Why the EU-Turkey migrant deal will blow up in everybody’s face

'It will require physical force to get some of them on the planes or boats that will take them back – enough force that there will be real casualties.'

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Liberals use budget to begin promised overhaul of Canada’s global posture

First Liberal budget a bit of a scattergun exercise.

Q&A with UN High Commissioner for Refugees: ‘Very irresponsible’ to blame migrants in Europe for terror attacks

‘The world is moving in Canada’s direction,’ says Filippo Grandi. He calls for an end to detaining asylum-seekers at the Canadian border, a return to funding the Junior Professional Officer program and, at the international level, a possible redesign of the UN Security Council.

Romania wants visa-free access to Canada

In a letter to the PM, a Romanian member of European Parliament tells Trudeau he can prove his openness by removing ‘unjust’ screening process.

Six-month grace period on Electronic Travel Authorization welcomed

Border officials to show leniency until Sept. 29.

Challenging the current refugee discourse

One of the most common forms of oversimplification is polarization. The debate on Syrian refugees manifests this in spades.

Immigrants falling behind without language skills, say researchers

'You have to put a serious amount of effort in and a serious amount of resources per person.'

Requests for border agency travel records soared after 2011

Feds continuing investigations into citizenship fraud, says IRCC.

Liberals release details of Harper-era budget cuts

They shed more light on nearly $2 billion in cuts from 2012.

Holocaust restitution, a matter of justice

Canada is playing a leading role in securing compensation for Canadian Holocaust survivors, but there is much work to be done.

Industry asked for delay in new traveller security screen

Tourism reps concerned Electronic Travel Authorization will cause confusion once mandatory use kicks in March 15. For some dual citizens, it already is.

The minister steps up

The long ordeal of a Roma refugee family turns from tragedy to celebration.

Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

If Canada truly wants the Malaysian talent it has cultivated to stay, simplifying visas may be the first step to take.

Plan to house refugees on military bases so far unused

Operation Provision ready and waiting, but hotels used for temporary housing.

Refugee health clinic watching for Ottawa's next move

'We don’t really have an understanding of how many refugees we’re really expected to see here.'

Europe's passport-free zone may never return

This is happening not because Germans fear French travellers or Swedes fear Danes.

EU turns the screws on Canada over visas

Planning a European vacation next year? You may need a visa.

Walking the talk on human rights in 2016

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Legislative lookahead: What to expect in 2016

The Trudeau government is set to tackle a range of international issues during this spring's parliamentary debates, from complex trade deals to immigration and refugees, terrorism, citizenship, border security, foreign aid and more.

For refugee claimants in small cities, it’s an uphill battle, say lawyers

They face unequal access to government and legal supports.

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