North Korea’s nukes

North Korea’s nukes

What does North Korea intend to do with its nuclear weapons? There are no safe assumptions.

Georgia, Moldova and especially Ukraine are, in their modern iterations, incapable of developing and implementing policies that can overcome the strong irredentist urging of the people affected.

The future governance of the Internet is at stake in a process set to end this year.

Critics raise environmental worries, but OceanaGold says it met necessary regulatory requirements.

UN peacekeeping cannot begin to live up to its potential unless it has the resources to do the job.

Farming is both part of the problem and solution. So what should Canadians do?

We have been working together fighting in defence of our values and interests for more than a century.

Foreign Affairs has achieved an excellent Twitter presence, according to twiplomacy.com.

Palestinians have received more aid from Canada in the past six years than ever before, says departing rep.

Caught up in the sudden adventure, no one seemed to ask Harper just why he felt it necessary to use so many military resources for the trip.

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