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Ottawa’s tried and tested party hotspots

A helpful list of go-to venues for your big day.

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Das Lokal: Where the DFATD crowd dines

'Tower E' a hotspot for diplomats, co-founded by Foreign Affairs director.

The butler, at your service

Never discount the power of a thank you note, and other tips and tricks for socializing success.

Most memorable soirées

We asked veteran party-goers to highlight their most memorable events of the year.

How to network like a pro

The daily grind of receptions is much more than just exchanging business cards with people in nice suits.

The people behind the parties

A look behind the scenes at two event planners who spend months organizing high-profile and high-stakes diplomatic shindigs.

Go-to venues for your big day

Be the host with the most by choosing one of these tried and tested party spots for your next diplomatic do.

The insiders’ party-planning playbook

What you need to know to make your event go smoothly, from A to Z.

Hot spots for a cool party

Big or small, classic or unconventional, these are a selection of Ottawa’s best venues for your diplomatic do.

Sponsors shell out for embassy events

Big names like Enbridge, BMO fund everything from cowboy hats to air hockey. They say they gain brand recognition, government relations boost.

Ottawa's most vital venues

The national capital region offers an array of venues to host diplomatic events.

How to throw a great bash on a budget

In these dark days of austerity, entertainment and good times are the first to take a walloping.

Ottawa's spaces of Statecraft

Much is written about the concept of diplomacy, but rarely is much thought given to the physical spaces that help a country conduct its public relations.

The Most Vital Venues

Embassy's latest guide to Ottawa's most happening spots for your diplomatic bash

Born to plan the perfect party

Carolina Caldéron took the plunge in May 2009. This is how she describes her decision to move from the spotlight of the diplomatic world to the more behind-the-scenes world of catering.

Embassy's Guide to Ottawa's Best Venues for Your Diplomatic Event

In the world of diplomacy, parties and receptions are opportunities to expand your embassy's network, glean telling insight from key contacts in politics and government, and tempt taste buds with your national delights.

The Tao of the Diplomatic Party

Those needing an example of how to run a diplomatic party should have been at the French Embassy Monday night as a master class was given.

All Parties All the Time - Now You Know How to Book 'Em

A comprehensive list of Ottawa's favourite locations for holding parties, receptions and dinners.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

It's details like the right mix of guests and great entertainment that make regular diplomatic events unforgettable, say Roshan Reddaway and Susan Wilkins.

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