stronger CSR strategy needed.

Save—don't shutter—international youth internship program

Paradis should put rumours to rest and maintain funding.

We need more than words to end violence against women

It takes money and movements. An end to violence against women and girls means a co-ordinated and well-supported global and national effort.

Closing the gender gap

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is: equality for women is progress for all. Really? Doesn’t it boggle the mind in 2014 that this needs to be reiterated?

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