Feds won’t change Harper-era mining ethics office

Feds won’t change Harper-era mining ethics office

Liberals promised to add ombudsman’s office for mining sector during election campaign.

Zika mania in perspective

This recent mutation in the Zika virus is not part of the endless seesaw battle between viruses and human immune systems. It is just a random event.

Ensuring children’s fundamental human rights

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has taken an important step to right an historic injustice.

To maximize visibility, Canada needs clear targets for aid

Apparent increases to our ODA are not necessarily tied to programs in developing countries—and this reality is not likely to change in coming years.

The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Both Trump and Saunders are too radical for at least a third of American voters. That would leave the middle ground: Enter Bloomberg.

Legislative lookahead: What to expect in 2016

The Trudeau government is set to tackle a range of international issues during this spring's parliamentary debates, from complex trade deals to immigration and refugees, terrorism, citizenship, border security, foreign aid and more.

Walking the talk on human rights in 2016

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Chief of aid donor group urges funding boost

OECD-DAC chair and ex-Sri Lanka peace negotiator also talks renewed bilateral ties.

Community, migration issues on Salvadoran diplomat’s docket

He shifted to diplomacy after years of aid work.

Tragic photo spurred millions in Canadian donations to refugee crisis relief

NGOs that received spike of donations after Alan Kurdi photo have struggled to raise as much money for the refugee crisis as for natural disaster relief efforts.

Can Canada create a lighthouse effect for women and girls?

Strong women and strong girls will transform their families, communities, and countries―and this is the kind of light that will change the world.

This year's highs and lows

Refugees, TPP, C-51, climate change, John Baird, the Victims of Communism Memorial, the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

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