The good, the bad, and the stalled

The good, the bad, and the stalled

Our perennial guide to Canada’s trade talks.

Ten committees to watch this fall

Protection of women in Canada’s immigration system, security in Asia-Pacific, international financial system integrity top committee agendas.

This sitting's burning foreign affairs issues

From Iraq to China, it's set to be a busy fall.

Solution to Canada-EU seal ban feud closer, officials say

Development would remove major irritant, but details of a potential compromise remain uncertain.

Canada quiet on shariah law in Brunei

NDP trade critic calls Harper government’s decision to spare Brunei from rebuke ‘inconsistent, hypocritical’

Time to move on International Education Strategy

Far from a luxury, industry needs students to have global experiences, to gain a cultural awareness that can’t come from a textbook.

Canada, US regulators to form permanent tie-ups

Government moves to further alleviate 'regulatory burden' on Canadian businesses.

Our resources, new frontiers

To build local confidence, communities must trust what governments and industry say and what government and industries do.

EU members at odds over trade deal with Canada

EU chief negotiator warns EU parliamentarians and member states of the consequences of reopening talks on a controversial investment protection section.

EU trade deal ratification process yet to be settled

Europe’s national parliaments could play a role in ratifying CETA.

Mexico more open to foreign investment than Canada, declares ambassador

Mexican envoy says reforms to his country’s energy sector mean 'some amount of competition' for Canada when it comes to FDI.

Romania, Bulgaria urge visa-lifting ahead of CETA ratification

Continued visas would make for ‘unpleasant debate’ back home, says Bulgarian ambassador.

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July 23, 2014