UPDATED: Chrétien, Putin to meet in Moscow next week

Former PM and Russian envoy both attended Ottawa meeting on April 20.

Where we stand with Turkey

Though allied in most arenas, Canada and Turkey have faced some uncomfortable moments lately.

Modi uses time in Ottawa to push for terrorism convention

Twenty years in the making, a proposed UN convention is back in the news with support from the Indian PM.

Budget 2015: Funding boosts for National Defence and Public Safety

The language of the federal budget plays on the Conservative government’s political goals ahead of the next election.

Budget brings new development finance institution

Critics have tentatively embraced the idea but said the institution should focus on poverty alleviation.

Budget 2015 by the numbers

$11.8 billion: Increase to National Defence budget over 10 years, starting in 2017-18.

Environment Canada reports higher greenhouse gas emissions since 1990

Emissions stood at 726 megatonnes in 2013 after Canada redid its inventory submission to the United Nations.

How diplomats decide where to send their kids

Whether private or public, international or local, schools in Ottawa offer a variety of options for diplomat parents.

The ABCs of IB

Russia laments 'political games' as foreign minister set to miss Arctic Council

Discussing an Arctic military operation, junior defence minister speaks of 'threats posed by the Russians.'

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