Russians in Syria: mission (actually) accomplished

An elegant diplomatic operation backed by a precise and effective military strategy.

Q&A with UN High Commissioner for Refugees: ‘Very irresponsible’ to blame migrants in Europe for terror attacks

‘The world is moving in Canada’s direction,’ says Filippo Grandi. He calls for an end to detaining asylum-seekers at the Canadian border, a return to funding the Junior Professional Officer program and, at the international level, a possible redesign of the UN Security Council.

Browder calls on Liberals to pass Magnitsky law

Sanctions would be ‘counterproductive,' says Russian Embassy.

Exterminator braved fire for Canadian mission in Nigeria

There were three fires in two years at now-vacated official residence in Abuja.

'Not that redneck': MPs react to Donald Trump

Parliamentarians with ridings along the Canada-US border dish on The Donald and other presidential frontrunners.

Cut out third parties, give aid directly to recipients: Ethiopian diplomat

He also calls for more Canadian involvement in anti-terrorism fight.

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