Confusion reigned at CIC after Kenney kept on multiculturalism

Confusion reigned at CIC after Kenney kept on multiculturalism

It took nearly two months to finalize who would do what among Jason Kenney, Chris Alexander, Tim Uppal after cabinet shuffle, docs show.

Feds appeal ruling striking down refugee health cuts

Refugee lawyers, doctors say they'll urge the court to deal quickly with the appeal, in hopes that cuts will soon be reversed.

Policy changes jeopardize private refugee sponsorship

Ninety-two per cent of surveyed churches and church-connected groups expressed concern about the lack of consultation with Sponsorship Agreement Holders.

Make women’s security a higher priority

Refugee award highlights the courage and tragedy of Colombian women.

Ten committees to watch this fall

Protection of women in Canada’s immigration system, security in Asia-Pacific, international financial system integrity top committee agendas.

Migration is the real story

Central America's children at America's doorstep; Israel's battles with Gaza; Russia's strong-arming of Ukraine—they're all connected by this little-understood phenomenon.

A moral choice looms for the Harper government

Thanks to its trade deal with Honduras, Canada inherits a refugee crisis of epic proportions.

Canada should do more to help Iraq

Support refugees, impose sanctions and flex diplomatic muscles on Iraq's neighbours.

Romania, Bulgaria urge visa-lifting ahead of CETA ratification

Continued visas would make for ‘unpleasant debate’ back home, says Bulgarian ambassador.

Canadians split on refugee health: Poll

Opinion divided over whether refugee claimants should get same health care as Canadians.

Citizenship fraud: Real or overstated?

Government must find the right balance between system integrity and accessibility.

Immigration: Another victim in the Ebola crisis?

You can’t put a surgical mask around Canada and close the door.

Travel sector uneasy about new screening requirements

Canada's electronic travel authorization system would be better than visas, say industry reps, but the devil will be in the details.

Some should be more equal than others in visa policy: Analyst

No tears for applicants after government reforms: Kurland.

Why far-right nativist political parties stand no chance in Canada

Because Canada survived the recession okay? Because its people are naturally more tolerant? Not so fast, writes James Yan.

Boutique firm helps shape Canada's labour market debate

Centre for Spatial Economics has delivered labour market projections to nearly every province.

Refugee health fight will carry on to the ballot box

When our government acts badly, the final role is not for the courts, it is for citizens.

So much for Canada's generosity to refugees

Columnist Carol Goar writes that the government's falling acceptance of displaced people, its tightening of health-care benefits and other actions show its claims of generosity aren't valid.

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