Kent's Americas Appointment Sends Signal to Hemisphere

The prime minister sent an encouraging signal to the countries of the Western Hemisphere by creating a junior Cabinet post dedicated to executing the government's Americas strategy.

NATO Could Have Checked Georgia, Ukrainian Official Says

Ukraine's deputy minister of foreign affairs says NATO could have prevented Russia's recent invasion of Georgia had the military alliance moved quicker to bring the small Caucasian state into the fold.

Right to Food is a 'Moral Obligation'

The past year saw food prices skyrocket around the world, sparking political instability, starvation and other major problems.

Canada Likely Low on New President's To-Do List

WASHINGTON—Experts here predict the election of Barack Obama to the presidency will bring sweeping changes to American foreign policy, but for now, at least, Canada remains fairly low on the priority list.

Iran Nuclear Program Past Focus of Israeli Envoy

She helped break down the gender barriers in Israel's foreign service three decades ago, and now Miriam Ziv is again charting new waters as her country's first-ever female ambassador to Canada.

Barack Obama, Democratic Party Take Control of U.S. Political Scene. The Question for Canada: Now What?

With Barack Obama's presidential election victory on Tuesday night, the stage is set for a major overhaul of existing American foreign policies.

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