Trade services must be more accessible: Senate reports

Trade services must be more accessible: Senate reports

One-stop shop or 'concierge service' would help, say senators.

Canada stays mostly mum on Yemen: Observers

Aligned with Saudi-led coalition, it avoids direct involvement in conflict that has killed or injured thousands.

A 'canary in the coal mine' for Arctic development

Feds to rule on foreign-owned mining megaproject on Baffin Island.

Parties shaping their foreign policy campaigns

Though it's not expected to be a polarizing issue, leaders are trying to differentiate themselves.

CETA: Caught between Canadian business, EU politicians

France lays down ultimatum on investor arbitration.

A peek inside Mexico’s Toronto consulate, before Pan Am-demonium

Traffic jams or not, Mauricio Toussaint expects the consulate to keep working through the Games.

The $11-million landing pad

Kabul sources say Western helicopters come and go from vacant Canadian property acquired from the Afghan government in 2009.

DFATD broke rules, left years of audits unpublished

Department to post them by month's end, it says.

Foreign Affairs analysts tracking social media in Ukraine

In environment overrun by trolls, department uses 'a range of criteria' to assess legitimacy of online content.

Cuba on the hunt for Canadian investment

Don’t bet on a Canadian advantage if the US enters the market: Adviser.

Bills, bills, bills: What passed, what didn't

A look at how key foreign policy legislation has fared as the parliamentary session wraps up.

Nigerian envoy’s party just lost elections. Here’s why he’s happy

High commissioner hails democratic power handover.

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