Guergis's Georgia Trip Misses Disputed Areas, Sparks Criticism

Nearly three weeks to the day after Georgia initiated a violent and polarizing conflict with Russia, Canada's government sent Secretary of State Helena Guergis to the region as a show of support to Russia's nervous neighbours.

Arctic Policy Panned

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is at it again, up there.

Chandigarh Consul Denied Visas to Family of Indian Man Presumed Killed in Toronto Propane Explosion

The family of an Indian man who is missing and presumed dead following this month's massive propane explosion in Toronto has been granted visas to come to Canada following a prolonged battle with the Canadian consulate in Chandigarh, India.

Georgian Conflict Reveals NATO Divides

In response to Russian incursions into Georgia, NATO foreign ministers rushed to Brussels last week for an emergency meeting where they collectively called on Russia to immediately pull its troops out of Georgia and indicated relations with it were far from normal.

Russian Envoy Invokes Responsibility to Protect Over Georgia

At the same time, Ambassador Georgiy Mamedov downplays apparent upheavals in his country's relationship with Canada.

Emerson, PMO Met Nuclear Reps Before India Vote: Database

A week before Canada supported an International Atomic Energy Association deal required for a controversial U.S.-India nuclear co-operation agreement to proceed, representatives from Canada's nuclear industry met with Foreign Affairs Minister David Emerson and a policy advisor from the Prime Minister's Office, according to a new lobbying database.

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