Space's rules of the road

Space's rules of the road

At outer space code of conduct talks in July, the Canadians tried to walk the narrow line between the BRICS and American positions.

Are the 'No Ones' again being 'Left Behind'?

One-time liberal voices amongst Western donors, like Canada, were almost as defensive on increasing aid volume as traditional misers.

Celebrating each day without nuclear tests

Nuclear co-operation is one of the key areas of partnership between Kazakhstan and Canada.

No end in sight: The humanitarian crisis of refugees from Myanmar

While funding basic services is important, Canada could be doing more to solve this refugee crisis.

Seventy years after Hiroshima, it’s high time to ban the bomb

In this struggle, Canada stands not with those that believe nuclear disarmament is long overdue, but with the few that still question a ban.

Talking God in foreign policy this election

Religion needs to be on the agenda alongside pipelines and the TPP, as an equal, major issue.

Syria: Distance should not mean indifference

Syrian refugees are a collective international responsibility.

New approaches to trade promotion can help business succeed abroad

We must help businesses overcome the risks and obstacles that may prevent them from seizing new opportunities.

The UN: Lecture and leave or stay and play?

As the campaign buses rev, it’s time to think about where Canada can improve its behaviour.

Privatizing Canadian generosity

A promising new way to boost aid, or a fig leaf to disguise Canada’s disengagement from fighting global poverty?

'A fatwa has been issued against you'

Legitimate comments add to the debate and are welcomed—but this was a personal threat.

Middle East realities out of sync with Western responses

Western military mechanisms, no matter how effective, cannot address basic human needs for legitimate government, physical security or social and economic development.

Canada, the US and TPP: Peeing on Harper’s election bus

War of words on dairy comes amid chilly Harper-Obama ties.

Flora MacDonald: A grand life and a great human

Flora was not only a trailblazer, she was also a role model for a whole generation.

Cutting working-holiday quotas would hurt Canadian farms

For more than 20 years our Saskatchewan family farm has employed young farmers from around the world through the program. It helps our farm economy, boosts our tourism industry and strengthens our image abroad.

Turkey joins the war—sort of

There was rejoicing in Washington, but there may be less to this change than meets the eye.

Chattanooga, by any other name

The violence that is now hidden by our simplistic use of the word "terrorism" will continue.

Tough jobs ahead for new Canada, US military chiefs

A look at how the two roles compare.

Grexit is not a solution

On paper, it's easy. But what about the people and the social cohesion of the country?

Europe now needs statesmen, not bankers

The risk for Europe is not so much financial but political contagion.

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