CETA withdrawal is Newfoundland’s loss, say trade experts

CETA withdrawal is Newfoundland’s loss, say trade experts

Dispute over compensation for province’s seafood industry could lead to Canada-EU arbitration if left unresolved.

Russia's new ambassador faces 'loudspeaker diplomacy' over Ukraine

"It is my deep belief, as you say in Canada, that at the end of the day pragmatism and common sense will prevail."

Canada-Vietnam series: ‘Anyone with money will send their children abroad to study’

Canada’s leading export to Vietnam is education, says the Canadian Embassy, but you’ve got to pay to play.

Algerian visa centre shut temporarily over security breaches

Contractor didn't meet privacy, security standards before eight-day closure last year: CIC.

'Canadian interests' threatened by Polar Code: Transport Canada

Many of Canada's preferences are included in the draft code.

CBSA to end controversial return program for failed refugee claimants

Critics of the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration program say it failed to protect returnees.

Canada flirts with starting development finance institution

Meant to give private sector a nudge to invest in developing countries they would otherwise deem too risky.

Canada-Vietnam series: Hydro’s power

A Canadian non-profit and the Canadian-supported Asian Development Bank helped soften the blow of villagers in Vietnam who were forcefully relocated to make way for a dam.

Asia-Pacific a top priority for Hogan at Trade

PM will continue to look to Christine Hogan for advice following her PCO departure, say former colleagues.

Foreign service benefit talks facing long delays

It could be a year of tough battles for union leaders.

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