Why Pakistan should stay a Canadian aid priority

Why Pakistan should stay a Canadian aid priority

Canada seeks greater equality for women and to lower the number of child and forced marriages. Yet scrapping Pakistan as a focus country is a step in the wrong direction.

Canada should do more to help Iraq

Support refugees, impose sanctions and flex diplomatic muscles on Iraq's neighbours.

'Stick to the knitting': Charities face similar scrutiny in UK, Canada

‘Civil society organizations are not there just to run soup kitchens,’ argues former UK charity regulator.

We must do more to prevent wars from degenerating into barbarism

150 years ago, the first Geneva Convention enshrined the idea in international law that even during war, a certain degree of humanity must be preserved. That’s easier said than done.

Developing new medicines takes time

It takes more than a decade of research, development and testing to bring a new medication to market. With treatments and vaccines for Ebola, we are close, but still not there yet.

Foreign aid NGOs optimistic for funding fix

Aid group chief says ‘tacit agreement’ reached with feds for new methods of funding.

PEN Canada, the little charity that could—speak out

NGO's headlines across Canada is a good news story about some bad news.

Quebec, 2015 election cited as key to feds’ warming to aid groups

After years of chilly ties, minister’s door is open, say foreign aid reps.

Trade and human rights: not an either-or proposition

Through aid and trade, Canada stands to help Honduras tackle its many challenges.

Disasters and dividends: An Asia-Pacific strategy for Canada

Canada must define a new strategy to help with regional security.

Re-focusing Canadian aid: Much ado about nothing

Debating whether Burma or Burkina Faso should be on the list detracts from the real issues: Aid fragmentation and effectiveness.

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July 23, 2014