Calling a snap election in Japan is Abe’s gamble

Calling a snap election in Japan is Abe’s gamble

It’ll be smooth sailing for him if he can keep electors focused on the economy—just not nuclear power or constitutional changes.

Caspian games

Putin has been trying for years to get a Russian veto on Central Asian pipelines across the Caspian. He’s nearly there.

European cinema awakens a sleepy city

EU film fest launched Nov. 12 with Italian movie A Special Day.

China more likely to keep climate promise than US

Obama will be gone in two years and can’t bind his successors to keep his promise.

Taiwan looks to Canada for support for TPP seat

TPP members expected to finish deal with existing membership before considering newcomers.

Argentina's ambassador and a history with human rights

Five new heads of mission present credentials, US and Chinese embassies see staffing changes.

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