A time of remembrance, and forgetting

A time of remembrance, and forgetting

What elements previously associated with Canadian global engagement might have been lost or forgotten?

From TPP to FTAAP: The stakes for Canada

The government should push for quick completion of the TPP trade deal.

Fear and loathing in the Middle East

Foreign fighters for the Islamic State bear some resemblance to the Spanish Civil War fighters of the 1930s.

Explore the grape walls of China

More Chinese are drinking wine and producing fine bottles too.

Mining meets theology in action

New CSR counsellor needs to heal the black eye Canada’s reputation has received.

A powerful tool for the world’s least powerful people

Canada should ratify the Third Optional Protocol to help enforce child rights internationally.

There’s no new Cold War

Russia is not the Soviet Union. It occasionally grabs a bit of territory that isn’t covered by a NATO guarantee, but it dares not go any further.

Protected faster, or fewer protected? The peril of ‘safe’ countries

Why we don’t need a list of safe countries to make Canada’s refugee system work quickly and fairly.

Selling to Canadians to sell to the world

The wine was flowing at DFATD last week.

West Africa needs science, not politics

The government is following a 16th-century approach to infectious disease.

Climate change, poverty lose out to 'shirt-fronting' at G20

Stuck with busy work, the real issues get pushed aside.

When women thrive, we all benefit

We believe that women’s rights must be an election issue, and we are calling on all federal parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better, in Canada and abroad.

Risky to compare IS leader to Hitler, Stalin

The West should be open to working with ideological competitors such as Iran.

Will temporary foreign worker changes help?

Budget bill includes tweaks affecting provinces. To improve the troubled program, more provincial-federal co-operation is needed.

Amid political tumult, Ukraine’s wine culture flourishes

A big portion of its wine production was in Crimea, now claimed by Russia.

Our generation-defining struggle is not against the Islamic State

While fighting terrorists is necessary, it won’t do much to solve problems of employment and opportunity.

Farming, families and the future

What tools are needed for family farms to survive?

‘Cracks in the policy:’ Human rights commission probes Canada on mining

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asks Canada to account for cases that fall through the cracks.

How can we stop more attacks?

Responses may be as varied as the assailants themselves.

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