The time is now: Building the Canadian-Dutch education partnership

The time is now: Building the Canadian-Dutch education partnership

Investment today will provide youth with the skills to tackle the problems of the 21st century.

New development goals require new approaches, language

The public sector cannot finance the goals alone, it needs private sector buy-in.

Charities pledge to cap Google advertising costs

They say it’s too costly for top ad spots for in-demand keywords.

Results announced for international internship programs

After 10-month wait, 27 projects managed by 22 Canadian NGOs were approved as part of youth internship programs this week.

China's quarter-century

Most East Asian economies have followed the same pattern: a lengthy burst of speedy growth, followed by a fall to the developed-state norm.

Agriculture confronts climate disruption

Farming is both part of the problem and solution. So what should Canadians do?

Nepal earthquake: Envoy urges Canada to consider permanent mission to Kathmandu

More than 6,000 confirmed dead, 14,000 injured, according to DFATD.

Mixed reviews for new private sector development fund

Critics say they've heard this tune before, in the form of the former CIDA INC program.

Development actors needed at humanitarian table

Development actors have not necessarily integrated displaced persons into their programs.

Budget brings new development finance institution

Critics have tentatively embraced the idea but said the institution should focus on poverty alleviation.

Budget 2015: We can’t afford growing inequality

Too little Canadian funding has been going to reproductive health care and family planning.

Barrick exec with Tory ties appointed to IDRC board

Appointments, including Barrick Gold’s vice president of government affairs, allow board to meet after months of being unable to do so.

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