The search for stability in Eastern Europe: Policy options for Canada

Canada should become far more engaged than it has in seeking a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

Why the EU-Turkey migrant deal will blow up in everybody’s face

'It will require physical force to get some of them on the planes or boats that will take them back – enough force that there will be real casualties.'

Responsible conviction, explained

'Of course, we would like it if the world were made up of nothing but exemplary democracies. But our world is highly imperfect, and to improve it we must engage in it with our eyes open, not withdraw from it.'

How many more must die in Honduras?

Environmentalists’ deaths should be wake-up call to investor countries like Canada.

Can Canadian diplomatic leadership be restored?

An answer in five uneasy pieces, for the poetry of international relations and the plumbing of diplomacy.

Canadians overseas need help

The government can pick and choose which Canadians it will and won’t help. That should change.

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