Foreign affairs community reacts to Jim Flaherty's death

Foreign affairs community reacts to Jim Flaherty's death

'Jim's passion for public service never wavered': Foreign Minister John Baird.

Not too late to change Canada-Honduras trade deal

Honduras saw 32 journalists murdered since 2009. This deal can’t move forward without this sad fact being taken into account.

CARICOM trade obstacles ‘solvable’: Haitian envoy

Negotiators meet in Ottawa as talks reach crunch time.

EU, Canada differ on political deal rollout

Officials stay quiet on much-anticipated clause that would suspend EU trade deal under certain circumstances.

Ukraine trade talks still off until country changes its WTO policy: Foreign Affairs

Prime Minister Stephen Harper had announced March 22 that he had ‘agreed to establish a basis to restart’ talks.

The impact on water resources by trade deals

The interplay between water, energy and food is one which has to be carefully handled.

After South Korea, trade eyes turn to Japan

Japan’s protected agricultural sector may be less of a barrier now, say observers.

Industry must play key role in selling South Korea trade deal

We have things the South Koreans want and are willing to pay for, but we tend to subsidize uncompetitive industries.

Good first step to shine light on mining, oil, gas—now jump farther

Central database, lower threshold for juniors, stronger CSR strategy needed.

Aboriginal leaders call for infrastructure in the North

One chief hopes development stays in the region and doesn’t turn into ‘exploitation model.’

Do the kids wave?

When a company is looking to mine in a foreign land, relations with locals can get tense. Sometimes noticing the little things will help smooth the way.

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