Greece loses, EU wins

Greece loses, EU wins

When the bailout extension deal was made public last month, Greece’s PM put the best possible face on it, saying that Greece had ‘won a battle, but not the war.’ In fact he lost the first battle, and will probably lose the war too.

Egypt under Sisi

The country's president needs some excuse for destroying Egypt’s democratic revolution, and the excuse is terrorism, the bigger the better.

Wine in India has potential, but hurdles to cross

The market is growing, but imported bottles are taxed so heavily that only the rich can afford them.

Hungary’s Viktator

The country's leader has declared the Western democratic model dead and looks to authoritarian regimes.

Bill declares that the wrong side won the Vietnam War

Bill S-219 marginalizes hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese-Canadians. This is not what we came to Canada for.

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November 26, 2014