Africa’s economic development depends on improved nutrition

Africaâs economic development depends on improved nutrition

The deficits created by childhood malnutrition can permanently suppress a person's long-term earnings potential.

Greece's radical rise

Greece's Coalition of the Radical Left is an ideological grab-bag of democratic socialists, Eurocommunists, Greens, Maoists, Trotskyists and assorted populists, but in Alexis Tsipras it has a young charismatic leader.

The humanitarian impact on the nuclear weapons treaty

The five nuclear weapon states have been less than enthusiastic about the humanitarian initiative.

Canada's international education strategy one year later

Some great achievements are balanced out by work still to be done.

Saudi arms deal makes mockery of Canadian values

The Harper government has generally been shockingly silent over the manifold Saudi misdeeds.

Look further afield for Canadian policing lessons

A new report includes both instructive content and significant shortfalls. The authors should have looked more to what the UN and other international groups are doing on security-sector reform.

Pay as you go

An excerpt of Alena Schram's new book, The Opinionated Old Cow: Ruminations from the Field. One of many tales of a diplomatic spouse.

Three months a year

Everybody assumes that lifespan grew much faster in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but it has actually plodded along at the same rate.

Boat people bill honours a great humanitarian event

The Canadian experience shows that wounds aren’t healed by being ignored.

Part of the inequality problem

In Canada, the top 10 per cent of the population holds more wealth than the rest of the population combined.

2015: Setting a new global development agenda

Countries will spend the next nine months hashing out a successor to the Millennium Development Goals.

How to boost Canada-China business ties

Politicians can do more. But businesses must also remember that whatever the state of government ties, commercial contracts are driven by providing value, quality and service to customers.

Take lessons learned from Cuba to Iran

Canada must plan for the eventual normalization of ties with the Islamic republic.

New hope for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Surprise election results offer a chance for change.

Keep poverty alleviation on the radar

Election fever is creeping up. Through the avalanche of political ads and messages, will the voice of the world’s poor be heard at all?

Asylum-seekers: The limits of tolerance in Europe

Even in fairly open countries like Sweden and Germany, anti-immigrant sentiment is being laid bare.

Ukraine, Iraq promise more violence and volatility in 2015

Neither Ukraine's massive debt nor Iraq's factional divisions will be easily resolved, but both need to be tackled.

Putin’s Russia is not Hitler’s Germany, but—

There are some similarities between the two.

Taiwan’s inclusion in the TPP could be Canada’s win

The TPP without Taiwan will generate limited economic gains because most countries involved already have free trade agreements with each other.

The hostage dilemma

In the shadows there is an array of examples of governments who do pay to have their citizens released—or at least facilitate the payment of ransom by intermediaries.

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