Ten million children in Yemen paying the price for an adult’s war

Yemen was already a fragile state. This conflict, one year on, is deepening poverty and deprivation.

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Drought tightens the screws on Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable

Neither crops nor children are growing up healthy.

'Huge irony' in male-dominated study of women, peace and security, says MP

Foreign affairs committee will review controversial countries of focus for Canadian aid dollars this spring.

Let them eat cash

Instead of providing food, more and more aid agencies give people money.

A changing Asia, especially for women

Women are the driving force of change in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Liberals use budget to begin promised overhaul of Canada’s global posture

First Liberal budget a bit of a scattergun exercise.

Cut out third parties, give aid directly to recipients: Ethiopian diplomat

He also calls for more Canadian involvement in anti-terrorism fight.

Canada sending team of ministers to UN status of women meetings

Multilateral commitments expand as first UN review of Canada under Trudeau government concludes.

Liberals 'analyzing' recommendations from international election monitors

Government shares concerns about Fair Elections Act measures.

Editing mosquitoes out of existence

Human beings have wiped out entire species in the past, but we never actually intended to before.

My dinner with the PM and Ban Ki-moon

It was with a certain wonder that I mused ‘Why am I here?’ The answer: This government is taking a very different approach.

Liberals release details of Harper-era budget cuts

They shed more light on nearly $2 billion in cuts from 2012.

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