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The top 80 influencing Canadian foreign policy

Insiders and observers weigh in on which hot shots in defence, development, diplomacy, immigration, and trade make the cut this year.

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Foreign policy hot shots

Insiders and policy analysts weigh in on the top picks for 2012.

The Top 80 Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy

Election fever is in the air, and the Harper government may fall as soon as March 25. This will send Canadians back to the polls for the third time in just over five years.

The Top 60 Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy

This year has been described as an important one for Canada on the world stage. The Olympics have recently concluded in Vancouver, while world leaders will be in Huntsville for the G8 in June and Toronto for the G20.

The Top 50 People Influencing Canadian Foreign Policy

It has been more than three years since the Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, first swept to power on a five-point plan that included absolutely no mention of foreign policy.

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