A powerful tool for the world’s least powerful people

A powerful tool for the world’s least powerful people

Canada should ratify the Third Optional Protocol to help enforce child rights internationally.

A time of remembrance, and forgetting

What elements previously associated with Canadian global engagement might have been lost or forgotten?

Feds take industry advice on social responsibility policy

Controversial CSR counsellor job stays, with some tinkering.

New extractive-sector CSR strategy set for release Friday

NGOs, industry both want at least part of dispute-resolution process to go from voluntary to mandatory.

Q&A: 'Police are the public, and the public are the police'

Author Terry Gould chronicles the little-known work of Canadian civilian-police trainers in troubled countries.

West Africa needs science, not politics

The government is following a 16th-century approach to infectious disease.

When women thrive, we all benefit

We believe that women’s rights must be an election issue, and we are calling on all federal parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, in Canada and abroad.

Our generation-defining struggle is not against the Islamic State

While fighting terrorists is necessary, it won’t do much to solve problems of employment and opportunity.

Farming, families and the future

What tools are needed for family farms to survive?

‘Cracks in the policy:’ Human rights commission probes Canada on mining

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asks Canada to account for cases that fall through the cracks.

Mining, oil and gas ‘not on same page’ on transparency bill

Sectors split over project-level reporting of payouts.

Men with guns

When I saw the muzzle of a soldier’s rifle pointed in the direction of a little boy playing on the street in the capital of Honduras, a shiver ran up my spine despite the 27-degree heat.

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