Low dollar not enough to spur growth, say economists

Low dollar not enough to spur growth, say economists

Infrastructure, cheap airports on business wish list for next government.

Global traders vying to join Parliament

Defence tech exporter, trade consultant among newbie candidates.

EDC offers to help build Ghanaian export development bank

Ghana looks to Canadian business to help tilt its trade balance.

Fracking is winning

The Saudis are losing this battle, and it's because of two mistakes.

The slow, complicated shift to ‘single window’ trade service

Getting it wrong would damage economy, says CME.

Thwarted at home, Ontario winery sets up shop in China

Ninety per cent of Vineland Estates’ icewine production goes to China.

New approaches to trade promotion can help business succeed abroad

We must help businesses overcome the risks and obstacles that may prevent them from seizing new opportunities.

Those new foreign trade zones? They're more like teams

New zones in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Halifax about 'marketing,' not geography, say analysts.

Industry calls nuclear regulations 'out of step' with reality

Cut out duplication, say uranium mining and power plant companies.

Here's what irritates other countries about Canadian trade

Supply management, trade probes top list of complaints from WTO partners; Canada promises little change in response.

TPP spin cycle hits overdrive

Tactics typical for trade talks: Analysts.

High risk of dirty money in Canadian real estate, says report ordered by financial intel agency

Experts agree, but lack of data means analysis is difficult.

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