NATO’s Kosovo campaign a lesson for Ukraine

NATOâs Kosovo campaign a lesson for Ukraine

Short-term military solutions do not solve long-term economic problems.

Our migratory world

Today’s conflicts and resulting migrations differ little from those of our ancestors.

The human value of refugees

EU to follow Canada in developing evidence-based guidance for migrants and refugees.

A German refugee story, with a challenge for Canada

Rita and Hanns may spend their days helping the most desperate and endangered people and countering the racism of right-wing extremists, but it would be a mistake to think this work makes them dour.

Domestic workers facing labour abuses from diplomat bosses

Protocol office frequently bans foreign missions from hiring new domestic workers due to non-compliance with Canadian labour laws and policies.

The EU and traditions of the sea

Member-state navies rescued more than 4,000 people in two days, but it wasn’t really the plan.

Bill to allow secret evidence in trials for pulled passports

Legal changes would let government ‘have its way' with appeal trial: analyst.

Cesar’s story

Incoming Project Ploughshares executive director talks about how he came to Canada and wound up in Waterloo, Ont.

Pay tribute by avoiding war

No one questions the need to respond powerfully to safeguard the migrants.

Canada to lift visas on some travellers from Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil

Online screening, set to start next year, meant to give a security cushion.

Displacement activity

Why would anybody want to leave a nice, safe place like Syria or Somalia?

Clothes and the politician

A “needless concession” a few years ago is today a political necessity, only the victims have changed.

Foreign worker deportations are perverse aberration

Instead of punishing the companies involved, the federal government decided to deal with the problems by acting against defenceless workers.

Celebration too late for vindicated refugees

By the time lawyer admitted misconduct, all but one of the families had their asylum claims denied and had been deported.

Where do we go from here?

The record shows an increasing percentage of valid refugees from so-called safe countries.

Four-year limit could lead some migrant workers to go underground

Thousands could be forced to leave starting April 1.

‘Safe countries’ among top 10 refugee-claim sources in 2014

Hungarian, Slovak ambassadors say claimants from their countries are taking advantage of Canada’s asylum system. Close to half of finalized claims accepted.

More ‘inquisition’ than committee hearing

Tory senator berates Canadian Muslims for being ‘thin-skinned’ in reacting to increasing hostility towards them.

Provinces not jumping to cut refugee social assistance access

Feds pushed a law to let provinces and territories decide on minimum residency requirements, but no provincial leader directly says they will.

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