A curious balancing act at the UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

The conviction of Radovan Karadzic is an opportunity for Canada to reaffirm its commitment to preventing such atrocities from happening again.

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Boosting UN peace operations: Proceed with caution

Why renewing Canada’s peacekeeping commitment will be more complex than it seems.

Trudeau and Israel/Palestine: Paragon of progressives or much ado about nothing?

Despite talk of even-handedness, the Liberals are staying in step with Harper.

Ten million children in Yemen paying the price for an adult’s war

Yemen was already a fragile state. This conflict, one year on, is deepening poverty and deprivation.

Drought tightens the screws on Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable

Neither crops nor children are growing up healthy.

Our disastrous military interventions

There can be no expectation that our military interventions will do more good than the obvious disaster they are.

Stretching the thin blue line even thinner

Officers are expected to act as warriors, psychologists, counsellors and public servants.

The search for stability in Eastern Europe: Policy options for Canada

Canada should become far more engaged than it has in seeking a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine.

Why the EU-Turkey migrant deal will blow up in everybody’s face

'It will require physical force to get some of them on the planes or boats that will take them back – enough force that there will be real casualties.'

Let them eat cash

Instead of providing food, more and more aid agencies give people money.

How many more must die in Honduras?

Environmentalists’ deaths should be wake-up call to investor countries like Canada.

Can Canadian diplomatic leadership be restored?

An answer in five uneasy pieces, for the poetry of international relations and the plumbing of diplomacy.

Beyond the deficit fixation: Morneau reaffirms federal role in Canada

But whether his approach is enough to get the economy rolling is an open question.

Canadians overseas need help

The government can pick and choose which Canadians it will and won’t help. That should change.

The budget Easter bunny should make the rounds in Asia

Stimulus spending should account for the rising region.

A vested interest in the land and water

Indigenous peoples, an untapped, neglected on-the-land asset.

We admire Meyer

Outgoing managing editor Carl Meyer has the rare ability to show a steel backbone without losing the smile on his face.

A changing Asia, especially for women

Women are the driving force of change in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Canada: Back in the Arms Control and Disarmament Game?

Canada must be ready to bring real substance to the table.

Taking flight and pushing off with jet and bunker fuel taxes

Only the federal government can take action on aviation and maritime shipping emissions.

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