Docs detail federal spending on Express Entry consultants

Docs detail federal spending on Express Entry consultants

Department-generated list suggests nearly $1.5 million spent, but spokesperson says it’s less.

2014 hits and misses

Our compilation of this year's foreign affairs ups and downs.

Canada's refugee services: Victim of a hostile takeover

Looking back over 2014 it is encouraging to see that many Canadians have stayed true to Canada’s reputation of generosity for refugees, despite discouraging signals from our political leaders.

Economic immigration, refugees to dominate 2015 agenda

Express Entry system and online checks for travellers from visa-exempt countries among upcoming changes.

Caribbean state vows immigration overhaul after visas imposed

Canada points to problems with St. Kitts & Nevis' immigrant investor program.

When universities go global, everyone benefits

Just 3.1 per cent of full-time undergrads in Canada had an international experience in 2012-13.

Syrian refugee crisis: Canada must act

If Canadians had the chance to meet people like Ibrahim, I have no doubt that our government would respond more appropriately to the worst refugee crisis the world has seen in decades.

Canada, Chile ease travel barriers

Chileans now only South Americans who don’t require a visa to enter Canada.

Approved refugee health claims plummeted in wake of program cuts

Departmental report shows 45 per cent drop in approved claims, just as feds forced to reinstate coverage.

Protected faster, or fewer protected? The peril of ‘safe’ countries

Why we don’t need a list of safe countries to make Canada’s refugee system work quickly and fairly.

Book review: A relentlessly upbeat take on citizenship

A review of an ex-governor general’s new book in favour of open, inclusive citizenship.

Guinea urges Canada to review Ebola visa policy

Canadian visa application centre in Guinea's capital shut down until further notice.

West Africa needs science, not politics

The government is following a 16th-century approach to infectious disease.

Drowning migrants is good politics

An estimated 3,000 have drowned this year trying to cross the Mediterranean into the EU. Some say search-and-rescue missions have encouraged people to make dangerous crossings in the expectation of rescue. Others say that’s nonsense.

Will temporary foreign worker changes help?

Budget bill includes tweaks affecting provinces. To improve the troubled program, more provincial-federal co-operation is needed.

House antics hold up committees

Parties butt heads, stall foreign affairs and citizenship and immigration committee work.

Merkel’s counter-strike against Cameron

It may well bring the British PM down.

Confusion reigned at CIC after Kenney kept on multiculturalism

It took nearly two months to finalize who would do what among Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander, Tim Uppal after cabinet shuffle, docs show.

Feds appeal ruling striking down refugee health cuts

Refugee lawyers, doctors say they'll urge the court to deal quickly with the appeal, in hopes that cuts will soon be reversed.

Policy changes jeopardize private refugee sponsorship

Ninety-two per cent of surveyed churches and church-connected groups expressed concern about the lack of consultation with Sponsorship Agreement Holders.

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