Stand by Iraq for the sake of your own people

Stand by Iraq for the sake of your own people

Iraq's ambassador to Canada calls upon the international community to help stop terrorism.

Collateral damage or mass murder?

The US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with 290 people aboard in 1988. Yet that incident was treated very differently than the MH17 tragedy.

Trade and human rights: not an either-or proposition

Through aid and trade, Canada stands to help Honduras tackle its many challenges.

Want to really support Israel? Drop the partisan sniping

Real leadership requires that the government work with the opposition and release a joint statement in support of the Israeli cause.

Disasters and dividends: An Asia-Pacific strategy for Canada

Canada must define a new strategy to help with regional security.

Not all foreign investment is created equal

The greatest benefits of foreign ownership come when foreign companies or investors are invested in Canada as a whole—not just trying to squeeze as much profit out of our economy as possible.

The politicization of foreign investment

There’s no doubt that extraordinary steps like these have not traditionally been on transaction planning charts, but this is the new world.

Transparency needed for investment rules

The exasperated vow of Naguib Sawiris is another example of Canada’s foggy foreign investment framework in action.

Senate screw-ups detract from foreign policy

And trying to fix the upper chamber means complicated constitutional contortions.

Re-focusing Canadian aid: Much ado about nothing

Debating whether Burma or Burkina Faso should be on the list detracts from the real issues: Aid fragmentation and effectiveness.

Brave new world: Election monitoring in the digital age

Reflections on Canada’s 2014 Ukraine experience.

Gaza: Democracy versus terror

As we held our fire for six long hours, rockets from Gaza continued to rain down.

Cherry picking the facts with Ballistic Missile Defence

The Senate committee's report makes some key assertions without substantiation and ignores other relevant factors.

Toxic fallout: The Heyman-McKenna exchange

The Canada-US ambassadorial pair’s public duel displayed the frayed relations between the two countries.

Why far-right nativist political parties stand no chance in Canada

Because Canada survived the recession okay? Because its people are naturally more tolerant? Not so fast, writes James Yan.

Humanitarian aid system needs aid itself

New report details recurring problems such as response gaps in areas hardest to reach.

Refugee health fight will carry on to the ballot box

When our government acts badly, the final role is not for the courts, it is for citizens.

Honduras deal: Another example of Canada’s poor record on trade and human rights

Commercial interests have again trumped human rights concerns, like they did three years ago with the Colombia trade deal.

Myanmar: The ‘next economic frontier’ for Canadians

Trade delegation’s June visit to Canada highlights that both sides are itching to do business.

So much for Canada's generosity to refugees

Columnist Carol Goar writes that the government's falling acceptance of displaced people, its tightening of health-care benefits and other actions show its claims of generosity aren't valid.

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