Wine in India has potential, but hurdles to cross

Wine in India has potential, but hurdles to cross

The market is growing, but imported bottles are taxed so heavily that only the rich can afford them.

Merger has DFATD staff set to move Gatineau, Ottawa offices

Some employees concerned about home-life effects of shuffle of corporate services to Gatineau and programming to Ottawa.

Visas on St. Lucia stay despite changed passport system

Canada cites other concerns about high immigration violation rates, asylum claims from Caribbean island state.

The 'oil war'

When the oil price collapses, countries that depend heavily on oil exports to make ends meet are obviously going to get hurt. But is the US really out to get Venezuela, as its president claims?

Feds ‘unavailable’ to discuss CETA rift, say Newfoundland reps

Both sides standing firm over disputed fisheries fund.

Canada courts trade pact with Ukraine as war escalates

Ukraine in a state of 'undeclared war,' wants Canadian investment in oil and gas, says top diplomat.

Religion runs through the rate cut

How the late Saudi king changed my mortgage rate.

CETA withdrawal is Newfoundland’s loss, say trade experts

Dispute over compensation for province’s seafood industry could lead to Canada-EU arbitration if left unresolved.

Three Amigos summit delay a missed opportunity

Harper could have used it to pressure Mexico on human rights.

Middling grades on ministerial report cards

Baird tops the pack, with Nicholson trailing.

Asia-Pacific a top priority for Hogan at Trade

PM will continue to look to Christine Hogan for advice following her PCO departure, say former colleagues.

How to boost Canada-China business ties

Politicians can do more. But businesses must also remember that whatever the state of government ties, commercial contracts are driven by providing value, quality and service to customers.

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