Committees pick up where they left off

Committees pick up where they left off

Your cheat sheet on their agendas.

Hot topics in the House this winter

Trade, pipelines top of mind as the government wants to be seen as steady hand on the economic tiller.

Events to watch this sitting

Mark your calendar with these newsworthy gatherings taking place in the coming months in Canada and abroad.

Bills, bills, bills

A look at where foreign policy-related legislation stands.

The path of promises to 2015

Embassy’s crystal-ball look at the Oct. 16 throne speech and coming government priorities.

Insightful international reads of 2013

Embassy’s annual reading list of the year’s most notable Canadian foreign policy books.

The insiders’ party-planning playbook

What you need to know to make your event go smoothly, from A to Z.

Hot spots for a cool party

Big or small, classic or unconventional, these are a selection of Ottawa’s best venues for your diplomatic do.

Sponsors shell out for embassy events

Big names like Enbridge, BMO fund everything from cowboy hats to air hockey. They say they gain brand recognition, government relations boost.

China, Taiwan, US win big in 7th annual survey

Departing American ambassador wins the ‘connection trifecta,’ for his links to Canadian government, business, and media.

The top 80 influencing Canadian foreign policy

Insiders and observers weigh in on which hot shots in defence, development, diplomacy, immigration, and trade make the cut this year.

Your foreign policy hashtag hot sheet

The Keystone pipeline, Mali, and budget are all set to be on Parliament’s agenda this winter.

‘You do it, or you die’

Human trafficking survivors explain the unique circumstances victims face, and put long-term rehabilitation centres at the top of their wish list.

2012: A year of insecurity

Embassy's pick of notable reads this year in Canadian international circles.

Hot foreign policy issues

It has been a busy last few weeks for Foreign Minister John Baird and his staff.

Ottawa's most vital venues

The national capital region offers an array of venues to host diplomatic events.

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