Canada should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Canada should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Despite US objections, there seems little reason for Canada to hold back in signing on to the Chinese-led development bank.

Canada, China and a ‘recipe for mediocrity’

A review of former ambassador David Mulroney’s new book that’s making waves.

Focus at home to help grow exports, wineries tell senators

The Canadian Vintners Association appeared before the Senate ag committee on March 10.

Burmese women's rights activists wary of Canadian mining investment

Some civil society reps worried about implications of DFATD scoping mission last fall.

US strategy and the oil price war

The struggle is between the frackers and Saudi Arabia, but the wild card is the US government.

Analysts say difficult to tell if Canada’s sanctions on Russia having impact

Observers say Canadian companies face compliance costs given legal situation.

Canada’s opportunity to lead: Resolve mining issues abroad

The perception of antagonism between civil society groups and the government does nothing to help solve problems. They must work together with the private sector.

Canada and Australia in Asia: Two nations, two approaches

We may never be able to match Australia’s Asia-Pacific strategy, but there is much we can learn.

Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa envoys work Toronto mining show

Dips look to promote mining industry, investor confidence and their message.

Canadian procurement agency at the center of political storm in Bermuda

Bermuda government on the defensive over public-private partnership deal with Canadian Commercial Corporation, Aecon

Out of their element

Toronto mining convention hears of plummeting prices, but some are optimistic.

Wine in India has potential, but hurdles to cross

The market is growing, but imported bottles are taxed so heavily that only the rich can afford them.

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