Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Behind-the-scenes teams taking shape, though not all chiefs named.

2016 World Humanitarian Summit: A stepping stone for Trudeau

He should show its importance by establishing cabinet committee to prepare.

Leverage the private sector to save more lives during emergencies

The next steps to enhancing cross-sector collaboration requires a dialogue on Canada’s role during humanitarian disasters as well as a set of tools and training initiatives.

Public servants’ cheering, jeering at press conference crossed line, say observers

Some chalk it up to an understandable reaction to a new government.

DFATD gets a new name: Global Affairs Canada

Name change comes two years after last one for the foreign ministry.

The new faces of Canadian foreign policy

Justin Trudeau unveiled a diverse cabinet Wednesday. Here's the new cohort of ministers who will have a hand in Canadian foreign policy.

An open letter to the new minister of international development

Beyond civil society, we look forward to engaging with you and your department on a positive and renewed role for Canada.

'We need Canada': South Sudan envoy optimistic about Liberal government

Ambassador to US, newly accredited to Canada, says he has 'big hope' for peace.

Paradis’s parting shot

Minister tired of constant focus on foreign aid targets.

The challenges Canada's new development minister will face

Development co-operation is an inherently risky game, and the new minister should be told that being bold is essential.

Making the leap, starting with our dinner plate

If we want to do things differently to secure the future we can start with our food.

Canadian political leaders need to commit today to more and better aid

By making smart decisions and exploring innovative, novel solutions, we can still afford to be there.

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