Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Join on the right terms

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Join on the right terms

Decision-making talk should be held mostly between banking lawyers, not politicians.

Canada should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Despite US objections, there seems little reason for Canada to hold back in signing on to the Chinese-led development bank.

Is Canada still leading on global food security?

Investing in small-scale agriculture has spin-off benefits for family health, the environment and the economy.

Syrian aid money approved without due diligence, docs show

$2 million earmarked for Canadian Relief for Syria in 2012 later reversed.

Protecting animals protects people

Animals are one of the most important productive assets for poor rural households. The loss of animals during a disaster can mean hunger, malnutrition and unemployment.

Good soil: Key to the future of sustainable food

Fertile soil is far from dirt cheap.

Burmese women's rights activists wary of Canadian mining investment

Some civil society reps worried about implications of DFATD scoping mission last fall.

Canada needs 'zero tolerance' for sexual violence: Red Cross official

UN committee finds Canada committed 'grave violation of rights' under international convention; Canada disagrees.

Canada’s opportunity to lead: Resolve mining issues abroad

The perception of antagonism between civil society groups and the government does nothing to help solve problems. They must work together with the private sector.

2015: A fork in the road for Canada on foreign aid

Bill Gates’ visit this week is a reminder of the importance of this year. Leadership is vital in determining Canada’s future role in global development.

Merger has DFATD staff set to move Gatineau, Ottawa offices

Some employees concerned about home-life effects of shuffle of corporate services to Gatineau and programming to Ottawa.

Canada pulls funding for Palestinian NGO after founder criticizes Baird

Foreign Affairs pins blame for project's termination on founder's refusal 'to acknowledge Canada’s contribution to the project.'

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