At the forefront of the Ebola fight

At the forefront of the Ebola fight

Canada will continue to do its part to support the people of West Africa during these extraordinarily challenging times.

The WHO links nearly half of the world's malnutrition cases to poor WASH.

There must be a focus on training of front-line workers and on development of universal public health systems and infrastructure.

If the Ontario premier’s trip this month helps create more sustainable partnerships, it will be a Wynne/win.

Hidden hunger may not be as striking—but it can be just as deadly.

While the virus is currently in the limelight, a number of other diseases affect more people and cause more deaths.

Cuts aimed at “bogus” refugees have unwisely spread fear and discrimination in our health system, and I believe this fear is spreading across our country.

Maintaining existing trade and developing more requires a stable international landscape.

The St. Supéry estate winery was very fortunate in the earthquake and did not experience much damage.

It is not sufficient to simply identify trends and be prepared to react to them. One must think outside the box.

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October 22, 2014