A Greek default, a European tragedy

A Greek default, a European tragedy

The Greek government failed to negotiate effectively, but European partners also refused to budge on debt relief.

Trade services must be more accessible: Senate reports

One-stop shop or 'concierge service' would help, say senators.

A 'canary in the coal mine' for Arctic development

Feds to rule on foreign-owned mining megaproject on Baffin Island.

Nova Scotia lets interprovincial wine imports flow

How might it affect sales of foreign wine?

CETA: Caught between Canadian business, EU politicians

France lays down ultimatum on investor arbitration.

Asia: Beyond trade, Canada must boost security

It should show a stronger, more consistent commitment to Asia.

DFATD broke rules, left years of audits unpublished

Department to post them by month's end, it says.

The global grain rush

Is Canada going to benefit, or will we wonder why we gave away a national treasure?

Cuba on the hunt for Canadian investment

Don’t bet on a Canadian advantage if the US enters the market: Adviser.

Protecting an Arctic jewel

As economic activity increases in Canada’s North, so does the need to protect its most ecologically sensitive areas, like Lancaster Sound.

Canada has stayed out of TPA debate, feds insist

‘A lot to be done’ before Pacific trade talks are completed.

Foreign Affairs broke rules by leaving years of audit reports unpublished

Department admits fault, expects to post them by end of month.

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