Putin’s Russia is not Hitler’s Germany, but—

Putinâs Russia is not Hitlerâs Germany, butâ

There are some similarities between the two.

Canada’s courtship of Vietnam masks a polarized diaspora

One side wants Ottawa's focus on anti-communism, while the other says there’s a generational divide in attitudes towards Hanoi.

The hostage dilemma

In the shadows there is an array of examples of governments who do pay to have their citizens released—or at least facilitate the payment of ransom by intermediaries.

2014: By the numbers

A tally of the year that was in trips, bills, trade deals and more.

Celebrate Canadian bubbly

Why look further afield for sparkling wines this holiday season?

Goodbye Ottawa, hello Algiers

The dean of the Arab ambassadors heads home after almost a decade in Canada.

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November 26, 2014