A curious balancing act at the UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

The conviction of Radovan Karadzic is an opportunity for Canada to reaffirm its commitment to preventing such atrocities from happening again.

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Why renewing Canada’s peacekeeping commitment will be more complex than it seems.

Despite talk of even-handedness, the Liberals are staying in step with Harper.

Neither crops nor children are growing up healthy.

There can be no expectation that our military interventions will do more good than the obvious disaster they are.

Yemen was already a fragile state. This conflict, one year on, is deepening poverty and deprivation.

Officers are expected to act as warriors, psychologists, counsellors and public servants.

Canada should become far more engaged than it has in seeking a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

'It will require physical force to get some of them on the planes or boats that will take them back – enough force that there will be real casualties.'

But whether his approach is enough to get the economy rolling is an open question.

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