Space's rules of the road

Space's rules of the road

At outer space code of conduct talks in July, the Canadians tried to walk the narrow line between the BRICS and American positions.

One-time liberal voices amongst Western donors, like Canada, were almost as defensive on increasing aid volume as traditional misers.

Nuclear co-operation is one of the key areas of partnership between Kazakhstan and Canada.

While funding basic services is important, Canada could be doing more to solve this refugee crisis.

In this struggle, Canada stands not with those that believe nuclear disarmament is long overdue, but with the few that still question a ban.

We must help businesses overcome the risks and obstacles that may prevent them from seizing new opportunities.

Syrian refugees are a collective international responsibility.

Religion needs to be on the agenda alongside pipelines and the TPP, as an equal, major issue.

As the campaign buses rev, it’s time to think about where Canada can improve its behaviour.

Legitimate comments add to the debate and are welcomed—but this was a personal threat.

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