Running interference for our nuclear allies

Running interference for our nuclear allies

The contradiction between the security interests of the vast majority of states and those of the nuclear-armed states will only continue to build.

He should show its importance by establishing cabinet committee to prepare.

Canada should not just join the AIIB to improve Canadian procurement chances. We should join because it is in our overall strategic interest.

The genius of Canada, regardless of its political masters, is a tradition and a legacy of living together amidst, rather than despite, our deepest diversity.

The next steps to enhancing cross-sector collaboration requires a dialogue on Canada’s role during humanitarian disasters as well as a set of tools and training initiatives.

Canada and its Caribbean partners should jointly announce in Malta a new and more flexible mandate for their respective trade negotiators.

The Canadian Studies community outside Canada is thrilled with the appointment of Stéphane Dion as minister of Foreign Affairs.

The new Liberal government has an opportunity to leverage foreign policy initiatives by embracing a digital diplomacy that learns from other countries.

China made significant concessions that favoured the Australian side.

The fall of Kunduz symbolized the increasing might and effectiveness of the Taliban in battling an Afghan army unit.

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