Egypt under Sisi

Egypt under Sisi

The country's president needs some excuse for destroying Egypt’s democratic revolution, and the excuse is terrorism, the bigger the better.

Canada’s highest priorities should be Ukraine's corruption and economic instability, not its war effort.

Bill Gates’ visit this week is a reminder of the importance of this year. Leadership is vital in determining Canada’s future role in global development.

Bill S-219 marginalizes hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese-Canadians. This is not what we came to Canada for.

History should not be left to the victors, and the experiences of those who lost are no less valid.

Leaders see the invasion of another country as an easy short term policy. Canadians don't seem to understand the political manipulation underway.

The needs of vulnerable populations surviving a catastrophe must be the driver of any partnership between an NGO and a corporate entity.

Canada is playing a role in this new initiative set to examine the redesign of multilateral architecture.

With 1.2 million Ukrainian-Canadians, and hundreds of millions announced in support, Canada is invested in the resolution of this conflict. Any solution will require a combination of security, economic, social and democratic capacities.

Not eating enough food results in 800 million people globally facing hunger. But eating too much and the wrong kind of foods has driven more than twice as many people to be overweight or obese.

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November 26, 2014