Harper's Silence on Middle East Politically Calculated, Experts Say

Two years after describing Israel's bombing of Lebanon "measured," the prime minister is nowhere to be seen as another conflict rages.

Canadian Ministers Get Cold Shoulder in Washington

Between financial and auto bail-out fever and the intense interest in Obama cabinet appointments, it was not altogether surprising that the first forays of senior Canadian officials to "transitional" Washington were duds.

Cannon's Misinformed Response to Guantanamo

An ancient axiom suggests that once you find yourself in a hole you put down your shovel and start looking for a ladder.

Anti-Oil Sands Fighter Waxman Takes U.S. Energy Committee Chair

An ardent environmentalist with a history of sourness towards Canada's oil sands has been elected chair of the U.S.

Thin Times Ahead for Foreign Affairs

Government signals cuts, as labour negotiators get tough with PAFSO

Water Export Ban Law will not Tackle NAFTA: Prentice

The government's plan to introduce legislation banning bulk water exports has been met with cautious applause but also a flurry of questions from both sides of the debate on the true benefits of such a law.

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