Critics urge rethink of Hungary’s safe-country label

‘Alarming’ election results, rising anti-Semitism seen as concerns; Hungarian government says it’s trying to quash radicalism.

As Israel’s friend, Canada must speak up for African asylum seekers

Many are being held indefinitely in a detention facility the desert.

CBSA looking into abuse by live-in caregivers

Project Guardian targets nannies who skip out on their employers after arriving in Canada.

Refugee claims drop by half in Canada, rise in US, says UN

‘Highly divergent trend’ saw US claims rise 25 per cent from 2012 to 2013, while Canada’s fell by half.

Diplomats applaud planned fix to citizenship loophole

‘Drafting error’ left some of their grandchildren as non-Canadians.

The Conservative war on refugees

Just because a refugee arrives on a boat or a plane unannounced does not automatically mean he or she intends to harm us.

Civil society helps turn 'countries of crisis into countries of opportunity'

In his parliamentary address, the Aga Khan speaks on the diversity of Islamic cultures and the need to pay more attention to civil society.

Harper and Peña Nieto, not amigos but there’s always hope

One issue the North American leaders should address: A crisis of the middle class.

Foreign-worker changes concern immigration lawyers, business

Proposed restriction for use in ‘high-unemployment regions’ raises eyebrows.

Either visas or EU deal, a ‘false dilemma’

Bulgarian ambassador spent career shuttling between defence and foreign ministries.

Mexican envoy eager to get rid of ‘the little v’

Ambassador says Harper will be ‘hailed as a hero’ if he makes a big announcement in Mexico.

Feds propose tightening citizenship rules

Refugee group says bill adds ‘new barriers,’ like a fee hike, and expanded language and knowledge requirements.

The transformation of Chris Alexander

His tirade set a new low in intergovernmental relations.

Hot topics in the House this winter

Trade, pipelines top of mind as the government wants to be seen as steady hand on the economic tiller.

Harvard report outlines Canada’s hostile refugee policies

It puts the disintegration of relief to the most vulnerable of migrants together into one disturbing package.

Ukrainians hope for visa-lifting

Deputy foreign affairs committee chair says Baird reacted too fast to EU deal drop.

Filipino, Syrian immigration offers compared

Alexander contrasts the gradual escalation of the Syrian conflict with the sudden nature of a typhoon.

Committees roundup

With prorogation behind them, new and familiar faces have formed committees. Here’s who they are and what they’re doing.

‘Unassuming’ new foreign affairs DM to tackle merger

Daniel Jean’s move caps a year of change in the top foreign policy ranks of the public service.

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