Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

It is a sad truth that many smallholder farmers in poor countries today struggle to feed themselves while also supplying local markets.

Thanks to food and wine, Mr. Oliver says he is more busy in retirement than he was when he was in the Senate.

Growing up in India, I distinctly remember that men were served food first. I learnt early on: chicken was cooked on special events; chicken wasn’t cheap; women were.

We can take actions at home that improve lives, but ultimately we will have to find new ways to ensure globalization works for all.

Deploying to Iraq actually contradicts many of the principles in Canada's current defence strategy.

These diseases touch the same target population that Canada aims to reach through its maternal and child health agenda.

The minister’s recent statements show he knows what is going on or he trusts a skilled team in Hong Kong—or both. But how far will he go to support the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong?

In the lead-up to Oct. 24 elections, the southern African country is experiencing a disturbing regression of democracy.

Supply management provides safe food and stable prices for farmers and consumers.

This is the largest Ebola outbreak in 40 years. Canada's overall contribution so far of $35 million needs to be increased.

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