Cause for concern over TPP access to medicines

Cause for concern over TPP access to medicines

Don't sign on to another deal that would create stronger monopolies for drug companies while poor people pay the price.

Running interference for our nuclear allies

The contradiction between the security interests of the vast majority of states and those of the nuclear-armed states will only continue to build.

Step one in a new China policy: Join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Canada should not just join the AIIB to improve Canadian procurement chances. We should join because it is in our overall strategic interest.

2016 World Humanitarian Summit: A stepping stone for Trudeau

He should show its importance by establishing cabinet committee to prepare.

What's next for Canada's Office of Religious Freedom?

The genius of Canada, regardless of its political masters, is a tradition and a legacy of living together amidst, rather than despite, our deepest diversity.

Restore the ‘Understanding Canada’ program

The Canadian Studies community outside Canada is thrilled with the appointment of Stéphane Dion as minister of Foreign Affairs.

Making trade and development a priority for the Commonwealth

Canada and its Caribbean partners should jointly announce in Malta a new and more flexible mandate for their respective trade negotiators.

The way forward for Canadian digital diplomacy

The new Liberal government has an opportunity to leverage foreign policy initiatives by embracing a digital diplomacy that learns from other countries.

Leverage the private sector to save more lives during emergencies

The next steps to enhancing cross-sector collaboration requires a dialogue on Canada’s role during humanitarian disasters as well as a set of tools and training initiatives.

Forging a Canada-China trade deal: Lessons from Australia

China made significant concessions that favoured the Australian side.

Future interventions mean studying Afghanistan failures

The fall of Kunduz symbolized the increasing might and effectiveness of the Taliban in battling an Afghan army unit.

G20 summit: Ready for a fresh agenda and style?

This is maybe the fourth year of discussions on tax evasion and perhaps the eighth year on new rules to control the mega-banks that led to the global crisis. On each, progress is glacial.

Powering the growth of electricity systems worldwide

It is in our own commercial and social interest to use our expertise in the massive build-out of electric grids around the world, and further, to ensure that these new grids are based on the cleanest possible energy.

Unfinished business in the South China Sea

Canada is in a strong position to help craft a lasting accommodation between parties to the dispute.

The challenges Canada's new development minister will face

Development co-operation is an inherently risky game, and the new minister should be told that being bold is essential.

An open letter to the new minister of international development

Beyond civil society, we look forward to engaging with you and your department on a positive and renewed role for Canada.

Hotline Ping: Cyber security gets an arms control channel

Will it be a fresh start or a false start for global cyber security after the Obama-Xi summit?

Five steps to renew Canada’s global refugee leadership

Delivering on these promises is commendable, but will be a challenge.

Effective responses to vitriol and violence

Our political alliance and apologies for the Netanyahu regime have put us out of step with world leaders.

A common North American future

As with any change in government, a window of opportunity emerges to work together.

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