Zika mania in perspective

Zika mania in perspective

This recent mutation in the Zika virus is not part of the endless seesaw battle between viruses and human immune systems. It is just a random event.

Why Malaysians want to stay in Canada—temporarily

If Canada truly wants the Malaysian talent it has cultivated to stay, simplifying visas may be the first step to take.

Ensuring children’s fundamental human rights

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has taken an important step to right an historic injustice.

To maximize visibility, Canada needs clear targets for aid

Apparent increases to our ODA are not necessarily tied to programs in developing countries—and this reality is not likely to change in coming years.

Taiwan's election was important, but not a game changer

Canada supports Taiwan’s democratic institutions, but this was not the first peaceful transition of power and Canada does not need to pick sides.

Burundi, the peacekeeping test case

Simply putting Canadian troops in blue helmets into a conflict zone provides no guarantee of success.

Time to review Canada's arms export policy

Canada may be seen as a reluctant arms merchant, yet changes over the decades have allowed sales to persistent human rights violators.

Walking the talk on human rights in 2016

Our positions and declarations do matter, but they will be most convincing and effective when accompanied by specific action.

Saving the fleet

Canada is at real risk that before the CSC-class is fully ready, our navy will be compromised.

Taiwan votes for democracy

Relations between China and Taiwan will inevitably undergo recalibration.

A dinner is dandy, but a summit is strategic

A leaders' summit would present an opportunity for significant progress on regional trilateralism as a strategy.

How the TPP will improve Canada's economy

Minister Freeland must show a willingness to sign and ratify free trade agreements if she is to be taken seriously at home and abroad.

Canadians deserve a better deal on the TPP

As a former autoworker, I know first-hand how wide-scale job losses impact families and entire communities.

Canada's trade and development challenge

Canada’s trade strategy would be more effective if it included an integrated approach to trade and development.

Trade is about so much more than commerce

To deregulate when market distortions are prevalent is counterproductive and even destructive.

Are grand trade pacts doomed, or merely mistimed?

By delaying its judgement on the TPP, the new Liberal government could avoid unnecessary criticism and drama at home.

When is a trade agreement not a trade agreement?

Agreements to convey to foreign corporations rights and privileges not available to domestic corporations are not about trade.

Pragmatic multilateralism as foreign policy

It is incumbent on the Trudeau government not to involve itself in every utopian cause presented in multilateral organizations, particularly the UN.

A blueprint for integration and citizenship

Canada can avoid a Balkanized type of multiculturalism by ensuring that our immigrants are empowered and connected to their wider communities.

Don't bankroll the next foreign mine disaster

A Brazilian mine spill shows how Canadian agencies risk getting tangled up in abuses.

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