Praying for a party of no

Praying for a party of no

Republicans will control key Senate committees, leadership of which allows for extraordinary influence in the shaping of American policy.

Australian and South Korean trade deals with China, several years in gestation, indicate Ottawa is playing at the margins.

Our government needs to declare frankly and unambiguously that Canada’s future lies with the Asia-Pacific and adjust our policies accordingly.

Despite its efforts, Canada has experienced diminishing shares of key Asian trading partners’ exports and imports.

The head of the Canada-New Zealand parliamentary friendship group hasn’t tried any, but he expects the NZ high commission might try to change that.

Never before has there been such a large population of young people in the world.

With the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world brokering a deal, the pressure is now on countries like Canada to step up to the plate.

Unlike some political parties, we believe that trade agreements can and should be tools that promote human rights, labour and environmental standards as well as improve economic outcomes.

Canada shouldn't follow the US in bombing the Islamic State in Syria and arming the 'moderates.'

Will the Harper government show the same sensitivity to Quebec’s sense of belonging as it expressed to China's human rights record?

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