Taiwan’s inclusion in the TPP could be Canada’s win

Taiwanâs inclusion in the TPP could be Canadaâs win

The TPP without Taiwan will generate limited economic gains because most countries involved already have free trade agreements with each other.

Looking back over 2014 it is encouraging to see that many Canadians have stayed true to Canada’s reputation of generosity for refugees, despite discouraging signals from our political leaders.

Why look further afield for sparkling wines this holiday season?

This is South Korea’s fourth agreement in this hemisphere. If this were the PanAm games Canada wouldn’t be on the podium.

There’s no guarantee that 2015 will bring us peace and happiness, but there are scheduled events that have the capacity for moving the world’s human security agenda forward.

All too frequently, foreign policy authors neglect Canada. Two recent books are good examples of this tendency.

In the shadows there is an array of examples of governments who do pay to have their citizens released—or at least facilitate the payment of ransom by intermediaries.

Under the scourge of Ebola, the country faces a shortage of rice, a staple food.

Too much money is being invested in finding or making clean water, and not enough in containing the waste that contaminates it.

Certification schemes ensure not only quality but environmental sustainability.

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