Canada, EU prepare September summit, raising hopes for CETA

Canada, EU prepare September summit, raising hopes for CETA

Top negotiators have been meeting in Brussels this week to hammer out what are now described as remaining legalistic issues.

Canada warms to mining-hotspot Madagascar

Fast first Canadian minister to visit post-coup Indian Ocean nation.

Canada pitched trade deal in principle to Caribbean Community: Sources

Deadline passes as Caribbean nations hash out details.

Honduras deal: Another example of Canada’s poor record on trade and human rights

Commercial interests have again trumped human rights concerns, like they did three years ago with the Colombia trade deal.

Myanmar: The ‘next economic frontier’ for Canadians

Trade delegation’s June visit to Canada highlights that both sides are itching to do business.

India in a hurry to boost trade, investment: Envoy

Canada has old ties to new Indian government.

Asia-Pacific dispute should not go unnoticed

If Canada is intent on establishing a presence in the region, it should aspire to do more than ship oil to Asian markets.

New AV treaty helps put the indie in India

Deal raises Canada’s profile with new Indian leader, says business council.

Heyman cries foul on counterfeit bill

Extra inspections too pricey, say feds.

The TPP: Doomed to fail?

Don’t just blame the stalling on US-Japan agricultural hurdles.

‘We welcome Chinese investment, including from SOEs’

Canada’s ambassador to China deals head on with ‘misperceptions.’

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