Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

Feeding nine billion by 2050? Canada can help

It is a sad truth that many smallholder farmers in poor countries today struggle to feed themselves while also supplying local markets.

Targeting neglected tropical diseases key to Canada’s development priorities

These diseases touch the same target population that Canada aims to reach through its maternal and child health agenda.

A passion for pinot

Thanks to food and wine, Mr. Oliver says he is more busy in retirement than he was when he was in the Senate.

Strategy first, spending second for Canadian military

Deploying to Iraq actually contradicts many of the principles in Canada's current defence strategy.

Our problems are global and require global governance

We can take actions at home that improve lives, but ultimately we will have to find new ways to ensure globalization works for all.

Celebrating UN Day of the Girl with a chicken leg

Growing up in India, I distinctly remember that men were served food first. I learnt early on: chicken was cooked on special events; chicken wasn’t cheap; women were.

At Hong Kong protests, Canadians are highly visible

The minister’s recent statements show he knows what is going on or he trusts a skilled team in Hong Kong—or both. But how far will he go to support the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong?

Rebuilding trust at the WTO

India’s scuttling of what could have been the first WTO multilateral deal in nearly 20 years is a sign of larger problems in the trade club.

Why Canada is losing the oil sands public relations war

Unless there are strong measures to improve the energy industry's environmental performance, public relations efforts will continue to fall short.

Canada can do more to fight Ebola

This is the largest Ebola outbreak in 40 years. Canada's overall contribution so far of $35 million needs to be increased.

The silent war in Ukraine

If peace has been declared, why have so many been killed since then?

Trade, innovation reap rewards for farmers

Under the EU deal, 95 per cent of agricultural tariff lines for the world’s largest importer of agriculture and agri-food products will be duty-free.

Canada and the world, from our fields to your plate

Supply management provides safe food and stable prices for farmers and consumers.

Botswana: A success story gone sour

In the lead-up to Oct. 24 elections, the southern African country is experiencing a disturbing regression of democracy.

More follow-up, less photo ops

As a result of the minister dragging his feet, Canadian consumers could face increased prices.

Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program threaten progress on trade

To take advantage of new trade agreements, domestic policy will need to align with foreign policy.

Food is the key to sustainable development

A crucial shortcoming to the world achieving greater progress on the MDGs were its compartmentalized actions.

Why Iraq 2014 is not Iraq 2003

On both security and humanitarian grounds, military intervention is justified now in a way the 2003 invasion never was.

Securing new trade deals are just the tip of the iceberg

A comparatively low corporate tax structure certainly helps, as do other steps.

We are ignoring the climate change threat to food production

Disappearing Arctic ice has created more extreme storms around the world.

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