Rwanda’s Kagame dilemma

Rwanda’s Kagame dilemma

The president is congratulated by other countries for his excellent administration and showered with foreign aid, while his opponents and critics keep being killed.

Support refugees, impose sanctions and flex diplomatic muscles on Iraq's neighbours.

Canada seeks greater equality for women and to lower the number of child and forced marriages. Yet scrapping Pakistan as a focus country is a step in the wrong direction.

Perspectives of peace advocates, other civil society groups and women were dismissed at the time and continue to be under-represented in mainstream histories.

In terms of domestic politics, both sides have already accomplished what they came for—but since neither can acknowledge publicly that that’s all the war was really about, they end up raising wholly unrealistic demands at the ceasefire talks. And the war continues.

We urgently need decisive political leadership to design and implement value-added policies.

Canada should send more material and financial support.

150 years ago, the first Geneva Convention enshrined the idea in international law that even during war, a certain degree of humanity must be preserved. That’s easier said than done.

Both there and in Afghanistan, the US relied too much on military solutions and too little on political reconciliation, writes Haroon Siddiqui.

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July 23, 2014