Letter from the publisher

There's been a marriage between Embassy and The Hill Times newspapers.

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How to mourn friends and reassure people: A minister's disaster handbook

Public safety minister prepped with talking points on everything from hostage-takings to major terrorist attacks.

Tory MPs push Liberals on China’s canola crackdown

About one-third of Canadian canola exports go to China. 'This is not a small thing for us, it’s very big': China Institute chief.

China-focused think tank coming to Ottawa

MPs say they welcome the idea.

Tens of millions in severance paid yearly to military members who leave voluntarily

More than $105 million was paid out from 2013 until 2016, not counting a year's worth of backlogged files.

Liberal, Tory, NDP MPs pan protectionist talk by Trump, Sanders

‘Good politics, but it’s terrible policy,’ says Tory MP Ritz of Trump.

'Huge irony' in male-dominated study of women, peace and security, says MP

Foreign affairs committee will review controversial countries of focus for Canadian aid dollars this spring.

Military police recorded one incident for every eight CAF members in 2015

National Defence employs five people, full time, to manually compile statistics from a clunky records system.

Defence minister one of several MPs who received severance pay after election

The jury is out on MPs accepting severance pay from public employers: some refused it, some donated the money, others just cashed the cheque.

Guess who’s coming to dinner? A night in the Saudi embassy

Slammed in media over arms deal, Saudis look to change the channel, but can’t fully avoid the elephant in the room.

RCMP protective work scrutinized after shooting

Researcher points to ‘substantial day-to-day organizational pressure.’

Le Pen’s presence spiked Bombardier meeting, says EU legislator

Aerospace giant lacked ‘capacity’ to meet entire delegation, says spokesperson.

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