Eliminate airport rents and pass on the savings to passengers

Eliminate airport rents and pass on the savings to passengers

The federal government is using our air transportation sector as a cash cow.

When the Russians leave

What is the Russian endgame and their exit strategy?

Canadian international development professionals need to travel—and deserve the vote

These professionals are often the very instrument through which foreign policy is implemented.

Fictional memoir of a boat person rings true

The author relies on her own background to the extent that I was sure in the first pages that I was reading an autobiography.

Canada should not turn a deaf ear to refugees

Instead of being a measure of statesmanship of our political leaders, the crisis became a tool in Canada's election campaign.

We can do better, Canada

Our leadership on maternal and newborn child health is laudable, but we have slipped on addressing climate change and poverty at home and abroad.

Launching the blueprint for the next generation

There has been real progress. Many millions now enjoy a quality of life never imagined by previous generations. However, others have been left behind.

Change that speaks of a worthy future

We need change, but not just the tinkering currently being proposed by those who seek to lead us.

Transcendent: My visit with Pope Francis

I walked a full block jammed with blue-shirted NYPD officers, security and news vehicles. Then, a sergeant spotted me. “Come with me,” he said.

Accelerating key health gains in Africa

Canada has a role to play under the new global Sustainable Development Goals.

Munk Debate: How will Canada help the most vulnerable?

This isn’t just an opportunity for politicians to position themselves, it is our chance to envision the contribution we all can make.

Munk Debate: A new agenda challenges Canada to increase its ambition

Realizing the SDGs will be no easy feat, but we must rise to the occasion.

The Russians are coming

The fundamental question now is whether to drop the demand that the Assad regime go.

Has Canada’s foreign policy under Mr. Harper been effective?

The government scores poorly on effectiveness in at least three areas.

Myanmar floods and leadership through NGOs

I was pleased to be involved with Canadian international relief organization Global Medic in responding to the crisis in Myanmar.

Baltic vulnerability dramatically overstated

Except for Kuwait, all post-Cold War invasions have occurred during conditions of advanced internal division and crisis. That doesn't describe the Baltic States.

'Where is Canada?' My tour of shame investigating the Syrian refugee crisis

Discrimination against refugees on the basis of their religion goes against fundamental principles of refugee protection and is unacceptable for a country presenting itself as an international leader of human rights.

Munk Debate: Party leaders need to articulate a role for Canada in the world

The first topic should be each party’s vision of the broad strokes underpinning Canadian foreign policy in the 21st century.

How to start repairing Canada's global standing

Here are some steps Canada could take after the election that would send important signals that Canada is back in the game.

Meeting the needs of Syria's displaced children

A Senate committee report reveals general agreement among experts that any attempt to change the mandates of UNHCR and UNICEF risks doing more damage than good.

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