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There's been a marriage between Embassy and The Hill Times newspapers.

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The Hill Times publisher Jim Creskey.
Jim Creskey
Published: Tuesday, 04/12/2016 2:07 am EDT
Last Updated: Tuesday, 04/12/2016 2:17 am EDT

We are happy to announce that there's been a marriage between Embassy and The Hill Times newspapers. The result is The Hill Times will now be twice weekly and we'll have a new global section on our website.

Beginning this week, The Hill Times will publish two print editions every week, Mondays and Wednesdays. The new Wednesday edition will carry more of the people, political, and policy news that Monday Hill Times readers expect. But it will also carry all of the global affairs news, analysis and opinion and Ottawa diplomatic coverage that Embassy readers expect.

It will be a bigger, more inclusive paper. It makes its debut in print and online on Wednesday, April 13.

Kate Malloy is editor-in-chief of both editions, Derek Abma is deputy editor. Kristen Shane is managing editor of the Wednesday edition and Peter Mazereeuw is deputy editor. Ally Foster is the new online editor of The Hill Times and editor of the Power & Influence magazine.

All the traditional Embassy news and opinion beats of immigration, trade, defence, development and diplomacy along with the diplomatic contact lists, Diplomatic Circles columns, national days, other diplomatic corps events and foreign policy op/eds and other features and columns will now be found online after April 13 at www.hilltimes.com/global as well as in the new Wednesday edition.

Researchers will still be able to access the www.embassynews.ca site for archival material.

The Hill Times’ daily briefing and daily news and opinion updates will also be expanded to include timely coverage about Canada’s international portfolios.

We expect it will make for bigger, better papers and a single, deeper and more comprehensive website.

We hope you like the new edition and website and we look forward to your important feedback.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Creskey

Publisher, The Hill Times

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