Canada should champion water, sanitation and hygiene

Canada should champion water, sanitation and hygiene

Reflections on this month's World Water Week in Sweden.

The case for science diplomacy

Canada can be a bigger player in the global science theatre.

Inside Putin's mind

We need to understand better the world view and goals of Russia's leader.

Ebola is Canada's responsibility in Sierra Leone

Since Canada’s failure to win a UN Security Council term, Sierra Leone has provided the main opportunity for Canada to address the global security forum.

The major powers must unite behind the UN

The failure of the major powers to overcome their narrow, short-term interests has crippled the UN’s ability to enforce the peace and security of the world.

Migration is the real story

Central America's children at America's doorstep; Israel's battles with Gaza; Russia's strong-arming of Ukraine—they're all connected by this little-understood phenomenon.

Canada needs stronger relations with Mexico

A return to soft power could help Canada step ahead with the burgeoning economic force.

Time to move on International Education Strategy

Far from a luxury, industry needs students to have global experiences, to gain a cultural awareness that can’t come from a textbook.

Cold war or common security—our choice

As NATO can only deploy forces once it has the political consensus of its members, its new spearhead isn’t likely to be any more rapid than the current force. Another option exists.

Let's move from dangerous military posturing to serious negotiations

Opinion leaders appear to be demanding that NATO ramp up the very military posturing that could bring war ever closer.

Why Pakistan should stay a Canadian aid priority

Canada seeks greater equality for women and to lower the number of child and forced marriages. Yet scrapping Pakistan as a focus country is a step in the wrong direction.

Canada should do more to help Iraq

Support refugees, impose sanctions and flex diplomatic muscles on Iraq's neighbours.

What remains unlearned from the First World War

Perspectives of peace advocates, other civil society groups and women were dismissed at the time and continue to be under-represented in mainstream histories.

Israel, Hamas restart the dance of death

In terms of domestic politics, both sides have already accomplished what they came for—but since neither can acknowledge publicly that that’s all the war was really about, they end up raising wholly unrealistic demands at the ceasefire talks. And the war continues.

Understanding Russia’s proxy war in eastern Ukraine

Canada should send more material and financial support.

The key to Canadian prosperity is processing before exporting

We urgently need decisive political leadership to design and implement value-added policies.

We must do more to prevent wars from degenerating into barbarism

150 years ago, the first Geneva Convention enshrined the idea in international law that even during war, a certain degree of humanity must be preserved. That’s easier said than done.

How we ended up with such a mess in Iraq

Both there and in Afghanistan, the US relied too much on military solutions and too little on political reconciliation, writes Haroon Siddiqui.

Developing new medicines takes time

It takes more than a decade of research, development and testing to bring a new medication to market. With treatments and vaccines for Ebola, we are close, but still not there yet.

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