One or two Ukraines?

One or two Ukraines?

It is important to recall that Russia has a history of absorbing huge human, military and financial costs where its perceived vital interests are concerned.

Reflections on this month's World Water Week in Sweden.

Since Canada’s failure to win a UN Security Council term, Sierra Leone has provided the main opportunity for Canada to address the global security forum.

We need to understand better the world view and goals of Russia's leader.

Canada can be a bigger player in the global science theatre.

The failure of the major powers to overcome their narrow, short-term interests has crippled the UN’s ability to enforce the peace and security of the world.

Central America's children at America's doorstep; Israel's battles with Gaza; Russia's strong-arming of Ukraine—they're all connected by this little-understood phenomenon.

A return to soft power could help Canada step ahead with the burgeoning economic force.

Far from a luxury, industry needs students to have global experiences, to gain a cultural awareness that can’t come from a textbook.

As NATO can only deploy forces once it has the political consensus of its members, its new spearhead isn’t likely to be any more rapid than the current force. Another option exists.

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July 23, 2014