Michaëlle Jean a front-runner to lead Francophonie

Michaëlle Jean a front-runner to lead Francophonie

The former governor general could come out on top if there's no African consensus candidate, say observers.

Praying for a party of no

Republicans will control key Senate committees, leadership of which allows for extraordinary influence in the shaping of American policy.

Why going to war in Syria is a bad idea

Canada shouldn't follow the US in bombing the Islamic State in Syria and arming the 'moderates.'

The power of 1.8 billion

Never before has there been such a large population of young people in the world.

New Zealand wines: Sauvignon blanc and more

The head of the Canada-New Zealand parliamentary friendship group hasn’t tried any, but he expects the NZ high commission might try to change that.

Dressing to the nines for a good cause

DFATD employees got fancy on Nov. 21 to raise money for the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign.

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