Liberals continue Conservative quest for North Pole

Third multi-million-dollar data-gathering mission to go ahead this summer, says Global Affairs Canada.

It’s Round 2 of Canada for Peruvian ambassador

She’s got a lot on her plate, from trade and development to the environment.

North Korea's Canadian window

Canada’s initial diplomatic role should be to co-ordinate a package of aid and loans and convey the contents of that potential assistance to North Korea.

Canada to pursue UN security council seat

Prime minister commits Canada to more peace operations support, deployment of more female peacekeepers.

Egypt's triumph and tragedy

Despite the disaster in Syria, we would still count the Arab Spring as a success if the Egyptian revolution had survived.

Mission creep in Nigeria: Canada worried rescuing schoolgirls could result in Boko Haram war

DND says Canada never sent special forces to Nigeria in 2014, despite media reports.

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