Flaherty remembered, from DC to Dublin

Flaherty remembered, from DC to Dublin

‘A man who was respected across our country and around the world’: John Manley.

Elections Act changes drop Canada from lofty status: Electoral scholars

Review of foreign voting systems shows that proving one’s address is a common issue around the world.

Canada knew nuclear deal with China could be seen as ‘weak’: Docs

Briefing notes say even though safeguards changed, non-proliferation policy would still be achieved.

CBSA looking into abuse by live-in caregivers

Project Guardian targets nannies who skip out on their employers after arriving in Canada.

Ukrainian envoy says he’s received death threats

‘It was a nice, quiet diplomatic life,’ until the phone calls began.

Foreign affairs community reacts to Jim Flaherty's death

'Jim's passion for public service never wavered': Foreign Minister John Baird.

Yukon, Alaska join forces on highway

Alaskan congressman looking for more from Canadian feds.

CARICOM trade obstacles ‘solvable’: Haitian envoy

Negotiators meet in Ottawa as talks reach crunch time.

‘It’s very difficult to be a woman in India’

Women who married as children tell how it has disrupted their lives. But they’re optimistic that with social norms changing, life will be better for their daughters.

No sense in Eastern arms race: Analysts

Eyes turn to NATO as tensions begin to cool in Europe.

Refugee claims drop by half in Canada, rise in US, says UN

‘Highly divergent trend’ saw US claims rise 25 per cent from 2012 to 2013, while Canada’s fell by half.

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