Africa’s economic development depends on improved nutrition

Africaâs economic development depends on improved nutrition

The deficits created by childhood malnutrition can permanently suppress a person's long-term earnings potential.

Canada flirts with starting development finance institution

Meant to give private sector a nudge to invest in developing countries they would otherwise deem too risky.

Canada-Vietnam series: Hydro’s power

A Canadian non-profit and the Canadian-supported Asian Development Bank helped soften the blow of villagers in Vietnam who were forcefully relocated to make way for a dam.

Part of the inequality problem

In Canada, the top 10 per cent of the population holds more wealth than the rest of the population combined.

2015: Setting a new global development agenda

Countries will spend the next nine months hashing out a successor to the Millennium Development Goals.

New hope for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Surprise election results offer a chance for change.

Baird ordered foreign aid cut be labelled ‘surplus’

Foreign minister's office blames diplomats for making bad calls; opposition calls move a ‘parlour trick.’

Keep poverty alleviation on the radar

Election fever is creeping up. Through the avalanche of political ads and messages, will the voice of the world’s poor be heard at all?

Cheer up: A list of events to anticipate in 2015

There’s no guarantee that 2015 will bring us peace and happiness, but there are scheduled events that have the capacity for moving the world’s human security agenda forward.

Nigel Fisher the humanitarian—and his brush with Hollywood

The global public servant and Canadian was in Ottawa last week to receive an award from the GG.

Canada should help feed Sierra Leone

Under the scourge of Ebola, the country faces a shortage of rice, a staple food.

Water and sanitation: Slow progress, not enough funding

Too much money is being invested in finding or making clean water, and not enough in containing the waste that contaminates it.

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