A tale of two trade deals

A tale of two trade deals

Leaders say everything is on track at the Canada-EU summit, but storm clouds from Germany have emboldened CETA opponents.

Merger creating human resources headaches at Foreign Affairs

One proposal suggests merging five job categories into one, which could affect salaries, union make-up.

EU wins political-deal clause that could suspend trade deal

Clause linking human rights to trade included in deal: EU officials.

Top Canadian oil firms absent from World Bank carbon price declaration

Shell, BP, Statoil and CNOOC among oil and gas industry signatories calling for carbon pricing.

CETA at the Canada-EU Summit: Photo-ops and election strategy

Lame-duck Barroso visits campaigner Harper.

Canadian mining in Guatemala: Human rights at risk

Canada must adopt binding human rights standards for companies operating abroad.

‘Symbolic’ summit to mark end of CETA talks

Don't expect the deal to be signed, sealed and delivered any time soon, though.

The good, the bad, and the stalled

Our perennial guide to Canada’s trade talks.

Ten committees to watch this fall

Protection of women in Canada’s immigration system, security in Asia-Pacific, international financial system integrity top committee agendas.

This sitting's burning foreign affairs issues

From Iraq to China, it's set to be a busy fall.

Solution to Canada-EU seal ban feud closer, officials say

Development would remove major irritant, but details of a potential compromise remain uncertain.

Canada quiet on shariah law in Brunei

NDP trade critic calls Harper government’s decision to spare Brunei from rebuke ‘inconsistent, hypocritical’

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