Economy Takes Wind Out of Francophonie Climate Talks

QUEBEC—Climate change was all but struck from the Francophonie summit agenda this past weekend as talk of the global financial crisis trumped other priorities.

Sarkozy Separatism Remarks Raise Ire

Sovereigntist reaction ranges from near-indifference to consternation.

So Many Foreign Ministers, So Little Time

Pierre Pettigrew says if there's one portfolio that requires a constant ministerial presence, it's foreign affairs.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program Top Priority for New Envoy

Canada's temporary foreign worker program has worked so well for Guatemalans who come up for seasonal work that the country's new ambassador, Georges de La Roche, says promoting it is his top priority.

New Trade Minister with Fortier Loss

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday his Cabinet will only include elected parliamentarians, which means the former senator is all but out.

International Critics Emerge Largely Untouched

Shuffles are expected, while Afghanistan is set to re-emerge as the top international issue of the next parliamentary session.

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