Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

If Canada truly wants the Malaysian talent it has cultivated to stay, simplifying visas may be the first step to take.

Plan to house refugees on military bases so far unused

Operation Provision ready and waiting, but hotels used for temporary housing.

Refugee health clinic watching for Ottawa's next move

'We don’t really have an understanding of how many refugees we’re really expected to see here.'

Europe's passport-free zone may never return

This is happening not because Germans fear French travellers or Swedes fear Danes.

Legislative lookahead: What to expect in 2016

The Trudeau government is set to tackle a range of international issues during this spring's parliamentary debates, from complex trade deals to immigration and refugees, terrorism, citizenship, border security, foreign aid and more.

For refugee claimants in small cities, it’s an uphill battle, say lawyers

They face unequal access to government and legal supports.

EU turns the screws on Canada over visas

Planning a European vacation next year? You may need a visa.

Walking the talk on human rights in 2016

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Tragic photo spurred millions in Canadian donations to refugee crisis relief

NGOs that received spike of donations after Alan Kurdi photo have struggled to raise as much money for the refugee crisis as for natural disaster relief efforts.

Refugees, sexual harassment and Angela Merkel

The attackers in Cologne may have been mostly village boys who still believe popular Middle Eastern stereotypes.

A blueprint for integration and citizenship

Canada can avoid a Balkanized type of multiculturalism by ensuring that our immigrants are empowered and connected to their wider communities.

This year's highs and lows

Refugees, TPP, C-51, climate change, John Baird, the Victims of Communism Memorial, the Sustainable Development Goals and more.

Let's not be stampeded into excluding those who may need asylum the most

As Canadians we have a responsibility to uphold human rights while maintaining the rule of law.

The next steps in immigration reform

The government should re-examine the lifetime bar imposed on immigrants from sponsoring family members.

Diaspora a big focus of Jamaican consul general’s career

Working with big Jamaican-Canadian community in GTA a priority.

Parliament preview: Committees

The new government has promised cabinet and House of Commons committees will be more influential and more involved in decision-making. Here's a look at what we know about those committees so far.

Parliament preview: Foreign envoys to watch

Meet the representatives of countries most talked about on the Hill.

Globally-minded MPs arrive en masse

Many have international connections, through work or family.

Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Behind-the-scenes teams taking shape, though not all chiefs named.

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