Turkey joins the war—sort of

Turkey joins the war—sort of

There was rejoicing in Washington, but there may be less to this change than meets the eye.

Chattanooga, by any other name

The violence that is now hidden by our simplistic use of the word "terrorism" will continue.

Tough jobs ahead for new Canada, US military chiefs

A look at how the two roles compare.

Grexit is not a solution

On paper, it's easy. But what about the people and the social cohesion of the country?

Vietnam: Old enemy, new friend

Canada has had little to do with the broad scope of US initiatives in Asia apart from the TPP.

Europe now needs statesmen, not bankers

The risk for Europe is not so much financial but political contagion.

The generals win again

Aung San Suu Kyi used to be a symbolic leader; now she has to get her hands dirty.

Greece and the Euro: What now?

Why didn’t the IMF blow the whistle on this long ago?

Canada and the Asia Pacific: Unsteady interest and opportunities lost

The price of neglect, ineptitude and underperformance has been high.

Alligators in the swamp

Will Canada play its part in achieving the important goal of ending hunger?

Not that lame a duck

Fortunately, there are signs the US has not only survived the Obama presidency but has prospered.

Some suggestions for Canadian e-diplomacy

Each Canadian embassy should meld its Facebook page with its home page to bring the website to life.

The government should support the independent study of Canada

Canada has been, is, and will always be built upon many perspectives.

Greek 'no' means European dilemma

Greece has no choice but to make difficult structural reforms, but the EU also needs to reexamine the euro.

A Greek default, a European tragedy

The Greek government failed to negotiate effectively, but European partners also refused to budge on debt relief.

MDGs to SDGs: Most vulnerable children at risk with new global goals

Canada’s influence critical to ensuring they are not forgotten.

Asia: Beyond trade, Canada must boost security

It should show a stronger, more consistent commitment to Asia.

Our migratory world

Today’s conflicts and resulting migrations differ little from those of our ancestors.

The uncompromising state of Canada's relations with Vietnam

Canada’s distance with Vietnam can allow Ottawa to speak bluntly on sensitive matters when dealing with Hanoi.

YouTube diplomacy can, and must be accomplished

Canada's heads of mission must reach into their countries of accreditation with Canada's messages. This is easily achievable via YouTube.

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