Canada pulls funding for Palestinian NGO after founder criticizes Baird

Canada pulls funding for Palestinian NGO after founder criticizes Baird

Foreign Affairs pins blame for project's termination on founder's refusal 'to acknowledge Canada’s contribution to the project.'

Local military efforts a higher priority to Canadians than overseas missions: Pollster

Majority of Canadians surveyed said natural disasters, search and rescue, sovereignty patrols should be top military priorities.

Merger has DFATD staff set to move Gatineau, Ottawa offices

Some employees concerned about home-life effects of shuffle of corporate services to Gatineau and programming to Ottawa.

FINTRAC looks to banks to monitor clients’ social media activities

Agency presentation urges financial institutions to look for suspicious activity in customers’ ‘open source’ online activity.

Visas on St. Lucia stay despite changed passport system

Canada cites other concerns about high immigration violation rates, asylum claims from Caribbean island state.

Government computers subject to 'millions' of 'probing attempts' daily: Fantino

Junior defence minister calls out “foreign countries or companies” as well as “criminal organizations,” “activists with political or social agendas” and “terrorists” as possible cyber threats.

CIC turns to corporate Canada to help promote citizenship

Department partners with Canadian Tire, Maple Leaf Sports and the NHL to enhance citizenship ceremonies and boost marketing channels.

Feds told monitoring Arctic oil spills a challenge

Not enough is known of how spill in Arctic waters would affect marine life, report says.

Opening doors: How Toronto supports needy newcomers

Nearly half of all Torontonians are immigrants. Many rely on grassroots settlement programs to help them get back on their feet after fleeing trauma. For those serving them, it’s not just a job, but a way of life and an experience they may have lived themselves.

With US-Cuba ties warming, investors are circling

It's not the only way Washington has boosted the Toronto consulate’s workload. A banking problem at the Cuban mission in Washington has led people seeking consular help to Canada.

Feds ‘unavailable’ to discuss CETA rift, say Newfoundland reps

Both sides standing firm over disputed fisheries fund.

Mexico hopes eventual Three Amigos summit is ‘warmer, in every sense’

Southern neighbours would rather not face Canada’s chilly February weather—or chill in relations.

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