Why does Canada care so much about the Maldives?

Why does Canada care so much about the Maldives?

Ottawa condemns tiny nation for disrespecting Commonwealth values, champions jailed ex-president with Tory ties.

Looting left Canada residence in West Africa 'ransacked'

Thieves took everything but the kitchen sink. Then they took that too.

The first lady of Lornado

While not on the State Department payroll, Vicki Heyman uses the arts to boost Canada-US ties.

Cesar’s story

Incoming Project Ploughshares executive director talks about how he came to Canada and wound up in Waterloo, Ont.

Charities pledge to cap Google advertising costs

They say it’s too costly for top ad spots for in-demand keywords.

Weak link found between religion, terrorism for Canada

Only two per cent of attacks labelled as violent extremism were perpetrated by religious groups.

Results announced for international internship programs

After 10-month wait, 27 projects managed by 22 Canadian NGOs were approved as part of youth internship programs this week.

Alberta NDP will quell foreign investment fears, focus on environment: Observers

Sky won't fall; goose laying golden egg might just lay smaller eggs, analysts say.

CAF response team consulting other countries on sexual assault

DND creating "action plan" to address Deschamps report.

Conflict at home leaves Libyan students in Canada short of cash

Around 1,100 students running out of scholarship money.

Management consular officers to be reclassified as foreign service officers

Decades in the making, change may lead to MCO salary boost.

Moldovan envoy calls on Canada to boost political, military aid

Ambassador worried about Russia’s influence in breakaway region.

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