Refugee crisis dominating Hungarian consul general’s work

Refugee crisis dominating Hungarian consul general’s work

‘I don’t know how Canadians would react if every night at the port of Toronto, there was a ship to arrive with two, three, four—lately it’s 10,000—people.’

Munk Debate: Foreign policy gets its moment

Leaders attack each other on ISIS, refugees, Bill C-51, climate change.

The definitive list of Munk Debate zingers

The good, the bad and the ugly one-liners from the party leaders.

What wasn't talked about at the Munk Debate

China. The Saudi arms deal. UN development goals. Fighter jets. Veterans. The niqab.

Munk Debate: Your foreign policy primer

Conservatives, NDP and Liberals on the issues—and lots of links to Embassy stories—so you can prepare for the Sept. 28 debate.

Munk Debate: How will Canada help the most vulnerable?

This isn’t just an opportunity for politicians to position themselves, it is our chance to envision the contribution we all can make.

Turkish envoys call for more refugee crisis help

G20 heads will examine crisis ‘in detail’ in November, says IMF exec.

'Where is Canada?' My tour of shame investigating the Syrian refugee crisis

Discrimination against refugees on the basis of their religion goes against fundamental principles of refugee protection and is unacceptable for a country presenting itself as an international leader of human rights.

Munk Debate: Party leaders need to articulate a role for Canada in the world

The first topic should be each party’s vision of the broad strokes underpinning Canadian foreign policy in the 21st century.

Meeting the needs of Syria's displaced children

A Senate committee report reveals general agreement among experts that any attempt to change the mandates of UNHCR and UNICEF risks doing more damage than good.

Parties commit to resettle thousands more Syrians

The question is how many, how quickly and with what resources.

Here's what we can do to open our doors to Syrian refugees

Canada should allow Syrians with family in Canada to travel here immediately, and complete processing in Canada where they can be safe.

The Harper government's long and controversial history with Syrian refugees

Three years ago, a Syrian group was already asking Canada to do more. Since then it has been a numbers game.

Syria: Distance should not mean indifference

Syrian refugees are a collective international responsibility.

Cutting working-holiday quotas would hurt Canadian farms

For more than 20 years our Saskatchewan family farm has employed young farmers from around the world through the program. It helps our farm economy, boosts our tourism industry and strengthens our image abroad.

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