Ritz stands his ground on TPP, says deal will have ‘zero negative impact’ on supply management

Ritz stands his ground on TPP, says deal will have âzero negative impactâ on supply management

Ritz says feds will pay back producers who demonstrated any losses resulting from potential concessions made during the talks.

Munk Debate: Foreign policy gets its moment

Leaders attack each other on ISIS, refugees, Bill C-51, climate change.

The definitive list of Munk Debate zingers

The good, the bad and the ugly one-liners from the party leaders.

What wasn't talked about at the Munk Debate

China. The Saudi arms deal. UN development goals. Fighter jets. Veterans. The niqab.

Canada misses the cut for EU’s proposed investor-state dispute court

NDP government would look closely at joining: Davies.

Munk Debate: Your foreign policy primer

Conservatives, NDP and Liberals on the issues—and lots of links to Embassy stories—so you can prepare for the Sept. 28 debate.

TPP, trade issues won't affect election, say analysts—but Unifor disagrees

Union calls on Tory candidates in auto ridings to say where they stand on trans-pacific deal.

Deficits? No big deal, say international business groups

Infrastructure spending said to be needed to boost trade.

Why other countries hate Canada’s alcohol laws

Some Canadian laws, practices violate trade law: Lawyers.

Munk Debate: Party leaders need to articulate a role for Canada in the world

The first topic should be each party’s vision of the broad strokes underpinning Canadian foreign policy in the 21st century.

Auto talks underway as TPP clock ticks down

Negotiators must meet before October, says Mexican ambassador.

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