Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

If Canada truly wants the Malaysian talent it has cultivated to stay, simplifying visas may be the first step to take.

This recent mutation in the Zika virus is not part of the endless seesaw battle between viruses and human immune systems. It is just a random event.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has taken an important step to right an historic injustice.

Apparent increases to our ODA are not necessarily tied to programs in developing countries—and this reality is not likely to change in coming years.

Simply putting Canadian troops in blue helmets into a conflict zone provides no guarantee of success.

Canada supports Taiwan’s democratic institutions, but this was not the first peaceful transition of power and Canada does not need to pick sides.

Canada may be seen as a reluctant arms merchant, yet changes over the decades have allowed sales to persistent human rights violators.

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Canada is at real risk that before the CSC-class is fully ready, our navy will be compromised.

Relations between China and Taiwan will inevitably undergo recalibration.

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January 20, 2016