Harper as statesman key to Tory re-election strategy

Harper as statesman key to Tory re-election strategy

Insiders say Conservatives will use PM’s international experience to diminish rivals.

Haitian election delays ‘of great concern to Canada’

Canada's engagement with the aid focus-country has been under review for almost two years.

Solution to Canada-EU seal ban feud closer, officials say

Development would remove major irritant, but details of a potential compromise remain uncertain.

Text of EU political deal still under wraps

Strategic partnership talks wrap up, but document's text still for government eyes only.

Group labelled terrorists by Canada could benefit from fight against ISIS

Turkey’s chargé hopes military aid to region avoids ending up in the "wrong hands."

Canada quiet on shariah law in Brunei

NDP trade critic calls Harper government’s decision to spare Brunei from rebuke ‘inconsistent, hypocritical’

Canada, US regulators to form permanent tie-ups

Government moves to further alleviate 'regulatory burden' on Canadian businesses.

EU members at odds over trade deal with Canada

EU chief negotiator warns EU parliamentarians and member states of the consequences of reopening talks on a controversial investment protection section.

Tories target diasporas in foreign-aid talk tour

MPs speak to Haitians in Montreal; Ukrainians in Saskatoon, Winnipeg; Somalis in Edmonton; Asians in Vancouver, Surrey, BC.

Questions raised over ad hoc national security cabinet committee

PMO email names committee, says it discussed deployment of air force assets to Iraq.

EU trade deal ratification process yet to be settled

Europe’s national parliaments could play a role in ratifying CETA.

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