Greek 'no' means European dilemma

Greek 'no' means European dilemma

Greece has no choice but to make difficult structural reforms, but the EU also needs to reexamine the euro.

A Greek default, a European tragedy

The Greek government failed to negotiate effectively, but European partners also refused to budge on debt relief.

MDGs to SDGs: Most vulnerable children at risk with new global goals

Canada’s influence critical to ensuring they are not forgotten.

Asia: Beyond trade, Canada must boost security

It should show a stronger, more consistent commitment to Asia.

Our migratory world

Today’s conflicts and resulting migrations differ little from those of our ancestors.

The uncompromising state of Canada's relations with Vietnam

Canada’s distance with Vietnam can allow Ottawa to speak bluntly on sensitive matters when dealing with Hanoi.

YouTube diplomacy can, and must be accomplished

Canada's heads of mission must reach into their countries of accreditation with Canada's messages. This is easily achievable via YouTube.

Aid strategy should involve immigrant communities

They understand the culture, bureaucracies; speak the language.

The global grain rush

Is Canada going to benefit, or will we wonder why we gave away a national treasure?

Protecting an Arctic jewel

As economic activity increases in Canada’s North, so does the need to protect its most ecologically sensitive areas, like Lancaster Sound.

The human value of refugees

EU to follow Canada in developing evidence-based guidance for migrants and refugees.

How Canada can regain its prestige as a foreign aid leader

Impact investing links public, private money for the public good.

Brazil example shows where higher-ed ties can take us

University leaders visiting Canada this week.

Canada should prep for life after Iran sanctions

A final nuclear deal will present Canada with the chance to be a player in an era of renewed relations between the West and Iran.

EU looks forward to Canada’s constructive participation in Paris climate talks

The 28-country union is set to mark Climate Diplomacy Day on June 17.

Shoppers want to stop fuelling child labour—and a law would help

The UK and California passed laws requiring businesses to publicly report on their efforts to address human rights and child labour in their supply chains. Canada could do the same.

Angela Merkel's G7, tired and aimless leadership

Ms. Merkel as chair tried, but largely failed, to get her colleagues to focus on the cycle of key global events where real leadership is essential.

Canadian diplomacy and the challenge of Facebook

There is a fundamental difference between developing foreign policy and implementing it.

The vital link between agriculture and nutrition

Canada could do much more. It should restore aid for agriculture to at least $450 million per year.

Canadian values are Ukrainian values

Canada stands among Ukraine’s greatest friends. Why Canada? It says as much about the challenges that Ukraine faces internationally as it does about the leadership of the Canadian government.

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