Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Join on the right terms

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Join on the right terms

Decision-making talk should be held mostly between banking lawyers, not politicians.

The cost may be worth it, if delaying the decision only increases the cost of joining. But we should go into it with our eyes open.

There is no indication that Canada is anywhere near reaching the original objective of consolidating the government’s authority and legitimacy.

Canada acknowledges that more must be done, yet at the same time, refuses to make any new commitments.

Despite US objections, there seems little reason for Canada to hold back in signing on to the Chinese-led development bank.

Investing in small-scale agriculture has spin-off benefits for family health, the environment and the economy.

Right, might, and the prospects for complete nuclear disarmament.

In 2008, the ethnic Albanian Kosovar majority unilaterally declared independence and the US was the first nation to redraw the map of Europe by recognizing Kosovo.

Animals are one of the most important productive assets for poor rural households. The loss of animals during a disaster can mean hunger, malnutrition and unemployment.

We need to leverage our diaspora populations to build the profile of ASEAN across Canada.

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