Trade, foreign, aid ministers hire chiefs of staff

Behind-the-scenes teams taking shape, though not all chiefs named.

Canadian business groups tout refugee job opportunities

Canadian Meat Council in talks with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and provincial governments.

University of Ottawa plans to reoffer refused courtroom for refugee hearings

The hope is that the new government will reconsider a proposal so claimants don’t have to travel to Montreal.

The new faces of Canadian foreign policy

Justin Trudeau unveiled a diverse cabinet Wednesday. Here's the new cohort of ministers who will have a hand in Canadian foreign policy.

Five steps to renew Canada’s global refugee leadership

Delivering on these promises is commendable, but will be a challenge.

Germany's refugees: No good deed goes unpunished

Between 1945 and 1950, some 12 million German refugees arrived in Germany. The Germans took them in.

The refugee story: Why I like Justin Trudeau

Refugees are defined by their personal need, not by the country they come from.

This voting day, stand against Islamophobia

Harper’s rhetoric is counter to the inclusive country people in Canada aspire to and want to work towards.

Echoes of mid-century xenophobia in Harper campaign, say historians

Canadian history full of examples of anti-immigrant racism, religious discrimination.

What the world thinks of our election

Niqab issue, handling of refugees scrutinized in international media.

Tories would bring in more North Korean refugees, after crackdown on 'fraudulent' claimants

Pledge comes after steep drop to made and accepted NK asylum claims.

Vote 'pandering' or good management? Filipino-Canadians split over caregiver program

'Whoever helps us, that’s how we vote,' says one president of a Filipino-Canadian association.

Harper's insistence on refugee security screening called 'un-Canadian,' 'race-baiting'

Talk of screening refugees for terrorist links ignores our already-robust security measures, observers say.

Fictional memoir of a boat person rings true

The author relies on her own background to the extent that I was sure in the first pages that I was reading an autobiography.

Canada should not turn a deaf ear to refugees

Instead of being a measure of statesmanship of our political leaders, the crisis became a tool in Canada's election campaign.

We can do better, Canada

Our leadership on maternal and newborn child health is laudable, but we have slipped on addressing climate change and poverty at home and abroad.

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