Back to Parliament: Calendar of events

No dates yet for this year's budget, election, or two important head-of-state meetings. But carry on.

Back to Parliament: Legislation

Bills to watch this winter.

Back to Parliament: Committees

A look at what's in store for parliamentary committees this sitting.

Middling grades on ministerial report cards

Baird tops the pack, with Nicholson trailing.

Canada’s National Arts Centre

The ideal downtown venue for special events and National Day Celebrations.Centrally located with panoramic views of Parliament and the historic Rideau Canal. 613-232-5713 Lisa.levia@nac-cna.ca

The Approachables

Your guide to whom to know and where to go in Canada’s foreign affairs scene.

Join the club

Canada offers a variety of groups for foreign and Canadian-born diplomats and their families.

How to navigate political Ottawa

Be judicious about contacting PMO, get involved in networking groups.

The powerhouse spouse

Spouses don’t necessarily sign up for the diplomatic life, but Florence Saint-Léger Liautaud embraces it.

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