North Korea’s nukes

North Korea’s nukes

What does North Korea intend to do with its nuclear weapons? There are no safe assumptions.

The lure of the Fatherland

Georgia, Moldova and especially Ukraine are, in their modern iterations, incapable of developing and implementing policies that can overcome the strong irredentist urging of the people affected.

Canada can’t take a free and open Internet for granted

The future governance of the Internet is at stake in a process set to end this year.

Concerns raised over mining lawsuit against El Salvador

Critics raise environmental worries, but OceanaGold says it met necessary regulatory requirements.

A Canadian defence and security policy for the 21st century

UN peacekeeping cannot begin to live up to its potential unless it has the resources to do the job.

Harper's pre-election Iraq photo-op

Caught up in the sudden adventure, no one seemed to ask Harper just why he felt it necessary to use so many military resources for the trip.

Values form the basis of defence ties

Thousands of kilometres away from their respective homes, we witness the basis of our countries' relations in action.

Despite frank disagreements, Palestinian-Canadian ties have strengthened

Palestinians have received more aid from Canada in the past six years than ever before, says departing rep.

Agriculture confronts climate disruption

Farming is both part of the problem and solution. So what should Canadians do?

Canada and Australia: Defence and security partners in Asia

We have been working together fighting in defence of our values and interests for more than a century.

Setting the conditions for international defence co-operation

The more complex the co-operation model, the more interdependencies occur.

Winning the battles of innovation and adaptation

The increased number of modern-day engagements, in addition to their diversity and complexity, require that we develop operating methods and capacities that allow us to carry out a wide spectrum of possible missions.

Will the Korean War remain 'forgotten'?

Now is the time to seriously consider ways in which to preserve and carry on the legacy of the Korean War veterans of Canada to the next generation of Canadians.

Pay tribute by avoiding war

No one questions the need to respond powerfully to safeguard the migrants.

Canada's effective Twiplomacy

Foreign Affairs has achieved an excellent Twitter presence, according to twiplomacy.com.

Parsing Abe’s trip to Washington

Canadians should pay attention to Japan’s updated defence relationship with the US.

Canada's unjustifiable absence from the global Arms Trade Treaty process

Why has Canada refused to partner with the majority of the world’s states in supporting this deal?

Multinationals, SMEs must team up for success in Asia

The help needed for many Canadian small businesses to reach full export potential in Asia cannot be achieved by government support alone.

Canada's nuclear non-proliferation role

States like Canada will be expected to work hard to ensure that an upcoming conference has some veneer of success.

Afghanistan: How times have changed

The refusal to accept a visit by Ghani and Abdullah demonstrates how shallow our commitment was.

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