Cheer up: A list of events to anticipate in 2015

Cheer up: A list of events to anticipate in 2015

There’s no guarantee that 2015 will bring us peace and happiness, but there are scheduled events that have the capacity for moving the world’s human security agenda forward.

Nigel Fisher the humanitarian—and his brush with Hollywood

The global public servant and Canadian was in Ottawa last week to receive an award from the GG.

Canada should help feed Sierra Leone

Under the scourge of Ebola, the country faces a shortage of rice, a staple food.

Water and sanitation: Slow progress, not enough funding

Too much money is being invested in finding or making clean water, and not enough in containing the waste that contaminates it.

Military harm to civilians in Iraq ‘concerning,’ UN humanitarian chief says

Valerie Amos, who is set to leave her post in March, says countries like Canada can use their weight to push for greater accountability from countries to follow humanitarian law.

A signature failure

The most recent report confirms that the overall impact of Canada’s Dahla Dam-related work is hard to measure.

Kudos for including local procurement in extractives CSR policy

Buying local creates jobs and income, transfers skills and technology to host communities and helps to build domestic business networks.

Ebola crisis should be a wake-up call for aid community

Despite the dedication of several players, some emergencies continue to push us well beyond our ability to respond effectively.

The power of 1.8 billion

Never before has there been such a large population of young people in the world.

No clear process for deciding crisis aid contributions: AG

Auditor general's report notes a lack of ‘key calculations and rationale’ in how DFATD decides how much to give during humanitarian crises abroad.

A powerful tool for the world’s least powerful people

Canada should ratify the Third Optional Protocol to help enforce child rights internationally.

A time of remembrance, and forgetting

What elements previously associated with Canadian global engagement might have been lost or forgotten?

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