Canada’s opportunity to lead: Resolve mining issues abroad

Canada’s opportunity to lead: Resolve mining issues abroad

The perception of antagonism between civil society groups and the government does nothing to help solve problems. They must work together with the private sector.

Canada pulls funding for Palestinian NGO after founder criticizes Baird

Foreign Affairs pins blame for project's termination on founder's refusal 'to acknowledge Canada’s contribution to the project.'

2015: A fork in the road for Canada on foreign aid

Bill Gates’ visit this week is a reminder of the importance of this year. Leadership is vital in determining Canada’s future role in global development.

Merger has DFATD staff set to move Gatineau, Ottawa offices

Some employees concerned about home-life effects of shuffle of corporate services to Gatineau and programming to Ottawa.

Partnering with the private sector for humanitarian response

The needs of vulnerable populations surviving a catastrophe must be the driver of any partnership between an NGO and a corporate entity.

Eating for a sustainable future

Not eating enough food results in 800 million people globally facing hunger. But eating too much and the wrong kind of foods has driven more than twice as many people to be overweight or obese.

Myanmar could use a dose of Canada as it pursues political reforms

Canada has much to offer in terms of federalism, decentralization and multiculturalism.

Golberg takes ADM spot working with Canadian aid groups

She replaces Paul Samson, who left for Finance Canada.

Vacancies leave IDRC board unable to meet for third time in as many years

Former insiders say development research centre hasn’t had the ministerial attention it deserves.

In 2015, Canadians can do better on the global scene

It promises to be a landmark year for climate change, women's rights and aid. Oh, and in case you didn't notice there's an election coming in Canada too.

The charity that never was

What’s happened to the charitable status of Dying With Dignity Canada would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging.

Canada-Vietnam series: The wounds of war

Canada has had success with postwar development in Vietnam, but human rights issues remain an 'active' concern.

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