Taiwan looks to Canada for support for TPP seat

Taiwan looks to Canada for support for TPP seat

TPP members expected to finish deal with existing membership before considering newcomers.

Explore the grape walls of China

More Chinese are drinking wine and producing fine bottles too.

Mining meets theology in action

New CSR counsellor needs to heal the black eye Canada’s reputation has received.

From TPP to FTAAP: The stakes for Canada

The government should push for quick completion of the TPP trade deal.

Produce sellers hit by Canada-US trade hurdle

‘The impact will trickle through the entire supply chain:’ Canadian industry rep.

Canada moves to expand prohibited firearms exports

Consultations on Israel, UAE part of growing trend to boost export opportunities for Canadian gunmakers.

Feds take industry advice on social responsibility policy

Controversial CSR counsellor job stays, with some tinkering.

New extractive-sector CSR strategy set for release Friday

NGOs, industry both want at least part of dispute-resolution process to go from voluntary to mandatory.

‘Cracks in the policy:’ Human rights commission probes Canada on mining

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asks Canada to account for cases that fall through the cracks.

Supply-chain security key to lowering border costs

Building a more robust trusted-trader regime will require the complementary elements of policy, infrastructure, technology and education.

Seal deal clears way for EU observer status at Arctic Council

EU ambassador hoping for rapid confirmation of observership at growing multilateral forum.

Blindsided by technology

The drop in oil prices is not a transient event; it’s a revolution.

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