Liberal, Tory, NDP MPs pan protectionist talk by Trump, Sanders

Liberal, Tory, NDP MPs pan protectionist talk by Trump, Sanders

‘Good politics, but it’s terrible policy,’ says Tory MP Ritz of Trump.

Tory MPs push Liberals on China’s canola crackdown

About one-third of Canadian canola exports go to China. 'This is not a small thing for us, it’s very big': China Institute chief.

Beyond the deficit fixation: Morneau reaffirms federal role in Canada

But whether his approach is enough to get the economy rolling is an open question.

Le Pen’s presence spiked Bombardier meeting, says EU legislator

Aerospace giant lacked ‘capacity’ to meet entire delegation, says spokesperson.

How many more must die in Honduras?

Environmentalists’ deaths should be wake-up call to investor countries like Canada.

On a day marred by tragedy, EU politicians praise revised CETA

European trade committee chair happy about progress but concerned Canada hasn’t ratified labour convention.

Is there still a business case for pipelines?

Economists are split on the need for oil pipelines from Alberta to the oceans.

Trudeau trade mission still unconfirmed

PMO, embassies mum on details.

EU states likely to ratify trade deal, top Canadian negotiator predicts

Deal would still stand if Brexit is carried out, says Verheul.

Tories play pipeline politics with new transport review

Liberals promise to consult widely, Conservatives decry over-consultation and NDP worry about who's being consulted.

Lukewarm reception for new EU trade deal investor rules

Canada agrees to new system for choosing international arbitrators.

Harmonizing the rules of agri-food trade

In the TPP, the role of standards and common rules for agricultural trade becomes even more pertinent.

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