EU trade deal ratification process yet to be settled

Europe’s national parliaments could play a role in ratifying CETA.

A diplomatic love story

Diplomats from Paraguay and Chile found stability in Ottawa after years of long-distance love. United for now with their new baby, separation is looming again.

'Stick to the knitting': Charities face similar scrutiny in UK, Canada

‘Civil society organizations are not there just to run soup kitchens,’ argues former UK charity regulator.

Mexico more open to foreign investment than Canada, declares ambassador

Mexican envoy says reforms to his country’s energy sector mean 'some amount of competition' for Canada when it comes to FDI.

A new general takes on the foreign service fight

Tim Hodges, head of the diplomats' union, expects an upcoming benefits and contract battle.

Romania, Bulgaria urge visa-lifting ahead of CETA ratification

Continued visas would make for ‘unpleasant debate’ back home, says Bulgarian ambassador.

Southeast Asian mission 'next logical step’ in regional courtship

The creation of a dedicated ambassador to the association representing Southeast Asia signals Canada’s commitment to stronger ties both with Indonesia and the region, say analysts.

Canadians split on refugee health: Poll

Opinion divided over whether refugee claimants should get same health care as Canadians.

Canada plans to challenge NAFTA agency's push for oil sands probe

Complaint alleges Environment Canada isn't enforcing the Fisheries Act in the oil sands.

Foreign aid NGOs optimistic for funding fix

Aid group chief says ‘tacit agreement’ reached with feds for new methods of funding.

Travel sector uneasy about new screening requirements

Canada's electronic travel authorization system would be better than visas, say industry reps, but the devil will be in the details.

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July 23, 2014